Abc plurilingualism italy


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Abc plurilingualism italy

  1. 1. Bilingualism in Italy
  2. 2. In Valle dAosta…O the French language is considered asequivalent to the Italian one. In schoolsof all levels, dependent on the region,the teaching of the French language hasdevoted a number of hours per weekequal to that of the Italian language. Theteaching of some subjects may betaught in French. The German-speakingpopulations have the right to safeguardits features and linguistic and culturaltraditions, thus guaranteed the teachingof German in schools by makingappropriate adjustments to local needs.
  3. 3. In Friuli-Venezia Giulia…O the Slovenian minority is protected "Without prejudiceto the official character of the Italian language, theSlovene minority in the territory are entitled to theuse of the Slovenian language in relations with theauthorities administrative and judicial localestablished in the territory and competence incommon. It is recognized, moreover, the right toreceive an answer in Slovenian. In the municipalitiesthe acts and measures of any nature intended forpublic use and made ​​out on forms provided, includingdocuments of a personal nature such as identity cardand personal certificates shall be issued, at therequest of concerned citizens, both in Italianand Slovenian language.The use of the Slovenian language is alsoprovided with reference to notices and officialpublications. Slovenian language is providedin addition to the Italian in the insignia ofpublic offices, in the official paper.O The Friulian language is also protected.
  4. 4. In Sardinia…O the Sardinian language was recognized as a secondofficial language with reference to Catalan in Alghero,Tabarchino (a mix between Genoese and Arabic) tothe islands of the Sulcis. In Sulcis area the language isvery similar to the Castilian, in Gallura it is similar tothe Corse, and they are used for heritage conservationcultural / library / museum, the creation of LocalConsultative Committees on language and culture, thecensus and cataloging of cultural heritage,newspapers and radio and television programminglanguage, use of the Sardinian language underdiscussion in the organs of local and regionalverbalization of interventions with a translation intoItalian, use in correspondence and oralcommunications,restoration of place names in the Sardinianlanguage and installation of road signs andbilingual city with the name.
  5. 5. In Sicily…O there is the road signs bilingual Italian /Albanian, in and around the Albanian area, inthe province of Palermo, Piana degli Albanesi.The city administration has recognition to useAlbanian in public documents and in officialdocuments, for the protection andenhancement of language and culture.Citizens have the right to use their ownlanguage in oral and written reports with theoffices of the public administration. In thelocal schools also provide for the compulsoryteaching of the Albanian language, which canbe used in cultural activities, radio andtelevision programs and innewspapers.
  6. 6. Other linguisticminorities…O Also in Apulia and Calabria there arelinguistic Albanian minorities (sinceXVI century).O In Apulia there are also manyancient Greek languages,called Grico (since MagnaGreece period).