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Journalism notebook

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Journalism notebook

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  • 1. Journalism Notebook! @ronmader! • 01.2014!
  • 2. Today the story begins after the final stop.!
  • 3. Questions!
  • 4. To what degree do journalists want to interact with readers?! LITTLE! A LOT!
  • 5. To what degree are journalists rewarded for their efforts?! LITTLE! A LOT!
  • 6. To what degree do journalists want an exclusive scoop and to what degree do they want to collaborate?! EXCLUSIVITY! COLLABORATION!
  • 7. To what degree does the audience want to interact with reporters?! LITTLE! A LOT!
  • 9. Journalism is going to survive. I just don’t see how the businesses that have provided it will survive.! - Clay Shirky!
  • 10. Excellent journalism has never been simply about information. It is information provided to enable knowledge, published or broadcast as a public exchange by people accountable for its accuracy. ! - Melanie Sil! !
  • 11. There’s no point in saving a school that trains people to manage fleets of horses if the motorcar has taken over horse-drawn transportation.! - Michael A. McRobbie!
  • 12. Promoting journalists as insiders in front of the outsiders, the viewers, the electorate ... this is a clue to what’s broken about political coverage. – Jay Rosen! !
  • 13. It may be faster to teach journalism to engineers than to teach technology to journalists. ! - Joichi Ito!
  • 14. How did it come to be that the news is reported solely ! by journalists?! - Rob Brezsny!
  • 15. What readers really want is reporting that gets to the bottom of a story without having to give opposing sides equal weight. They also want reporters to state established truths clearly, without hedging or always putting the words in a source’s mouth.! - Margaret Sullivan!
  • 16. Without context, a piece of information is just a dot. It floats in your brain with a lot of other dots and doesn't mean a damn thing. Knowledge is information-in-context … connecting the dots.! - Michael Ventura!
  • 17. Newspapers are that get ink on ! your fingers. ! just blogs - Stephen Colbert!
  • 18. I love deadlines . ! I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. ! - Douglas Adams!
  • 19. Please Share!!
  • 20. @ronmader!!