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Brochure Eyes On Italy

  1. 1. NIVE R SIT Y Y OU Learning. Living. Growing
  2. 2. The real Italian experience
  3. 3. about Eyes on Italy It is an integrated itinerary which combines language learning with Italian culture discovery and lifestyle workshop participation, in order to give foreign students a vision of “Italianity” and the sense of belonging to the “Bel Paese”. Foto Angelo Domini It is a language immersion program for foreign university students who want to learn Italian language through residential experience in Rome.
  4. 4. language The summer Youniversity is based on three pillars Italian language courses for language skill improvement and certification culture Thematic courses with visits to Italian cultural heritage lifestyle Workshop participation to experience Italian lifestyle
  5. 5. The Italian language ranks 3° in “the most common non-official mother tongues”. Every year there are half million people around the world attending Italian language courses outside of Italy. Eyes On Italy gives foreign students the opportunity to improve their Italian language skills in a short time. The language courses include all 6 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. An entry test will be held to identify student’s Italian language level. Classes will have a maximum of 15 students in order to put students at the centre of learning and teaching. language Italian and the rest of the world Courses will be taught by teachers from Rome Tor Vergata University, which will help students: .improve oral expression skills .build grammatical and syntactic structures .extend lexicon and idioms of everyday language .develop reading and comprehension skills A1 Beginner A2 Elementary B1 Intermediate B2 Upper intermediate C1 Advanced C2 Proficiency 6 certifiable language levels Teachers from Rome Tor Vergata University Bilingual tutors
  6. 6. Rome is home to a great number of World Heritage Sites. It is a “privileged place” where language learning can be enriched by countless archeological, cultural and architectural heritage of the Eternal City. Eyes On Italy gives students, who are interested in Italian culture, the opportunity to plan their own learning program according to their desires and passions. Archeology, Art and Cinema, are the three main fields from which students may choose to deepen their language learning. Eyes On Italy combines classroom lessons with didactic tours to give students a 360° vision of Italian culture. The language becomes an approach of the discovery journey. culture A journey of discovery Travelling class to explore the story of Rome Museum tours Foto Alessio Pomponi Visit Rome’s famous sites 3 fields to choose On-site thematic lessons Didactic visits to discovery Rome
  7. 7. Italians are most known for their Passion for food, music and art, which are probably the most important parts of Italian lifestyle. The artistic tradition is deeply rooted in Italy. One estimate says that the country is home to half the world's great art treasures. Italians see food as a link between past and present, an existence as a popultion and a sense of belonging to the country. Eyes On Italy gives students the chance of “being an Italian” through participation to various workshops to feel the Passion of Italian lifestyle. lifestyle to be an italian Bread laboratory Various workshops to choose Pasta laboratory Exciting passion experience Wine tasting Practical activities Olive oil tasting Mosaic workshop Opera viewing Artwork digital photography
  8. 8. All foreign students will be accommodated in Campus X, a student residence of University Rome Tor Vergata. It has 718 appartments, can host up to 1200 person, as well as excellent services (study rooms, coffee bar, self-service restaurant, auditorium, laundry room, grocery store, gym, ecc.) Join the community and make friends from all over the world! Campus X
  10. 10. NIVE R SIT Y Y OU