Industry updates on key mobile trends 9 21 12


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Industry updates on key mobile trends 9 21 12

  1. 1. Industry updates on key mobile trendsWEEK ENDING 9/21/2012 1
  2. 2. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 9/21/2012Mobile Trends Almost two-thirds of tablet owners (63%) watch TV while using their tablets, according to a study from GfK MRI. This is significantly more than any other activity done concurrently with tablet usage. Overall, 41% of tablet owners’ total TV viewing time comes from this type of two-screen viewing. Additional study highlights include: – Social Media use on the tablet is the most popular activity conducted on a tablet while watching TV. – 34% posted comments on Facebook, Twitter, a blog or another site regarding a show. – 21% looked for information of a TV show being watched; 16% watched a video clip about a show; 11% voted in a contest/event for a TV show. – 28% of two-screen viewers used their tablet to look up more information about a product advertised during a show they watched and 12% purchased a product advertised during a show. According to a July study by Valassis, due to rising food and gas prices, 74% of US participants planned to use more coupons this year. Mobile coupon usage, in particular, is skyrocketing with mobile coupons or apps increasing by over 100% in 2011, and 100% again in 2012. Although trailing online coupons by a few percentage points, the Valassis study showed that 79% of US internet users were using more mobile coupons this year—on par with print coupons and circulars. 2
  3. 3. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 9/21/2012Mobile Trends (cont.) Smartphone shoppers now represent 4 out of 5 Smartphone Users, with Amazon leading across both iPhone and Android Platforms, according to a new comScore Study. The study found that 4 in every 5 smartphone users – 85.9 million in total – accessed retail content on their device in July. Amazon sites led as the top retailer with an audience of 49.6 million visitors, while multi-channel retailers including Apple (17.7 million visitors), Wal-Mart (16.3 million visitors), Target (10 million visitors) and Best Buy (7.2 million visitors) also attracted significant mobile audiences. Additional insights include: – Women are more likely to shop via phone (as they are from their desktop computers) than men. – Those between the ages of 25 and 34 accounted for 23.3% of all mobile shoppers in July, closely followed by those between 35 and 44, who generated 22.8% of visits. Facebook will start testing ads on third-party mobile apps, launching what is essentially a mobile-ad network that could become a significant player in the mobile-ad market, expected to grow to $4.4 billion in the U.S. in 2013, according to eMarketer. Facebooks new ads on third-party apps wont necessarily look like Facebook ads; rather, theyll be standard banner and interstitial ads, the kind that can be standardized across many mobile environments. 3
  4. 4. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 9/21/2012Mobile Trends (cont.) According to a report released by Local Response, a New York company that helps companies target customers based on social media sentiment and check-ins, Walmart captures nearly 40% of mobile check-ins via Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp among the top ten U.S. retailers. – Over the course of the summer, Local Response tracked the public mobile check-ins of hundreds of thousands of users across five social networks. The company found that people check in the most over the course of the weekend, with 25.9% of location data registered on Saturday followed by 19.7% on Friday and 14.3% on Sunday. According to the company’s report, attached below, Saturday at 2pm ET is check-in “primetime” in the U.S. More than three-quarters of the location data captured by the study are from Foursquare, while Instagram placed last with just a 1.4% share. 4