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  • 1. American Football by Walter CampHarper and Brothers, New York, 1893 Curated by Olivia Johnson
  • 2. Walter CampAmerican FootballHarper and Brothers, New York, 1893Football is considered America’s sport and emerged strongly during the industrialperiod in America. America moved from an agricultural period, a slow moving timewhen the major sport of baseball matched the lifestyle, to a period where timemattered and everyone worked together to produce a product. Football paralleledthe new ways of life in America and Walter Camp, a Yale graduate and eventualYale coach, was one of the most important men in the design and rules of football.He played for Yale and was on the rules committee until his death in 1925.American Football was published by Harper and Brothers. The publishing companybegan business in 1817 and was the publisher of Harper’s Weekly and Harper’sBazaar. The original publishing company has merged with a few differentpublishers and is today known as Harper Collins.
  • 3. The book outlines the basics of football including descriptions of positions including,end rusher, tackle, guard, center or snap-back, halfback and back, and quarterback.In addition to positions it includes a chapter about training, team play, and even afull chapter for spectators. A remarkable characteristic of this book is that it isillustrated with 31 pictures of early college football players from Harvard, Yale, andPrinceton. Walter Camp created many of the rules and methods that are used inAmerican football today including the gridiron field on which the game is still played,which is shown in a diagram in his book. He also created the 4th down rule andlifted tackling rules.Student Curator: Olivia Johnson
  • 4. Pequot LibraryBringing Literature, Music, Art, Science & the Humanities to the Community 720 Pequot Avenue Southport, CT 06890 (203) 259-0346