5 spectacular places to go to see autumn leaves


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If you are planning to visit Japan, go in the winter season. You can experience the best of the scenic beauties during the winter season in Japan.

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5 spectacular places to go to see autumn leaves

  1. 1. Are You Planning a Vacation in Japan? Image source: goo.gl/QXd6db Image source: goo.gl/U7rGQx
  2. 2. Winter is the Ideal Season to go on a Holiday in Japan Image source: goo.gl/ulIvww Image source: goo.gl/8QVN3T
  3. 3. Skiing and Snowboarding in Hokkaido Enjoy the winter adventure sports at the “powder capital of the world” Image source: goo.gl/ekncYo
  4. 4. Nagano, once hosted the Winter Olympics, is another place to enjoy winter sports and onsen baths at the ryokans Image source: goo.gl/bfJ7J6
  5. 5. Tokamachi Snow Festival, Niigata Prefecture The festival features various snow sculptures depicting traditional Japanese gods. Other cultural programs are also held during the entire festival season Image source: goo.gl/6206yL
  6. 6. Another thing to Enjoy in the Winter is, Autumn Leaves Image source: goo.gl/LziEUH Image source: goo.gl/XjB7bJ
  7. 7. Here are a few places to visit in Japan to see autumn leaves… Image source: goo.gl/Evnq51
  8. 8. Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido The mountains surrounding Daisetsuzan National Park are the first place to see the autumn colours of leaves every year. The best time to visit the spot is between mid September to mid October Image source: goo.gl/st21Fz
  9. 9. Hachimantai in Tohuku Image source: goo.gl/QCmuiK The Hachimantai mountains offer some of the most spectacular autumn colours. Popular spots are the summit of Mount Hachimantai, Goshogake Onsen with nearby Onuma Pond and Tamagawa Onsen. Visit the Hachimantai from early to late October.
  10. 10. Lake Towada and Oirase Stream in Aomori prefecture The Lake Towada and its Oirase Stream is famous as one of the most outstanding spots to see autumn leaves. Visit the spot in late October for the best viewing of changing colours of leaves Image source: goo.gl/zaoHRx
  11. 11. Rikugien Landscape Garden in Tokyo Rikugien is among the best landscape Japanese gardens in Tokyo and popular for the best autumn leaves in the city. Go for special illuminations in the peak season, from late November to early December Image source: goo.gl/jJidtH
  12. 12. Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto Visit the Tofukuji Temple for the most spectacular autumn foliage. Get on the Tsutenkyo Bridge for an impressive view of the autumn leaves. Go to the spot in mid to late November Image source: goo.gl/a89QT0
  13. 13. Visit Japan in the winter to experience the true essence of Japanese culture Image source: goo.gl/5Te35f