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  1. 1. Redemption
  2. 2. 1. BLACK SCREEN (TITLES) The sound of a girl Violently fighting with her mother, with them shouting and Physically hurting each other can be heard. VICKI (Shouting) Stop trying to ruin my life MUM Vicki, I’m your mother VICKI (Screaming) -I hate you, I fucking hate you. Vicki punches her Mother in her arms. MUM Vicki what’s happening to you?... VICKI (Now Calm) My life is no longer your business. Vicki leave’s the sound of the door slamming can be heard. 2. FADE IN, NIGHT INT VICKI’S BEDROOM Looking through the window of Vicki’s house, we see Vicki pacing up and down her Bedroom looking guilty and frustrated. She had her hand on her head as a sign of stress. Eventually she turns out the light. Fade to black. 3. FADE IN, DAY INT VICKI’S BEDROOM Looking through the same window into her bedroom, Vicki is brushing her hair in the mirror and getting ready for school. She throws her black backpack on her back and stomps out of her bedroom door. 4. DAY INT VICKI’S HALLWAY Vicki stomps down the stairs. Her mother is putting on her coat at the bottom of the stairs. MUM Hi...
  3. 3. 2. Vicki ignores this and storms out of the front door. The door slams. We see the clock on the wall slam in frustration. The clock changes from 8:30 to 4:15. 5. DAY EXT SCHOOL YARD Vicki walks out of her school looking morbid. The weather is gloomy. Edgy rock music fades in similar to the styles of ’Twilight’ 6. DAY EXT MONTAGE Vicki is walking home from school. We see her looking grumpy as she walks down the street’s with her earphones in. She trips and stumbles over a shoe and then carries on walking. Approaches her house and walks through the front door. 7. DAY INT VICKI’S BEDROOM Vicki throws her backpack off her back and ties her hair up. Whilst doing this she walks in front of her full body mirror and see’s no reflection. VICKI (To herself) What...the...hell 8. DAY INT VICKI’S KITCHEN Vicki’s mum is sitting of the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. VICKI Mum...MUM! Hello can you stop ignoring me?! There is something wrong with my... The phone rings. Mum gets up from the table and answers the phone. We see her start to break down. VICKI Mum..mum...What’s going on? MUM! Vicki walks towards her Mum...she see’s a bright light in the corner of the room which confuses her..
  4. 4. 3. 9. DAY EXT STREET Suddenly Vicki is walking down her street. Confused, she rushes towards her house. She trips over the same shoe which she previously tripped over and stops. She see’s herself lying on the floor, her head pouring with blood. VICKI SCREAMS. She bends down to ’herself’ and tries to wipe away the blood but it is useless. Suddenly she see’s the bright light once again however this time the light is much closer. Vicki’s her hand begins to dissolve as she does this. She runs away from the light. 10. DAY INT. VICKI’S KITCHEN The sound of Vicki’s mum wailing upstairs can be heard. The bright light is almost right next to Vicki but it is starting to become weaker. But it is creeping up on her. The sound of the argument with the mother the night before rings in her head. VICKI I hate you. I fucking hate you. Vicki starts crying and rushes up the stairs. 11. DAY INT VICKI’S BEDROOM Vicki’s mum is asleep in Vicki’s bed crying. Her face is buried in Vicki’s pillows and soft toys. Vicki rushes over to her desk. Meanwhile the light grows closer. Vicki tries to pick up a pen. The music builds the tension in the this scene as Vicki’s uses all her strength to pick up this pen. Eventually it lifts and writes on a plain piece of paper. NOTE: Mum, I’m sorry. Love you always Vick. Vicki rushes over to her grieving mother and tucks the message under her mothers arm. She kisses her mother on the head. CONTINUED: (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. VICKI I’m sorry A master shot shows the Vicki has disappeared. The light now in the corner of the room dies out. Fade to black.