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  • 1. “There’s Something In The Air”
  • 2. RECOGNISING WASHROOM RISKSWhere do odours originate?Why can cleaning be ineffective?Why do risks still remain?What are the health hazards?What image is projected?
  • 3. WASHROOM HYGIENE PROBLEMS Odours and Infections are caused byBacteria, Viruses, Moulds & Fungi in the Air andon Surfaces Toilet flushing releases harmful bacteria intothe air and onto surfaces with aerosol forceand volume In 8 hours, a single bacteria cell can multiplyto 8 million Aerosol effect Cleaning, disinfecting and masking cannot Washrooms are a primaryremove the problem source of infections including: •Salmonella & E Coli Poor ventilation and poor personal hygiene •Rhinovirus & Norovirusspread the problem outside the washroom •Influenza •Bronco-Pneumonia Increased Sickness and Absenteeism •Hepatitis A Suggests indifferent management
  • 4. Where Are The Unseen Washroom Problems?
  • 5. The Solution
  • 6. Unseen Washroom Problems Resolved Air Steril disinfects the air and all exposed surfaces 24/7
  • 7. BENEFITS SUMMARY Removes odours by treating the root cause Destroys bacteria, VOCs, Viruses, Mould and Fungi Cleans deep into fabrics Reduces chemical usage Eliminates need for masking agents Provides fresh clean air Reduces absenteeism and cross infection Treats contamination in the air and all exposed surfaces Air does not need to pass through the unit to be purified
  • 8. Why Alternative Solutions FailSprays/Fragrances Does it kill Bacteria? No, (Some propellants contain an element of anti bacterial agents). Is it working all the time? No, can not operate continuously. Why doesn’t it work? When the perfume is still airborne it can effectively hide some odours, but this is intermittent the bacteria and health hazards remain and odours invariably prevail.Ozone Generators Does it kill Bacteria? Yes, kills both Bacteria & Viruses Is it working all the time? No, can not operate continuously, high levels of Ozone are unpleasant and a health hazard. Why doesn’t it work? Bacteria and viruses continue to multiply during the down time, meaning odours remain. UV light Machines Does it kill Bacteria? Yes, Kills Bacteria & Viruses Is it working all the time? Yes, It can operate continuously. Why doesn’t it Work? Air has to pass over the UV light to kill the micro-organisms and it takes so long for all the air to pass through the machine the bacteria multiply faster than all the washroom air can be processed, odours remain
  • 9. Air Steril utilises up to 5 independent technologies which can be tailored adjusted to meet end user needs : Internal Technologies 1. Germicidal Irradiation 2. Dual Waveband UV Technology Transmitted Technologies 3. Superoxide Ions 4. Triatomic Oxygen 5. Hyrdoxyl Radicals 6. Plasma Quatro Air Steril Technologies Eliminate Bacteria 180 times faster than UV light machines and 2000 times faster than an Ozone Generator
  • 10. Air Steril utilises up to 5 independent technologies which can be adjusted to meet end user needs :Internal Technologies1. Germicidal Irradiation2. Dual Waveband UV Technology1. UV Germicidal Irradiation kills microorganisms bydisrupting their DNA and removing their reproductivecapabilities.2. Air Steril UV lamps uses two wavebands. Oneoperates at 185nm generating ozone which kills themicroorganisms. The other operates at 254nm andgenerates highly reactive but short lived hydroxylradicals which reduces the ozone before it leaves theunit as an element in the plasma quatro.
  • 11. Air Steril utilises up to 5 independent technologies which can be adjusted to meet end user needs :Transmitted Technologies3. Superoxide Ions4. Triatomic Oxygen/Hydroxyl Radicals5. Plasma Quatro3. Superoxide Ions work by electrically charging air contaminates as small as 0.01 microns and causing them to form clusters, thus assisting removal from the air and aiding the other processes.4. Triatomic Oxygen (Ozone) is excited oxygen atoms produced via a catalyst in the lamp (Quartz). Triatomic Oxygen, will eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and VOC s in the air and on exposed surfaces as it leaves the unit with the air flow. Hydroxyl Radicals oxidise bacteria and viruses in the air operating with a “cascade effect”5. Plasma Quatro is the gas energized by the high intensity UV light, it leaves the unit with the airflow and consists of a mixture of activated oxygen, triatomic oxygen and superoxide ions. These interact with each other giving a very efficient purification of the air and all exposed surfaces. Many times more efficient than ozone or UV light working alone.
  • 12. The Only System Checked byThe Health Protection Agency Project No. 37/09 Issue date, 9thhSeptember 2009 HPA, CEPR Biosafety Unit, Porton Down
  • 13. The HPA Test Results Airborne Test Results (5 minutes exposure)• MS2 coliphage NCIMB 10108 (an enveloped single stranded RNA coliphage) • Staphylococcus epidermidis NCIMB 12721 (a gram positive, cocci) Micro-organism Percentage Efficiency ▪ MS-2 coliphage 92.17% ▪ Staph. epidermidis 98.11%
  • 14. The HPA Test Results Surface Test Results (1 hour exposure)• MS2 coliphage NCIMB 10108 (an enveloped single stranded RNA coliphage) • Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA NCIMB 13162 (gram positive, cocci) Micro-organism Percentage Efficiency ▪ MS-2coliphage 59.47% ▪ MRSA 51.81%
  • 15. 28 day money back GUARANTEE Air Steril has always offered this guarantee toevery customer, whether Heathrow Airport, the London underground or a local Care Home. To date we have not had a single failure. Brian Dewsbery Managing Director Airscience Technology International
  • 16. Washroom Thermal  Light To medium footfall  Heavy domestic/light commercial  Normal ventilation (Not suitable for washrooms without external doors) or forced ventilation.  Vertical Installation(Must be sighted close to odour source)  Ideal for disabled facilities, restaurants, medium sized offices, sluice rooms, baby changing, leisure changing rooms, public houses, care homes petrol stations or any washroom with medium footfall.  In single cubicle situations also suitable for high volume usageMedium – For multiple user facilities around Low – For single toilets with multiple service20m2 with medium to low traffic. users or small facilities up to 10m2 with low traffic.
  • 17. Washroom Range WR30/WRX WR30  Higher to heavy footfall  Commercial /public facilities  Any location regardless of ventilation  Installed horizontally vertically wall or ceiling mounted  Can be installed a distance from odour source and targeted  All commercial washrooms hotels, offices, factories, schools, cinemas, night clubs, all public facilities, Institutions, prisons, hospitals  Aluminium body vandal resistant WRX Very heavy footfall 10,000 per day Motorway services, football stadiums, sports grounds, airports, railway stations, concert halls. High - For multiple user facilities up to 30m 2, Medium – For multiple user facilities around 20m2 medium to high traffic. with medium to low traffic.
  • 19. AS 10 Silent Specially designed for continuously occupiedrooms up to 10m2 with very low footfall Odour and infection control in private places UV lamp strength set for contamination levels Thermal convection 24/7 operation Silent – no noisy operation to disturb usersespecially at night Blue lamp power on indicator Ideal for care home residents’ bedrooms, homeuse, occasional visitors, pet areas Plugs into wall socket, easy fixing, transportability Sturdy aluminium construction Annual lamp change Very low running costs Extended guarantee as required
  • 20. Multipurpose MP Unit Rugged design for installation in enclosedspaces from 20m2 to 80m2 U/V lamp strength varies with level ofcontamination Hard wired for permanent 24/7 operation Wall or ceiling, vertical or horizontal mounted. Ideal for care home reception and commonrooms, gyms, schools, cafeterias Traditional aluminium construction Easy to install and maintain Annual lamp change NEW Design NEW Design Three year guarantee with lamp change Back to base repair Launched 2012 Launched 2012 Low running costs
  • 21. Portable MP 100 Robust very high strength system Portable for occasional use in enclosed spaces Evacuate space when in operation For temporary use in heavily contaminated areas Ideal for smoker damaged hotel rooms, used car interiors, 100m 2+ spaces Not for use with toxic off-gassing present Power socket installation Lamp change as required NEW Multi Thermal NEW Multi Thermal Rugged aluminium construction Launched Spring Launched Spring Safety training required 2012 2012