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C* Summit EU 2013: No Whistling Required: Cabs, Cassandra, and Hailo

C* Summit EU 2013: No Whistling Required: Cabs, Cassandra, and Hailo



Speaker: Dave Gardner, Architect at Hailo ...

Speaker: Dave Gardner, Architect at Hailo
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cUuE7sTdU0&list=PLqcm6qE9lgKLoYaakl3YwIWP4hmGsHm5e&index=16
Hailo has leveraged Cassandra to build one of the most successful startups in European history. This presentations looks at how Hailo grew from a simple MySQL-backed infrastructure to a resilient Cassandra-backed system running in three data centres globally. Topics covered include: the process of migration, experience running multi-DC on AWS, common data modeling patterns and security implications for achieving PCI compliance.



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    C* Summit EU 2013: No Whistling Required: Cabs, Cassandra, and Hailo C* Summit EU 2013: No Whistling Required: Cabs, Cassandra, and Hailo Presentation Transcript

    • Cabs, Cassandra, and Hailo David Gardner, Architect at Hailo #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • 0.6 to 1.2 •  1,352 changed files with 235,413 additions and 47,487 deletions •  7,429 commits •  1,653 tickets completed https://github.com/apache/cassandra/compare/cassandra-0.6.0...cassandra-1.2 https://github.com/apache/cassandra/blob/trunk/CHANGES.txt #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • What this talk is about Cassandra adoption at Hailo from three perspectives: 1.  Development 2.  Operational 3.  Management #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • What is Hailo? Hailo is The Taxi Magnet. Use Hailo to get a cab wherever you are, whenever you want. #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • What is Hailo? •  The world’s highest-rated taxi app – over 11,000 five-star reviews •  Over 500,000 registered passengers •  A Hailo hail is accepted around the world every 4 seconds •  Hailo operates in 15 cities on 3 continents from Tokyo to Toronto in nearly 2 years of operation #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Hailo is growing •  Hailo is a marketplace that facilitates over $100M in run-rate transactions and is making the world a better place for passengers and drivers •  Hailo has raised over $50M in financing from the world's best investors including Union Square Ventures, Accel, the founder of Skype (via Atomico), Wellington Partners (Spotify), Sir Richard Branson, and our CEO's mother, Janice #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • The history The story behind Cassandra adoption at Hailo #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Hailo launched in London in November 2011 •  Launched on AWS •  Two PHP/MySQL web apps plus a Java backend •  Mostly built by a team of 3 or 4 backend engineers •  MySQL multi-master for single AZ resilience #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Why Cassandra? •  A desire for greater resilience – “become a utility” Cassandra is designed for high availability •  Plans for international expansion around a single consumer app Cassandra is good at global replication •  Expected growth Cassandra scales linearly for both reads and writes •  Prior experience I had experience with Cassandra and could recommend it #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • The path to adoption •  Largely unilateral decision by developers – a result of a startup culture •  Replacement of key consumer app functionality, splitting up the PHP/MySQL web app into a mixture of global PHP/Java services backed by a Cassandra data store •  Launched into production in September 2012 – originally just powering North American expansion, before gradually switching over Dublin and London #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • One year on... •  Further breakdown of functionality into Go/Java SOA •  Migrating all online databases to Cassandra #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Development perspective #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • “Cassandra just works” Dom W, Senior Engineer #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Use cases 1.  Entity storage 2.  Time series data #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • CF = customers 126007613634425612: createdTimestamp: email: givenName: familyName: locale: phone: #CASSANDRAEU 1370465412 dave@cruft.co Dave Gardner en_GB +447911111111 CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Considerations for entity storage •  Do not read the entire entity, update one property and then write back a mutation containing every column •  Only mutate columns that have been set •  This avoids read-before-write race conditions #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • CF = stats_db 2013-06-01: 55374fa0-ce2b-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: a48bd800-ce2b-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: b0e15850-ce2b-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: bfac6c80-ce2b-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: #CASSANDRAEU {“action”:”… {“action”:”… {“action”:”… {“action”:”… CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • CF = stats_db LON123456: 13b247f0-ce2c-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: 20f70a40-ce2c-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: 2b44d3b0-ce2c-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: 338a22f0-ce2c-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66: #CASSANDRAEU {“action”:”… {“action”:”… {“action”:”… {“action”:”… CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Considerations for time series storage •  Choose row key carefully, since this partitions the records •  Think about how many records you want in a single row •  Denormalise on write into many indexes #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Client libraries •  Gossie (Go) •  Astyanax (Java) •  phpcassa (PHP) #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Analytics •  With Cassandra we lost the ability to carry out analytics eg: COUNT, SUM, AVG, GROUP BY •  We use Acunu Analytics to give us this abilty in real time, for preplanned query templates •  It is backed by Cassandra and therefore highly available, resilient and globally distributed •  Integration is straightforward #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • AQL SELECT SUM(accepted), SUM(ignored), SUM(declined), SUM(withdrawn) FROM Allocations WHERE timestamp BETWEEN '1 week ago' AND 'now’ AND driver='LON123456789’ GROUP BY timestamp(day) #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Operational perspective #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • “Allows a team of 2 to achieve things they wouldn’t have considered before Cassandra existed” Chris H, Operations Engineer #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • us-east-1 eu-west-1 us-east-1 eu-west-1 Operational Cluster 6 machines per region Stats Cluster 3 clusters 3 regions (stats cluster is a long story) ap-southeast-1 #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • eu-west-1 us-east-1 ap-southeast-1 AZ1 AZ1 AZ1 AZ1 AZ1 AZ1 AZ2 AZ2 AZ2 AZ2 AZ2 AZ2 AZ3 AZ3 AZ3 AZ3 AZ3 AZ3 #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • 3 AZs per region m1.large machines ~ 1TB/node Stats Cluster AWS VPCs with Open VPN links Provisoned IOPS EBS #CASSANDRAEU Operational Cluster ~ 200GB/node CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Backups •  SSTable snapshot •  Used to upload to S3, but this was taking >6 hours and consuming all our network bandwidth •  Now take EBS snapshot of the data volumes #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Encryption •  Requirement for NYC launch •  We use dmcrypt to encrypt the entire EBS volume •  Chose dmcrypt because it is uncomplicated •  Our tests show a 1% performance hit in disk performance, which concurs with what Amazon suggest #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Datastax Ops Centre is a quick win #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Multi DC •  Something that Cassandra makes trivial •  Would have been very difficult to accomplish active-active inter-DC replication with a team of 2 without Cassandra •  Rolling repair needed to make it safe (we use LOCAL_QUORUM) •  We schedule “narrow repairs” on different nodes in our cluster each night #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Compression •  Our stats cluster was running at ~1.5TB per node •  We didn’t want to add more nodes •  With compression, we are now back to ~600GB •  Easy to accomplish •  `nodetool upgradesstables` on a rolling schedule #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Management perspective #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • “The days of the quick and dirty are over” Simon V, EVP Operations #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Technically, everything is fine… •  Our COO feels that C* is “technically good and beautiful”, a “perfectly good option” •  Our EVPO says that C* reminds him of a time series database in use at Goldman Sachs that had “very good performance” …but there are concerns #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • People who can attempt to query MySQL People who can attempt to query Cassandra #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • There might be a gulf in experience #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • 10 Average years experience per team member MySQL Cassandra #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Lesson learned •  Have an advocate - get someone who will sell the vision internally •  Learn the theory - teach each team member the fundamentals •  Make an effort to get everyone on board #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Things can drift into failure #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Lesson learned •  Be pro-active with Cassandra, even if it seems to be running smoothly •  Peer-review data models, take time to think about them •  Big rows are bad - use cfstats to look for them •  Mixed workloads can cause problems - use cfhistograms and look out for signs of data modeling problems •  Think about the compaction strategy for each CF #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Lessons learned •  EBS is nearly always the cause of Amazon outages •  EBS is a single point of failure (it will fail everywhere in your cluster) •  EBS is slow •  EBS is expensive •  EBS is unnecessary! #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Management need to know the trade offs #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Lessons learned •  Keep the business informed – explain the tradeoffs in simple terms •  Sing from the same hymn sheet •  Make sure there solutions in place for every use case from the beginning #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • People who can attempt to query MySQL #CASSANDRAEU People who can attempt to query Cassandra CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • We like Cassandra •  Solid design •  HA characteristics •  Easy multi-DC setup •  Simplicity of operation #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • Lessons for successful adoption •  Have an advocate, sell the dream •  Learn the fundamentals, get the best out of Cassandra •  Invest in tools to make life easier •  Keep management in the loop, explain the trade offs #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU
    • The future •  We will continue to invest in Cassandra as we expand globally •  We will hire people with experience running Cassandra •  We will focus on expanding our reporting facilities •  We aspire to extend our network (1M consumer installs, wallet) beyond cabs •  We will continue to hire the best engineers in London, NYC and Asia #CASSANDRAEU CASSANDRASUMMITEU