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Filming new scenes


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Filming new scenes

  1. 1. Filming new scenes Planning
  2. 2. New storyAfter talking to a few people about my trailer so far, a lot of people said the story didn’t quite make sense. So I have decided to add a few more scenes to my trailer so there is a better story to intrigue audiences.
  3. 3. New story plotThe protagonist for my film is a girl, who, when she was younger, killed her younger brother by accidentally harming his face.Because she was only 10 at the time, the girl was forced into an institution where she was kept away from society as they thought she was a potential risk.
  4. 4. However once the girl turns 18, new evidence is caught showing how the girl is innocent of her brothers death and a masked man committed the murder.Because of the new evidence,the girl is released fromthe institution.
  5. 5. Once released, she begins to see the masked man in her everyday life as well as flashbacks to her childhood.She can’t get away from these visions and they begin to haunt her.
  6. 6. TwistMy twist in the film is that the Summer was not let out of the institution because new evidence was not found of her brother’s death. Summer created the story in her head as freedom from the institution.
  7. 7. Additional castI need a younger girl to play the younger version of Summer in flashback scenesMy young cousin fits into the role.because my younger cousin isunderage, I asked her mother forpermission to film which I was granted
  8. 8. New scenes to filmI need a scene of a newspaper to show some of the story without having to product too many overwhelming scenes for a trailer.A newspaper scene will let audiences into the story quickly.
  9. 9. Little girl > older girl scenesTo show how the two characters are the same, I will be using shots of the little girl actress screaming and then following them on with shots of the older girl screaming.
  10. 10. More montage scenesI need to include more scenes for my montage.Ideas:Image of newspaperLights flickering on and off (to show other characters)