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Roosey Finalprint Turismo [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. “The Caribbean An Economic Development Strategy to Riviera” Realize Tomorrow’s Vision Today p repared by C. H. JOHNSON CONSULTING & THE CHICAGO CONSULTANTS STUDIO, INC. © CCS JUNE 2009
  2. 2. THE SITUATION A Critical Condition with Unique Potential • Shuttered naval base and underutilized resource • Area unemployment and economic hardship • Need to enhance the overall Puerto Rico tourism market • Need to stimulate investment, create jobs, encourage visitation and re-energize through true economic development • In short – a strategic vision for Roosevelt Roads rather than a patchwork of land sales and an “The Caribbean empty promise of the future Riviera”
  3. 3. THE PREMISE An Economic Development Strategy • Leverage gaming as an “Economic Engine” • Create world-class quality and appeal in all aspects • Focus on job creation and true, regional economic development • Enhance the tourism brand of Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico • Utilize the inherent amenities of the Roosevelt Roads property • Articulate a compelling vision “The Caribbean • Create a non-derivative homerun Riviera”
  4. 4. Framing the Opportunity Overview of Gaming & Tourism Markets • Gaming US Canadian Las Vegas Macau European Asian Island/Caribbean Genting Highlands • Caribbean Tourism Monte Carlo Current Trends Competition El Conquistador Old San Juan
  5. 5. Framing the Opportunity Physical Potentials of the Roosevelt Roads Property • Tremendous land availability • Key central location to Caribbean tourism, as well as Cuba, Bahamas and Central America • Abundant natural amenities and attractions • Deep water port • Airfield opportunities • Ability to create a unique destination context • Ability to offer multiple “invitations” for visitors
  6. 6. THE OPPORTUNITY Roosevelt Roads as an Economic Development Initiative for Today • A unique approach to leverage assets and strengths toward economic redevelopment • Capture the world’s largest growth industry – Travel/Tourism/Entertainment • A “destination-building” initiative - focus is not merely gaming alone • Leverage the unique amenities and eco- tourism draw of the surrounding area • Strengthen and enhance Puerto Rico’s investment in convention and trade industry outside San Juan • Support existing local business and “The Caribbean assets in Ceiba, Naguabo, Vieques, Riviera” Culebra and Eastern Puerto Rico • Create new employment and sustainable industries
  7. 7. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Signature Developments • Successful integration of casino gaming as part of a destination Monte Carlo Montreal • Signature components of the total entertainment and tourism development program • Examples from other world- class cities Fallsview Sun City – Grand Casino, Monte Carlo – Casino De Montreal, Montreal – Fallsview, Niagara Falls – Atlantis, Bahamas – Sun City, South Africa Genting Highlands – Genting Sentosa, Singapore – Genting Highlands, Malaysia Atlantis
  8. 8. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Grand Casino – Monte Carlo • A 140 year old success story • Originally conceived as an economic development engine to build tourism industry • A catalyst for economic development program – grand hotel – opera house – theater – railroad/transit system • Architecturally, a source of civic pride and public image – to Monaco and to the entire Mediterranean
  9. 9. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Casino de Montreal - Montreal • A very successfully integrated urban casino referred to as a “jewel in the skyline” • Forged strong relationships with local artisans, theatrical venues, visitor amenities, civic foundations and the like • ±100,000 SF of gaming area • ±3,100 slot machines and 124 gaming tables • More than 6.5 million visitors in 2003 • Casino workforce over 3,300 employees
  10. 10. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Casino Fallsview - Niagara Falls • Great success in achieving broader economic development aspects • ±130,000 SF of gaming area • ±3,000 slot machines and 150 gaming tables • Approximately 30,000 visitors per day • Casino complex workforce of about 5,000 employees • Extensive spin-off benefits for area hotels and businesses
  11. 11. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Atlantis, Paradise Island - Bahamas • World renown +170 acre Bahama resort • Largest Caribbean casino at 50,000 SF including over 1,000 slots, 100 table games and race and sports book betting • 6 hotels with over 3,700 rooms including 21 restaurants and 19 bars/nightclubs • 100 Acre “aqua park”, one of the largest in the world • 18 hole golf course
  12. 12. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Atlantis, Paradise Island - Bahamas Recent Atlantis Comments “The prospects are very good and we think occupancy will be maintained in excess of 80 percent. We've invested approximately $2 billion so far here in Paradise Island. In terms of what's ahead, we still have some great beaches and some great undeveloped real estate.” Atlantis Management
  13. 13. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Sun City - South Africa • One of the first “resort” casinos, built in 1970s drawing 25,000 visits daily • Located 100 miles from Johannesburg • Four hotels - 1,300 rooms • Full range of table games, slots and salons • Includes 45 acre water park, two championship 18 hole golf courses, 6,000 seat arena • Adjacent to 135,000 acre Pilanesberg National Park and game reserve
  14. 14. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Genting Highlands - Malaysia • 19.6 Million visitors in 2007 • 6 hotels, with over 10,000 rooms • 200,000 SF of gaming space • 500,000 SF Indoor Theme Park • 40 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur
  15. 15. Gaming and Tourism Precedents Resorts World Sentosa Island – Genting - Singapore • 120 acre $6 billion resort development located 25 miles from Singapore airport to open 2010 • Expected to add $2.7 billion to Singapore’s GDP and create 10,000 direct jobs • Program includes 6 hotels - 1,800 rooms, Universal Studios, Marine Life Park Oceanarium, a water park, Hard Rock hotel, and 10,000 seat amphitheater • Casino 150,000 SF with 1,600 seat Theater
  16. 16. THE KEY METRICS Clear Strategic Objectives • Gaming Revenue provides resources to invest in the region • Development Investment key focus for Roosevelt Roads, Vieques, and Culebra • Employment & Broad Impact potential for multiplier benefits • Enhanced (unique) Tourism Brand a competitive advantage strengthening all area resorts • World Class Quality a source of pride for all of Puerto Rico “The Caribbean Riviera”
  17. 17. THE VISION A World-Class, Signature Development • High quality gaming venue • Riviera-style destination resort • International airport • International cruise port • Partnership initiative with Vieques/Culebra • Stewardship with Conservation Trust • A true economic development strategy “The Caribbean Riviera”
  18. 18. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision • Puerto Rico as The Caribbean Riviera – Central location and hub to Caribbean tourism – What Monte Carlo is as icon to the Mediterranean, Roosevelt Roads can be to the Caribbean – Right vision will elevate all of Puerto Rico
  19. 19. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision • Roosevelt Roads as the Transformational Economic Engine of the Region
  20. 20. El Yunque Vieques Culebra • A natural extension of the eco-tourism icon of El Yunque El Conquistador • Linked with Vieques and Culebra to form a most unique cruising and recreational paradise • Launch point for the islands, and other parts of the broader region • Support for the Puerto Rico resorts and tourist amenities (including Bahia Beach, El Conquistador, Coco Beach, Palmas del Mar, “W” Vieques, Rio Mar, Cayo Largo) Luquillo Beach • The heart of new employment and investment: on-site, off-site, across the region
  21. 21. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision • Creatively Leveraging Inherent Amenities – Abundant Natural Amenities: El Yunque, coastal, marshland and mangroves, topography, beaches) – Reuse potential: deep water cruise port, destination airport, inner harbor and high-speed ferry hub) – Unlike anything else in Puerto Rico or the Caribbean: multiple invitations, a collection of many activities – Vieques and Culebra linked as economic development partners
  22. 22. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision Bold Ideas and Initiatives • Inner Harbor Sidney Harbor Monte Carlo – International cruise hub and yachting center – High speed ferry link to Vieques, Culebra, resorts – Destination shopping and wharf district – Theater and entertainment – International Quality Casino – Hotels, lodging and premier destination resort – Waterfront corniche and new city fabric • Eco-Tourism Adventure – Diving, exploration and link with islands – Environmental education • Island Paradise – International yachting harbor and center – Resort residential – Villages and towns – Port Grimaud – A living community • Destination Airport – Gateway to South America and Caribbean – Direct access from EU countries – Enhancement of Puerto Rico airside infrastructure • Landside Development Port Grimaud, France – Community, schools, retail and support – Employee housing – Future expansion potential Eco-Tourism
  23. 23. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision The Heart of the District Color plan aerial of core district
  24. 24. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision The Heart of the District
  25. 25. Conceptual Approach Creating a Development Vision The Heart of the District
  26. 26. Boston Singapore Casino Morongo Sidney Harbor
  27. 27. State-of-the-art Ferry Terminal
  28. 28. Wharf-front Marketplace
  29. 29. Premier Seaside Resort
  30. 30. Theater and Entertainment
  31. 31. Signature Retail International Cruise Hub
  32. 32. Destination Airport
  33. 33. International Cruise Hub
  34. 34. Signature Retail Theater and Entertainment Waterfront District Trolley Destination Airport International Cruise Hub Sustainable Architecture
  35. 35. Resort Residential Courtyard Waterfront Residential Premier Seaside Resort Full Range of Gaming
  36. 36. Premier Seaside Resort Resort Residential Courtyard
  37. 37. Resort Residential Courtyard Live Performance Venues Premier Seaside Resort
  38. 38. Variety of Dining Resort Residential Courtyard Waterfront Residential Full Range of Gaming PremierLive Performance Venues Seaside Resort
  39. 39. Waterfront Residential Premier Seaside Resort
  40. 40. Waterfront Plaza Waterfront Residential District Trolley Premier Seaside Resort High Quality Casino
  41. 41. Waterfront Plaza Premier Seaside Resort High Quality Casino
  42. 42. IMPACTS AND BENEFITS The Fiscal Results of a Strategic Vision Total Phase One Investment - $1.9 Billion Permanent and Temporary Jobs • 17,000 Phase One on-site jobs • 42,500 Phase One total jobs • 3,000 Temporary Construction Jobs Direct and Indirect Fiscal Benefits • 1.7 million visitors night annually • Increased hotel occupancy • Sales, hotel, income, property, gaming and other tax receipts • Gross resort sales volume - 2,500 rooms “The Caribbean and 130,000 SF casino- $1 billion Riviera” • Over one half billion dollars of new incremental spending
  43. 43. IMPACTS AND BENEFITS The Fiscal Results of a Strategic Vision Regional Employment • Vieques and Culebra - Absolute partners in tourism product- substantially expanded tourism at these destination islands • Ceiba, Fajardo, Luquillo, and Naguabo – key employment centers serving the project • Necklace of resorts that will benefit and expand their tourism base: – Bahia Beach – El Conquistador – Coco Beach – Palmas del Mar – “W” in Vieques “The Caribbean – Cayo Largo Riviera”
  44. 44. “The Caribbean Riviera”
  45. 45. Essentials for Success • Unique destination place leveraging assets of Roosevelt Roads • Competitive Gaming Regulatory structure critical to attract quality companies • Competitive Gaming Investment Structure consider a range of options • Incentives and Catalysts ability for government to be the driver • Industry Insights understand gaming economics and industry issues “The Caribbean Riviera”
  46. 46. “The Caribbean An Economic Development Strategy to Riviera” Realize Tomorrow’s Vision Today