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Ad Age Ad Network And Exchange Guide

  1. 1. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE THE BUYER’S GUIDE TO AD EXCHANGES AND NETWORKS Exchanges Choosing the right ad network or exchange can be daunting. Marketers need to ADSDAQ Exchange 18 Right Media Exchange 56 be confident that the company they select will carry their brand messages to Networks the audiences they want to reach—not drop those ONLINE GUIDE AdBrite 12 Adconion Media Group 14 messages in wherever there’s space to whoever The Ad Network & Exchange Guide is also available online. The online edition, 16 sponsored by Adconion, features company Burst Media 20 happens to be on that site at the time. And Web profiles, including updates and links to key information. Casale Media 22 Complex Media Network 28 sites want to be sure that they’re aligned with the To see the Ad Network & Exchange Guide Online, go to: CPX Interactive 30 right partners as well. Because there are so many [] DRIVEpm Ad Network The Eggnetwork 32 34 Epic Advertising 36 factors to consider when choosing an ad network or exchange, we have given Forbes Audience Network 38 HispanoClick 40 each advertiser in this buyer’s guide an opportunity to talk about its offerings to IDG TechNetwork 42 Newspaper National Network 44 aid you, our readers, in choosing the best partner for your needs. To help you Platform-A: AOL 46 Platform-A: Tacoda 48 further, each profile includes an at-a-glance summary of each company, its Platform-A: 50 Platform-A: Platform-A 52 capabilities and how it can help you reach the audiences you want. Revenue Science 54 Specific Media 58 24/7 Real Media 60 Pete Roper Karen Egolf Jeanine Dunn General Manager, Editorial Director, Custom Art Director Undertone Networks 62 Interactive Marketing Solutions YuMe Video Ad Network 64 212-210-0280 312-649-5239 Hara Allison Jackie Ghedine Graphics Director Advertising Director Other 212-210-0725 Suzanne Hermalyn Richard K. Skews Diane Maida In-store ad network: Director, Custom Marketing Associate Editor Production Manager Catalina Targeted Advertising 24 Solutions Digital video network: 508-497-8688 Barbara Knoll Copy Editor CBS Outernet 26 April 14, 2008 11
  2. 2. AD NETWORK & EXCHANGE GUIDE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE AD NETWORK [] ADBRITE ADBRITE REACH The fourth-largest ad network in monthly The Internet’s ad marketplace page views (comScore), AdBrite reaches nearly 85 million unique viewers each Reach or targeting? Scale or transparency? Banners or text? Forget the debate—you month. AdBrite serves ads on more than don’t have to make a trade-off. AdBrite has built a marketplace that brings media 50,000 sites and is home to eight of the buyers the advantages of all the different models. There’s no reason you can’t have top 20 U.S. media properties. This scale vast reach and also benefit from detailed, site-level transparency. allows advertisers to target the greatest possible number of potential purchasers. Most advertisers—especially major consumer brands—care a lot about where their message is displayed. Traditional, blind ad networks cannot offer site-level metrics, Scale has also brought specialization to and this lack of transparency has been a key hurdle to determining the success rate AdBrite’s marketplace, which features of media buys. AdBrite has brought a new dimension of transparency into online specialty channels such as Entertainment, advertising by introducing the Internet’s first transparent auction model for display Women’s Lifestyle, Social Networking and advertising. Sports & Outdoors. These channels reach AdBrite provides site-level transparency. Advertisers can see details for every site on which their ads have run, optimize their campaigns to increase exposure on the best- millions of unique users each month AdBrite’s marketplace offers advertisers site-level control on a network that is performing sites and pause underperforming or less desirable sites. while enabling savvy advertisers to focus 50,000 sites strong and growing. Every month AdBrite serves ads on 25 billion their buys by site content or user base. pages, reaching 85 million unique users in the U.S. to the Internet. AdBrite was also the first major ad network to launch a Facebook Apps Channel in October 2007, plugging developers of the Internet’s hottest social AdBrite offers a full suite of ad formats, including standard banner and text ads, as network directly into the online advertising marketplace. TRANSPARENCY well as innovative, proprietary formats such as the Full Page Ad. AdBrite has been an industry leader in developing formats for multimedia advertisers and social More and more agencies, blue-chip brand advertisers and direct marketers are AdBrite offers unrivaled site-level networking sites. finding success with ad networks and ad exchanges. AdBrite not only provides a transparency to give you maximum straightforward self-serve interface for advertisers that take a hands-on approach but control over ad placements and campaign In early 2007, AdBrite developed BritePic and InVideo, ad formats for interactive also has experienced account managers to assist clients running large campaigns. performance. photo and video advertising, to supplement its standard text and IAB display units. Later that year, AdBrite’s rich-media Full Page Ad debuted as the industry’s first AdBrite is a large-scale, transparent ad marketplace that can bring you the best of active interstitial ad, bringing the style and engagement of the magazine page ad both worlds. TARGETING Site-specific Custom channels PUBLISHERS Keyword With an easy self-serve interface and full transparency, AdBrite AdBrite has established itself as a scale leader, helping major Web Geography has built a reputation as an ideal solution for specialty content publishers as well as specialty sites run relevant advertising and Income sites. AdBrite publishers use the network to monetize multiple ad maximize revenue yield. AdBrite provided ads to more than Ethnicity format types, including innovative graphic and interstitial ads on 50,000 Web sites in February 2008, growing rapidly from 20,000 the same platform. As a publisher with AdBrite, you can set target sites in September 2006. Now, large branded publishers are taking AD FORMATS prices for your inventory and choose which ads appear on your advantage of AdBrite’s transparent marketplace model more than Graphical ads (standard IAB units) site. AdBrite’s large, diverse base of quality publishers helps ever before. Eight of the 20 largest comScore U.S. media Text ads advertisers reach their target audiences across any audience properties are currently partnering with AdBrite, and thousands Full Page Ads (active interstitial) demographic, content type, behavior or geography. of new sites are joining the network each month. BritePic—for still images InVideo—for video AUDIENCE COMPOSITION PRICING THE ADBRITE NETWORK REACHES 85 MILLION UNIQUE USERS PER MONTH* Pricing is determined by real-time auction. Pricing is CPM for graphical ads, CPC for text ads and CPV (cost-per-view) Under for Full Page Ads. We work closely with $ 55+ Under 18 25k CPA advertisers to maximize campaign 12.6% 16.0% $ 100k+ 8.9% $ performance. 25.3% 25-39k 9.4% Male 45-54 CAMPAIGN Female 50.8% 18-24 18.4% 15.3% MANAGEMENT 49.2% $ 40-59k You can use AdBrite’s easy self-serve $ 75-99k 26.8% interface to manage campaigns anytime. 25-34 17.5% For larger campaigns, AdBrite designates 35-44 20.8% 16.9% an account manager to optimize ad $ 60-75k spending effectively. 12.1% CONTACT Jim Benton VP-Sales 415-830-9970 GENDER AGE INCOME *Data based on comScore reports, January 2008. 12 April 14, 2008
  3. 3. AD NETWORK & EXCHANGE GUIDE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE AD NETWORK [] ADCONION MEDIA GROUP ADCONION AUDIENCE NETWORK Advertisers, meet AUDIENCE TARGETING We offer a comprehensive suite of the Audience Network targeting solutions that enables Audience Network? Yes, we’re an ad network that believes each advertiser advertisers to precisely target and reach deserves to reach its ideal audience—with minimum waste and maximum results. high-value individual audiences. Customers let us into their lives, not vice versa. Adconion’s Audience Network uses innovative technology combined with good, old-fashioned human insight— TARGETING SOLUTIONS our insight working with yours—to deliver audience-targeted campaigns. We Generate new demand, remarket to know that when we all work together, campaigns work harder. customers, leverage search campaigns, Adconion is an independent online ad network with global reach. We are a etc. champion for you: advertisers, ad agencies and media buyers. We created our Behavioral targeting products and services specifically for a truly objective media-buying process. And Demographic targeting we’re not just loyal, we’re smart. Our targeting technology allows you to reach the Site retargeting right audience every time, here and abroad. We’re an ad network focused on Creative retargeting audience; let us take your media-buying experience to a new level. Search retargeting Custom solutions Now, who do we want to reach today? The audience network: You’ve been granted your ideal audience. GLOBAL ADVANTAGE The Adconion difference network that allows you to focus on audience data, beyond just sites or content. What We are one of the world’s fastest-growing Loyal and independent: Adconion is focused on your needs. We work hard to does that mean to you? In short, significantly improved campaign performance and ad networks. We have offices in the U.S., enhance your brands and protect their integrity. We are focused on performance and substantially higher conversion rates than traditional site-targeted ads. Canada, the U.K., Europe and Australia. In we deliver results. We can do this better than most because we are independent. As Our global reach is your domestic advantage. The Adconion Audience Network fact, we just completed a strategic $80 an independent network, there’s never a conflict of interest. With the increasing includes more than 107 million unique Internet users in the U.S. and 200 million million Series C round of funding. consolidation in online media, that’s a big advantage. What’s more, our audience- worldwide (comScore, January and February 2008) with a diverse inventory of focused model enables you to retain ownership of your consumer data rather than global premium sites. Our recent acquisition of Frontline Direct has enhanced our losing it to third-party portals and media conglomerates. Adconion’s Audience FOCUS ON PRIVACY portfolio of performance-branded solutions to include more granular audience Network gives you the muscle needed to compete and be successful in today’s fast- We have rigorous privacy standards and targeting. In virtually every case, we can offer you worldwide targeting that changing media and advertising landscape. respect the rights of the individuals who maximizes value and increases overall marketing efficiency. We’re here for you no access ads; we adhere to European Smart targeting, global reach: Adconion is the only independent global ad matter where you need to go. privacy standards, which are significantly higher than most other country standards. PUBLISHERS WHO USES THE ADCONION NETWORK? Adconion creates value for its publishing partners by monetizing REACH THE RIGHT AUDIENCE WITH MINIMUM WASTE AND MAXIMUM RESULTS. SMART CAMPAIGN undervalued inventory at all levels of the supply/demand chain. MANAGEMENT With Adconion’s global network of sales professionals, we are We deliver successful campaigns by able to bring quality brand advertisers to Web sites that receive combining technological innovation with traffic from countries across North America, Asia Pacific and experienced campaign managers. We Europe. As an independent ad network, there’s never a conflict provide analytical reports and strategic of interest. With the increasing consolidation in online media, recommendations that net maximum that’s a big advantage for all publishers. results. Adconion’s formula for success is simple: Enrich each ad call by leveraging advertiser partnerships and technology to drive high MEET OUR yield for publisher’s inventory. Adconion combines the power of MANAGEMENT TEAM technology with the experience of seasoned media professionals T. Tyler Moebius: Chief Executive Officer/ to ensure the right solution for each publisher partner. President & Executive Director He’s a true Internet entrepreneur: Adconion recognizes that publishers need custom solutions to fit TrafficMarketplace and Avenue A (one of the needs of their business. Adconion partners with publishers the first 10 employees) are a part of his large and small, with niche and mass-appeal content, those that success story. wish to have pure representation and those that wish to remain Keith Kaplan: President of North America anonymous. We’ve listened to the marketplace, and we have An ad network guru and industry veteran: created global publisher solutions that exceed expectations. among his achievements was L90’s Adconion’s publishers recognize that our global footprint is their acquisition of DoubleClick Media, domestic advantage. Ready to join Adconion’s Audience creating profitable businesses, which lead Network? to negotiating another acquisition by OUR GLOBAL REACH IS YOUR DOMESTIC ADVANTAGE AskJeeves Interactive. Monetize all of your inventory. Leverage Adconion’s global team of professionals. CONTACT Work with experienced media professionals. Advertisers/Agencies: Liz Schiff Let Adconion create custom solutions for you. 212-808-6587 Experience the advantage of working with an independent Publishers: Dan Alexander partner. 310-382-5530 14 April 14, 2008
  4. 4. AD NETWORK & EXCHANGE GUIDE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE AD NETWORK [] ADGROUPS.COM ADGROUPS.COM AUDIENCE is a vertical advertising Unmatched coverage for network focused exclusively on reaching African-American and urban Latino reaching African-Americans audiences in the U.S. online NETWORK REACH Established in 1998, is a very early entrant into the vertical ad At more than 300 Web sites and nearly network space. The company is the first and largest dedicated advertising network 1 billion ads served monthly across focused on reaching various multicultural audiences via the Internet and other standard display units, mobile and emerging media. The company boasts a list of more than 300 active publishers, all podcasts within sites directly targeting dedicated to reaching many subsegments of the African-American market. Data African-American or urban Latino from comScore Media Metrix place the company as a top-tier outlet in comparison audiences, has established to other vendors that directly vie for the same audience. itself as a formidable player in the The company was founded by Roary Wilder, an industry veteran who was part of multicultural space. some of the earliest movements to establish standardized metrics for advertisers to evaluate Web site traffic as an employee at RelevantKnowledge, which eventually TARGETING merged with Media Metrix. “When I came up with the idea … most publishers Main forms of targeting available: weren’t open to network models because they were looking for a quick [high-sell] importance of including African-Americans in their online marketing Geotargeting (down to metro level) exit,” Mr. Wilder says of the pre-bubble-burst days of the early commercialized communication strategies. Daypart Internet. made its debut with a small number of publishers (only “African-Americans represent the most rapidly evolving segment in the United Single site/custom channel three Web sites), but entered the space at a time when marketers were yearning States in terms of both affluence and segmentation,” Mr. Wilder says. An Content for options in a medium with very limited opportunities to reach African- important tenet that broad-base advertisers need to keep in mind is that African- Keyword American consumers. Americans exist within every general-market segment.’s unique At the company’s launch, there were only a few publishers garnering a large share site portfolio can help to add reach (and marquee performance) to most campaigns. AD UNITS of advertising earmarked for African-Americans online; at the same time, dozens “The only key difference with utilizing our network [versus a general-market site AdGroups accepts IAB standard ad of quality sites were being launched, but none had the critical mass to carry even a for a general-market campaign],” Mr. Wilder adds, “is that you have a special units (large to small). We’re also midsize campaign on its own. Agencies were hungry for alternatives since most opportunity to tailor your campaign’s imagery and messaging to garner even certified as being able to run outlets at the time were polarized, addressing very specific subsegments of the higher success scores.” technologies from most of the leading African-American audience. “As agencies discovered us … they fell in love,” Mr. In addition to the “no-brainer/must use” position that AdGroups has established rich media vendors in the space as Wilder says. “All of our earliest supporting agencies are still utilizing our services with many multicultural marketers, the company is constantly tapped to add well. 10 years later with ever-growing budgets and evolving strategies. It’s a testament to the growing importance of this market.” reach to media plans where ethnicity is not a core target of a campaign’s strategy. The company views this as a key area of growth for the next several years as the OTHER SERVICES Today, provides sales services to more than 300 Web sites and consumer profile of African-Americans continues to evolve and a broader base of The company has a well-established works with marketers from nearly every major advertising segment that realize the marketers realizes the growing importance of this group to their bottom lines. consulting division for small and emerging businesses looking to target PUBLISHERS African-Americans. Publishers whose sites focus on reaching African-American or lack of reach or lack of content—usually both,” he says. urban Latino audiences can find special utility in our services. We is a dedicated network where all publishers exist offer a CPM-based ad network and traffic-building link exchange. on the same playing field. PRICING We also offer direct-rep services to select publishers where our is a 100% CPM-based company can handle 100% of your sales inquiries for a very Relationships: has relationships with a growing network. Pricing depends on a number generous preferred commission rate. number of key agencies whose clients are interested in African- of variables, most commonly the level American reach. of desired targeting and timing. Why use vs. other similar networks? We’re dedicated: The term dedicated is an important factor that Longevity: With more than a decade of direct experience in the CAMPAIGN publishers seeking a network partner need to take into account. multicultural space, holds a significant first-mover MANAGEMENT In 2007, many ad-supported publishers tried their hands at advantage over rivals offering similar services. Your clients enjoy around-the-clock creating vertical ad networks, mainly to help their sales portfolios. Breadth: Because of its size, is able to focus on support from a dedicated team that “Working with a publisher-initiated ad network where the nearly every subsegment of the African-American market. cares about your brand. publisher was already in your space can be a dangerous proposition,” says Reginald Mars, director of publisher relations for In addition to quickly jumping on a Personalized consulting: Large and small publishers enjoy CONTACT bandwagon topic where the expertise of running a network relationships and strategic consulting about their brand and probably isn’t as strong as it could be, publisher-initiated networks development that other companies wouldn’t yield without 888-722-1147, ext. 1 are usually created for one of two reasons: “to help a publisher’s additional fees (if at all). 16 April 14, 2008
  5. 5. AD NETWORK & EXCHANGE GUIDE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE AD EXCHANGE [] ADSDAQ EXCHANGE ADSDAQ EXCHANGE AUDIENCE Where both publishers and What makes the ADSDAQ Exchange different from a network? ADSDAQ Ad Exchange has more than 93 million U.S. visitors and advertisers have complete The ADSDAQ Exchange is made up of thousands of top-quality Web sites of all sizes, as well as advertisers and agencies. The ADSDAQ Exchange allows control more than 50% reach of the U.S. as of February 2008, according to comScore. In control on both sides. Advertisers control their bid prices and sellers control their asking March 2008, the exchange expanded to prices. Most networks sell inventory to an advertiser and give a percentage of that include the U.K. audience. The ADSDAQ Exchange enables publishers to set the prices they want by revenue to the publisher. While networks are in the business of “doing” the deal, directing premium inventory into the exchange while sending unsold inventory to the ADSDAQ Exchange is in the business of “facilitating” the deal. other ad networks or exchanges. TARGETING The real-time contextual technology that powers the ADSDAQ Exchange provides Contextual, behavioral, demographic, Advertisers control their ad placement on a page-by-page basis, which allows advertisers with the quality of a site-specific buy and the reach of a network, all geo-targeting and dayparting them to show their ads exactly where they want, at the price they want to pay. within a brand-safe environment. Providing placement and pricing control to both publishers and advertisers allows Why is the ADSDAQ Exchange a brand-safe environment? AD UNITS the ADSDAQ Exchange to be a truly open exchange for buyers and sellers of all Standard IAB graphical, text and rich sizes. The ADSDAQ Exchange real-time contextual technology puts ads into Page-level targeting media ad units, including in-banner video context on pages of content the reader cares about, producing much higher Advertising that runs on the ADSDAQ Exchange runs on specific pages of ads from Point Roll, Eyeblaster and advertising effectiveness.* content versus anywhere on a Web site (site-specific), which ensures that the Eyewonder advertiser's messages will appear in a relevant and desirable environment. What exactly is contextual advertising? Contextual advertising refers to an ad placed on a Web page adjacent to related Web Keyword targeting PRICING content. Advertisers can choose specific target content (e.g., auto reviews), Allowing advertisers to select specific keywords ensures that their ads will appear ADSDAQ Exchange’s premium inventory keywords (e.g., Toyota) or categories of content (e.g., auto) on a Web page. exactly where they want them and not where they don’t. *OTX Research, February 2008 is priced on a CPM, CPC or CPA basis to provide the maximum flexibility to What makes ADSDAQ different from other ad exchanges? ADSDAQ exchange members. There are two key differences: • First, our ability to target ads at the page level, in the particular context CAMPAIGN desired by the advertiser or agency. This gives advertisers and agencies MANAGEMENT confidence that their ads will appear in brand-safe environments. • Second, we allow ADSDAQ Exchange publishers to control their own pricing. The ADSDAQ Exchange works with all This gives advertisers the opportunity to get premium positions for their ads. major ad management platforms, including Accipiter, Atlas OAS, IMPORTANT RECENT DEVELOPMENTS DoubleClick’s DART, FastClick, Google and others. A self-service advertiser ADSDAQ Exchange Agency Trading Desk Board and advisers to ContextWeb • Robin Cooper: VP-advertising and solution will be available in 2008. Using the same real-time contextual • Wenda Harris Millard: President, media, business development of auto publisher engine that powers the company’s media of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Kelley Blue Book. business, a digital agency can use the former chief sales officer at Yahoo! and • Scot McLernon: President of the CONTACT ADSDAQ Exchange Agency Trading Desk founding member and exec VP of Upstream Group and former head of Robert Daniel across media buys on portals, ad networks DoubleClick. sales for CBS Digital. ContextWeb Inc. and site-specific buys to break down buys • Mike Kelly: Former president of AOL Senior VP-Sales & Publisher into content categories and associate Media Networks, responsible for the ADSDAQ Exchange opens to U.K. advertisers Development campaign performance with those marketing, distribution and ad revenue 917-408-6354 In March 2008, ContextWeb’s ADSDAQ categories. Once a buyer or analyst for AOL Web properties, Exchange expanded operations to the U.K. receives this analysis, the agency can—with network and affiliated Time Warner and hired Ross Caveille to be the ADSDAQ Ross Caveille the push of a button—buy more of the digital brands. Exchange’s U.K. country manager. ContextWeb Inc. inventory that is working for a given • Marshall Cohen: Member, Pilot Group, U.K. Country Manager campaign and offer to sell any inventory former senior VP of AOL Time Warner The ADSDAQ Exchange sells U.K. inventory 44-020-3178-6470 that is underperforming their and former exec VP of MTV Networks. that is available from sites on the ADSDAQ expectations. This new product is • Ira Carlin: Former chairman-international Exchange and helps advertisers reach the currently in closed beta with six major of Interpublic’s MAGNA Global Worldwide Spencer Lee exchange’s audiences of U.K. visitors. advertising agencies. and former chairman of Universal McCann. ContextWeb Inc. Director-Sales, Central & Midwestern Regions ADSDAQ EXCHANGE IS NO. 1 IN REACH ACROSS 19 CONTENT CATEGORIES** ADVERTISERS & PUBLISHERS 800-419-8945 **comScore, Key Measures, February 2008 AUTOMOTIVE TRAVEL The ADSDAQ Exchange does business with ADSDAQ by ContextWeb Autos ADSDAQ by ContextWeb Travel more than 400 brand advertisers each John Ruvolo month. Ad agencies of all sizes, including ContextWeb Inc. each of the top 10 marketing Director-Sales, Eastern Region organizations in the world, run campaigns 917-408-6305 Autos Travel on the exchange. eBay Motors U.S. Expedia Inc. The ADSDAQ Exchange is made up of ADSDAQ Exchange Agency more than 5,000 high-quality Web sites of Trading Desk General Motors Travel Ad Network all sizes and subjects. There are 22 major Jay Sears content categories (such as autos, finance ContextWeb Inc. and money, health and medicine, food and Senior VP-Strategic Products & drink, sports) and more than 386 Business Development 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 subcategories. 917-408-6300 Uniques (000) Uniques (000) 18 April 14, 2008
  6. 6. PRACTICE SAFE BRANDING. BRAND SAFE Your ad appears exactly where you want it and not where you don’t. CONTEXTUAL, PAGE LEVEL TARGETING Get more effective results1 with ads that appear with content you want. CONTROL The ADSDAQ Ad Exchange allows advertisers and publishers to name their own price for premium inventory. Call Robert Daniel (SVP of Sales) at 646-421-6716 or email Visit for more information. 1 OTX RESEARCH FEB 08 © 2008 ContextWeb, Inc.
  7. 7. AD NETWORK & EXCHANGE GUIDE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE AD NETWORK [ ] BURST MEDIA BURST MEDIA TARGETING Burst Network offers virtually unlimited targeting solutions. The smart choice for Network targeting: online media Geographic Demographic When you place ads online, you want to make sure your media investment pays off. Time of day/day of week Running a campaign with Burst Media ensures you that your advertising message Site targeting: is going to the right place at the right time, whether you are a brand advertiser Content hoping to make a great impression or a direct marketer seeking online visitors most High-indexing channel likely to act on your offer. With two networks—Burst Network and Burst Sites hand-picked by you Direct—we’re sure to have a solution that fits your advertising needs. Sites with demonstrated success in your industry Burst Network: The smart choice for brand advertisers Audience targeting: Why sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to your online advertising Behavioral targeting budget? Burst Network combines focused audience composition, the buying Remarketing power of active online consumers, precision targeting and the highest-quality Web Sequential targeting sites to deliver advertising in an engaging, clutter-free environment. Reach the right people, not just the most people. Many ad networks tout how many online users they reach. At Burst Network, it’s CHANNELS who we reach that’s important. Burst Network content channels consistently AND NETWORKS deliver a higher-than-average composition on many in-demand audience segments. Early Adopters or Baby Boomers, you will know exactly which sites your message Burst Network offers more than 400 That translates into your advertising message reaching the most valuable audience will appear on. content channels, as well as vertical with the least media waste. audience networks that allow advertisers Burst Direct: The smart choice for performance marketers to reach their target audience. Vertical Burst Network sets quality standards advertisers can rely on. We don’t allow just audience networks include: any site to join—only one out of every 10 sites that apply to the Burst Network If performance is your game, Burst Direct is the smart choice to make. The Burst Moms Network meets our strict standards. Moreover, all sites within the Burst Network are Direct team of experts takes on your goal and works to find the right audience at Early Adopters Network (technophiles) periodically audited to ensure a quality ad network. A quality ad network means the right time to react to your offer. Burst Direct does this through two levels of Family Builders Network (25-44) our advertisers enjoy high visibility in a clutter-free environment. Additionally, service. Direct Connect is for marketers with large budgets that want to utilize Baby Boomers Network (45–64) when optimized by Burst’s AdConductor ad management technology, advertisers’ tools such as dynamic pricing and action-based optimization across strategically Family Travelers Network campaigns appear at precisely the correct frequency to maximize ROI. purchased inventory. For smaller budgets and less complex campaigns, Direct Green Network Reach will optimize campaigns based on Burst’s 12 years of experience, refining With Burst Network, you’ll reach your target audience—and know exactly how our optimization engine to ensure that we reach your goal. you found them. Burst has always provided full transparency, apprising advertisers AD MANAGEMENT of every placement with site-level reporting—before and after they buy. Whether So whether you seek to deliver a brand message or reach across the Web to find a AND AD SERVING you buy broad reach or one of our hand-crafted brand networks such as Moms, willing customer, Burst is the smart choice. Burst AdConductor is an integrated, fully customizable, end-to-end ad PUBLISHERS BURST MEDIA AUDIENCES management solution that frees your staff to focus on selling, not operations. This Burst works with the best small and midsize Web publishers in COMPOSITION INDEX OF SELECTED BURST MEDIA CONTENT in-house technology solution includes: the business, providing high CPMs on brand advertising CHANNELS (AVERAGE = 100) Proposal building/forecasting campaigns and filling inventory with performance campaigns. Campaign set-up Our goal is to maximize a Web publisher’s revenue Campaign management opportunities. Reporting Reconciliation/billing We have two large networks, and we maintain rigorous acceptance standards for both. All Burst sites are regularly subject to a 26-step audit process to ensure they continue to QUALITY meet our strict quality standards. If you have a clutter-free site Burst Media has been systems certified with focused specialty content, Burst is the ad network to work for eight consecutive years by BPA with. Worldwide. This comprehensive systems audit assures advertisers and Web Our state-of-the-art publisher interface, the Burst Publisher publishers that Burst Media’s data Account Center, provides you with tools to easily manage your processes and systems are accurate and business. You can review campaigns for price and creative, set maintained in accordance with generally exclusions, create custom reports, review your site’s accepted auditing standards. BPA demographics and run default campaigns on your site. certification also means Burst AdConductor is an IAB Measurement Burst works for publishers and provides one of the best customer Audited ad serving system. service teams in the industry, delivering clear, concise and timely answers. CONTACT Moreover, Burst has a dedicated sales force in nearly every major David Cooperstein advertising market in the U.S. and in London. Our sales force is Chief Marketing Officer constantly in front of major marketers and advertising agencies 781-852-5460 presenting the value of specialty content Web sites and why they are the ideal vehicles to deliver an advertising message. Source: comScore Media Metrix February 2008 20 April 14, 2008
  8. 8. AD NETWORK & EXCHANGE GUIDE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE AD NETWORK [] CASALE MEDIA CASALE MEDIA AUDIENCE MediaNet is a general-audience medium Casale Media creates integrated, customized online media opportunities for some that delivers more than 30 billion ad of the biggest brand advertisers and agencies in the U.S. from such industries as impressions monthly. Advertisers are able automotive, finance, packaged goods, retail and travel. Casale’s team of to connect directly to a variety of experienced interactive marketing experts works in close strategic partnerships attractive demographic groups, largely with advertisers, agencies and publishers to achieve their growth objectives consumers between the ages of 18 and through a more strategic and creative application of online media inventory. 49. From sports enthusiasts to soccer moms—you name it, we’ve got it. With more than 30 years of experience in the technology research and development field, Casale’s suite of online marketing technologies goes far beyond established norms and standards of performance. Advertisers have access to automated campaign NETWORK REACH management and reporting processes as well as innovative and highly responsive MediaNet provides advertisers and placement opportunities that yield maximized ROI and brand exposure. agencies with a powerful tool for 1] Transparency: Casale’s MediaNet is fully transparent. Advertisers have access reaching and interactively communicating Casale’s network, MediaNet, is segmented into more than 100 different content to complete site-list disclosure and have an unrestricted ability to exclude with targeted consumer segments interest channels—everything from travel and social networking to finance and noncomplimentary sites. through online display media. Across shopping. Casale Media works with premium publishers in all categories, with a more than 4,000 quality screened news, 2] Quality: Advertisers can rely on Casale Media for the most optimal brand focus on broad audience reach, and serves more than 30 billion targeted ads to editorial and entertainment Web sites, exposure and safety through guaranteed above-the-fold placements, strict site over 200 million unique online consumers worldwide every month. Casale Media connects advertisers to approval standards and screening protocols, as well as ongoing proactive quality Since launching in October 2003, Casale Media has redefined the standard for assurance monitoring and enforcement. In addition, Casale Media is the largest more than 66% of the U.S. digital online media quality, ad delivery management and campaign optimization TRUSTe-approved online media network. audience and reaches more than 200 technologies. Advertisers continue to trust Casale Media with their brands million unique visitors worldwide. 3] Performance: OPTIMAX has the ability to determine in real time which and results-driven online efforts because of its adamant focus on quality site-specific placements, audience segments and creative combinations yield the and performance. highest conversions for a given campaign. Ads that fall below predetermined TARGETING performance goals are automatically removed from rotation, allowing campaign Advertisers receive the benefit of Casale Accordingly, the ability to support campaign performance claims with tangible funds to be siphoned into only those placements that meet or exceed objectives. Media’s advanced targeting and evidence is crucial to justifying investments in online media. Casale Media’s optimization technology at no cost. OPTIMAX answers the call for ROI accountability by combining dynamic 4] Reach: Casale Media reaches 124 million unique American users, or 66% of Casale’s OPTIMAX campaign delivery campaign optimization with second-by-second performance reporting to yield the U.S. digital audience across more than 4,000 publishers. platform dynamically targets by: maximum ad response while providing valuable audience intelligence. 5] Experience: With more than 30 years of experience in the communications Geography In addition to industry-leading technology, Casale Media boasts five unique technology research and development industry, we have developed and refined DMA offerings that present marketers with unparalleled opportunities to connect with the comprehensive suite of proprietary automated technologies that power Language, bandwidth, O/S highly desirable consumers: our network. Browser, user agent User response PUBLISHERS WHO USES OUR AD NETWORK? Time of day, day of week Looking for an end-to-end solution that delivers maximum earnings 90% Frequency and high-quality advertising content? Casale Media connects its Creative publishers to a large selection of quality advertisers across all verticals Performance metric and provides the technology needed to track, analyze and optimize Context (channel-level placements) 80% both the value and the utilization of online media inventory. Retargeting All Casale Media publishers are provided with a custom Web-based account interface that empowers them to take complete control over 70% AD UNITS every aspect of ad management. Best of all, every ad delivered to Casale Media accepts IAB standard units, publishers’ sites is dynamically optimized to maximize advertising including skyscraper, medium rectangles, income and inventory allocation. That means happy advertisers, leaderboards and pop-unders. 60% satisfied readers and more revenue for publishers. Publisher requirements: TECHNOLOGY Receive 10,000-plus unique monthly visitors. 50% OPTIMAX operates in a real-time environment and supports all elements of Reside under a room domain. the campaign life cycle, including ad Contain English/Spanish content only. delivery, creative hosting and 40% Attract a distinct audience. management, audience targeting and ad Be rich in high-quality content. placement, performance tracking and reporting, and optimization. 30% Benefits: OPTIMAX uses a series of unique Receive rapid, reliable net 30 payments. algorithmic sequences to identify the Receive a 5% publisher bonus. audience most likely to respond to your 20% Protect your audience and site content with ad filters, campaign and then automatically adjusts automated/manual ad review functions and content filters. its ad placement and targeting strategies Maximize earnings by incorporating default ads. to maximize response. 10% Track and optimize earnings with reports that update every second. Benefit from intelligent and responsive support. CONTACT INFO: Tony DeSena Work closely with a dedicated account management team to help Regional Sales Manager ensure optimal results in the inventory monetization process. Casale Media 818-615-2022 66% of the U.S. 55% reach 84% reach digital audience* in the U.K.* in Canada* comScore Media Metrix, January 2008 22 April 14, 2008
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