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Presentation for January 31st Public Meeting
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Presentation for January 31st Public Meeting


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Sechelt Sewage Treatment Meeting

Sechelt Sewage Treatment Meeting

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Something Stinks in Sechelt (and it’s not just our Sewage Treatment Plants!) AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED! January 31, 2011 Unfortunately, Councillor Warren Allan refused to allow this presentation to be made during the Public Meeting on Jan 31 st . What are he and Council afraid of?
  • 2. What’s this all about?
    • I am speaking on behalf of numerous residents & organizations
      • we want to see Sechelt make the best decision for everyone’s benefit
    • We’re here to help
      • We’ve made submissions to Council over the past months but, so far, had no response
    • Presentation Outline:
      • Facts the Council needs to know
      • Identify some concerns we have
      • Outline how we can afford to pay for this
  • 3. What do we recommend?
    • Our Objective
      • To have Council identify all options for an integrated, sustainable and green treatment facility
        • Using a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) approach
    • Contrary to what’s been reported
        • We have time to do this!
        • We will not lose our government grants!
        • We can afford to do (much) more than just biosolids!
        • There are other sources of grants and funding that apparently have not been pursued, as yet.
  • 4. Current Plan
    • The proposed Biosolids Plan is akin to:
        • Building a garage, without having any idea
        • about the type of house you want to build
        • – or where to build it on your property!
    • There are much better options available
      • Let’s find out about these and confirm we can afford them
        • if so, we all win!
  • 5. Costs Continue to Escalate
    • Biosolids Plant – costs have tripled
      • In 2005 costs were est. @ $1.8M, now est. @ ~$6M
    • Cost for a new Treatment Plant was est. @ $5.8M in 2005.
      • Have these costs also tripled?
      • If so, this part of the project could cost $15M
      • This will need to be built within the next 5 years
    • Result? To build a complete facility over the next several years could cost $21M+
  • 6. What Council has told us . . . - Part 1 -
    • “ We have no time to pursue other options – our deadline to use the Building Canada grants is 2013”
      • IN FACT: The funding deadline can be extended to 2015, at least, upon request
    • “ The Building Canada grants ($3.2M) can only be used for a biosolids facility”
      • IN FACT: The project scope can be changed, upon request
    • “ We cannot afford anything more than the Biosolids Plant ($6M)”
      • IN FACT: We have the financial resources to do much more, without increasing taxes
  • 7. What Council has told us . . . - Part 2 -
    • “ Upgrading the existing Ebbtide Plant will eliminate odour & noise”
      • IN FACT: The consultants have budgeted only $70K for “Odour Control”.
      • They also state that the processes will ensure there is no release of “excessive malodorous compounds” but that “nuisance [odour] conditions” may need to be dealt with.
      • They do not say that odour will be eliminated.
    • “ Ebbtide Plant will be ‘phased out soon’”
      • IN FACT: Under Council’s Biosolids first plan, Ebbtide will operate for at least 5 and probably close to 10 more years.
    • “ Adopting a new technology is too risky”
      • IN FACT: Any financially sound company that builds a facility will provide an iron clad guarantee of performance.
  • 8. What Council has told us . . . - Part 3 -
    • “ The lease on the existing Dusty Road site expires in 2031 and will not be renewed”
      • IN FACT: We have talked with CAL and they have no plans for this site, likely for several decades after 2031!
    • “ This is just NIMBY’ism – you just don’t want a treatment plant in your backyard”
      • IN FACT: No one wants something that smells or makes noise located in anybody’s backyard! If it is odourless, noiseless, green and affordable, no one should have a concern about where it is located.
  • 9. What concerns us?
    • Is Council fully informed?
      • Hopefully, our information tonight will be useful
    • Are we getting the best professional advice?
      • Why was it necessary for our Councillors to travel to inspect Biosolids technologies?
        • Isn’t that what we have expert professionals for?
    • We believe some of the District’s staff may not have been provided with accurate information – eg.
      • That 2013 is not the deadline for the project
      • That funding can only be used for Biosolids
      • That there are other options for funding
  • 10. Monies Available – a Summary
    • Funds available for Biosolids = $6.2M
    • (per the District’s own calculations)
    • Other District Funds = $3.0M
    • (additional sewer reserves monies plus proceeds from selling Lot L.)
    • Additional monies available* = $7.6M
    • TOTAL = $16.8M
    • What this means:
      • In theory, we could spend up to $16.8M
      • With NO increase in taxes!
      • Using only reserves already restricted for use for sewage treatment
      • Without using any of the District’s other surpluses and reserves
      • AND – we continue to have the opportunity to negotiate preferential funding options with suppliers, seek additional grants from senior governments, etc.
    • * These are monies that we have identified to be available from various third parties. We consider it best to not itemize these, at this stage, to protect Sechelt’s commercial bargaining position. (We are happy to provide details to Council upon their request.)
  • 11. What’s Next?
    • Prepare the terms for a Request for Proposal
      • Ask for help from local professionals (CCBA, etc.)
    • If a referendum is necessary, then Let’s Do It!
      • People will embrace this option:
        • Borrowing at a very low, fixed interest rate
        • An integrated facility provides certainty about the future of Sechelt
        • Doing this gets rid of the odours at Ebbtide much sooner
        • Shows Sechelt as a progressive municipality
        • We have nothing to lose – hold the referendum and, if it fails, there are other options for funding the project.
  • 12. An Opportunity Not to be Missed!
    • Sechelt has a wonderful opportunity
    • to build a complete wastewater treatment system
    • that is guaranteed to be odourless, noiseless and green.
    • We encourage Council to have the curiosity, courage and vision to take advantage of
    • “ An Opportunity Not To Be Missed!”
  • 13.
    • THANK YOU!