Final Screenplay


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Final Screenplay

  1. 1. FADE IN: EXT. PARK MASTER SHOT OF PARK CUT TO: MID SHOT Eric is sitting on a bench and playing guitar. A rose and a box is kept behind him. He is smiling a little bit. CUT TO: LONG SHOT Scarlet enters into the park and looks around as if she is trying to find someone. She walks ahead. Soothing music can be heard in the background. She slightly smiles. CUT TO: OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT He is still playing guitar and Scarlet is coming towards Eric. Eric stops playing the guitar. CUT TO: MID SHOT Eric looks towards Scarlet and gives her a pleasant smile while Scarlett sits beside Eric. ERIC I was waiting for you. Why did you came late? SCARLET I was thinking over your question. ERIC So did you find it?
  2. 2. Scarlet smiles and pretends as if she is thinking. Eric gives a serious look and asks softly while giving her the rose and he opens the box to give her the ring. ERIC (CONT'D) Will you marry me? Both look at each other in a calm manner and Scarlet nods her head in response. She takes the flower from Eric and both smile. CUT TO: Insert shots of Eric and Scarlet interacting with each other. Both look happy. Background music overlaps. FADE OUT. FADE IN: INT. Long shot Eric climbs up the stairs of his apartment. He is looking very happy. He rings the door bell. Hazel opens the door. HAZEL Hi, what's the matter with you? you are looking excited. ERIC I have got to tell you something really important. Eric takes Hazel to a room. CUT TO: OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT Eric and Hazel are sitting. ERIC Do you remember? I told you about a girl named Scarlet.
  3. 3. Hazel thinks for a second. HAZEL Yea! You told me once. She was your class fellow till high school. Right? Eric smiles and nods. ERIC Yes you are right. Actually me and Scarlet are getting engaged next week. HAZEL Wow! That's great news. I am so happy for you Eric. ERIC Thanks. You are the one whom I can share everything with. I want you to meet Scarlet someday. HAZEL Yea sure. I would love to meet her. Both smiles at each other. FADE OUT. INT. MID SHOT Eric is sitting on the sofa and smiling while using his phone. CUT TO: INSERT SHOT OF CELL PHONE ERIC (V.O.) Hey. Got to tell you something. MID SHOT Eric is sitting and he puts his mobile on the table. Suddenly his mobile beeps. He picks it up again and smiles.
  4. 4. CUT TO: INSERT SHOT OF CELL PHONE ERIC (V.O.) If you are free tomorrow then can we go for shopping. My sister Hazel would also like to meet you. CUT TO: MID SHOT Eric smiles slightly and begins to read a magazine kept on the table. CUT TO: INSERT SHOT OF CELL PHONE ERIC (V.O.) That's great, then meet you tomorrow. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: EXT.ROAD LONG SHOT Scarlet standing by the road side. When suddenly a car stops. She smiles. CUT TO: MID SHOT Eric is sitting in the car. He bends a little bit to see Scarlet and smiles slightly. CUT TO: OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT Scarlet opens the door and sits in the car.
  5. 5. ERIC Hi! How was your day? SCARLET It went very well and I am very excited. Eric and Scarlet smile at each other. They both are talking and the background music overlaps. MID SHOT Suddenly they meet an accident. FADE IN: After 1 month EXT.PARK MASTER SHOT OF PARK CUT TO: MID SHOT Eric and Scarlett are sitting on a bench in the same park. Both are looking serious and for the first time Scarlett is wearing pair of black glasses. ERIC The days that passed were really horrible and that incident also. SCARLETT Life ahead is even more painful. There is a never ending darkness in front of me.
  6. 6. ERIC It's not like that. Please don't say this Scarlett. I am with you and will always be. SCARLETT No one will want to spend life with me. Not even you. ERIC But I will Scarlett. We will be together forever and ever. And yea tomorrow I am bringing over my sister, Hazel to meet you. You will feel better after meeting her. Eric and Scarlett smile. FADE OUT FADE IN: EXT. PARK MID SHOT Eric and Hazel are sitting on a bench. HAZEL You should think again Eric. Scarlet will never be able to see again. One wrong decision will make
  7. 7. your life difficult. CUT TO: Scarlett is in the park standing behind a pillar. ERIC I don't care. All I know is that I love Scarlet very much and I will prove that. HAZEL And Scarlett. How is she going to prove her love? Why is she being so selfish and being a burden on you. ERIC She isn't selfish. She loves me. HAZEL Then why doesn't she leaves you. Eric becomes worried and began to look around. ERIC Why is she so late? Let me go and see her. CUT TO: LONG SHOT Eric walks ahead and sees a ring and flower that he gave to Scarlett. He picks them up. He is looking shocked and looks here and there.
  8. 8. FADE TO BLACK.