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May supplement

  1. 1. 72 I People Matters I MAY 2013Select L&DFive critical components help an L&D managerjustify investments - objectives, delivery,capabilities, scale and accountabilityWhile every single business func-tion has come under the costscanner in the last two years,the organisation’s L&D functionspeaks a different story. Market studiessuggest that despite tight budget monitor-ing, the outlook for L&D in the coming timesremain positive.Vinay Kumar, Principal Consultant at C2CConsulting, a learning consulting firm, says,“The slowdown has actually impacted the L&Dspace positively as it has given the chancefor organisations to step back and take stockof competencies.” L&D spend across thespectrum of Indian industries continues togrow and handsomely. Most companies intendto invest in L&D this year as a way to engage,attract and retain employees.While several factors contribute to theincrease in L&D spending in the comingyears, employers are now focused ontraining talent for quality. In a series ofinterviews we conducted with both buyersand providers of training services in India,respondents revealed that hiring and retain-ing quality talent has become a key priorityfor organisations.Piyush Mehta, Senior VP-HR, Genpact,says, “The economy is facing a shortage oftalent with quality skills in India and organ-isations like ours have realised that invest-ing in training is a great way to keep pacewith the skill demands of the business.”Genpact is an IT services company. Thistrend doesn’t hold true only for India, butalso globally.Bersin & Associates released a study in2011 highlighting that L&D budgets grew by9.5 per cent year-on-year and the trend willcontinue in the next two years. The analy-sis mentions that most companies haverealised that they cannot afford to cut downL&D budgets as it has a near-immediateimpact on talent contribution.Companies invest in training to meetvarious business objectives and some of thekey themes that seem to have emerged forthis year include engagement, talent reten-tion, leadership development, cross-culturaltraining and business effectiveness.Companies are much more focused ontying the L&D agenda with business objec-tives. Suriesh Nathan, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, at Center for Creative Leadershipsays, “The last financial crisis has taughtcompanies to spend more strategically andhence L&D programmes are aligned to thecore business themes of companies.”vikram.choudhury@peoplematters.inservices that justifyInvestmentsin briefL&D managershave to be prudentwhile decidingwhat justifiesinvestments in aprogramme and aservice providerBy vikram choudhurylearning &developmentSpecial
  2. 2. People Matters I MAY 2013 I 73Several questions arise for an L&D manager whileselecting programmes and services that justifyinvestments. One of the key challenges is to balancerequirements with key business agendas for theyear. Research suggests that before engaging withservice providers, the L&D manager needs to have adetailed plan of the following five components:Objectives from the L&D plan: Includes detailsof business requirements and talent gaps that drivethe business needs for each L&D intervention. Forexample, the business need for geographical expan-sion into new global markets might lead to specificglobal leadership and cultural training programmes.Training delivery: Documents what kind of train-ings should be centralised or decentralised, class-room-based or computer-based, and instructor-ledor self-driven.Capability mapping: Maps existing train-ing capabilities with the needs of the enterprise,thereby highlighting which training programmes tooutsource. It also details the budget allocations forall proposed L&D programmes.Scale of training: Includes detailed plan of thenumber of participants and participant profiles forproposed programmes.Accountability: Details the programme championsfor each programme, individual responsibilities ofprogramme administrators, and the communicationand co-ordination plan with the service provider.Professional track recorda) What do customer testimonialson independent platforms and socialmedia speak about the depth, experi-ence, and professionalism of theservice provider?b) Does the service provider haveexperience within the industry aswell as diverse pan-industry experi-ence?Delivery channelsa) Does the service provider provide“off-the-shelf” or customised training?b) What kind of channels does theservice provider predominantly offer(instructor-led or computer-based)?Cost efficiency and flexibilitya) Is the service provider willing toHow to know what justifies L&D investmentsKey questionswhile assessing an L&D service providerembrace new methodologies andtraining ideas both from the organ-isation and from the industry?b) Is the service provider willing tocreate favourable pricing structuresbased on our requirements?c) Are the training and administra-tive support costs of the serviceprovider minimum?Credibilitya) Does the service provider have awide network of trainers and L&Dprofessionals?b) Does the service provider holdmemberships with accreditationagencies such as American Soci-ety for Training and Developmentand Indian Society for Training andDevelopment?Consultative assistancea) Are there any case examples avail-able of the service provider havingfacilitated demonstrable cost savings?b) Is the service provider willing tounderstand the alignment of L&Dprograms with the business objec-tives?Past experiencea) If there was a past relationship,does the L&D service provider havethe ability to work against a ServiceLevel Agreement?b) What were the key reasons forwhich the service provider wasconsidered in the past?c) Is there anyone in the organisa-tion who has worked with the serviceprovider in the past?learning &developmentSpecial
  3. 3. 74 I People Matters I MAY 2013Learning must takeplace at all levelsAnnual L&D plans must have a strategic vision onthe kind of impact it has on the firm’s businessThere should a clear focus on learn-ing and development at each level,even at the level of the chief executiveofficer who should continually impartlearning on values, mission and vision of theorganisation.The annual L&D plan must have a stra-tegic perspective on the desired businessimpact from such activities. This also needsto be linked to organisational priorities anddetermine who will undergo what type oflearning, how the measurement will takeplace and what will be taught by external andinternal facilitators.Learning management systems needto be centralised and yet be dynamic andflexible, based upon the nature of businessand desired objective of L&D activities. Incentralised LMS, there needs to be a linearrelationship to either change in behaviour ortangible business results.However, decentralisation should beallowed in training, based upon businessimperatives and the level of competencies,which need to be built for the employeesconcerned. In essence what it means isthat there has to be a broad framework thatcaptures the organisational imperatives andyet the same needs to be flexible to inte-grate varied regional/business needs.There has to be a blend between whichprogrammes should be managed inhouseand which ones should be outsourced asboth are contextual.There are broadly three kinds ofprogrammes – functional skills, leader-ship skills and general or soft skills. Whatit means is that the L&D department hasto help organisations to build and sustaindesired competencies. Sustenance meansan ongoing demonstration of expertise, nomatter how much time has passed sincecompetency was first achieved.So, one decision making criterion couldbe the core focus of the programme. Is itintended to focus on concept, contextualisa-tion or skill building? Any programme whichrequires skills building gives better value formoney if internal leaders / employees areinvolved in design, delivery and implementa-tion of the same.Some of the key points to secure organ-isational leadership confidence in annualL&D agenda could be:a) Present business case and the gapimpact on the businessb) Engage with leaders in design, deliverymeasurement processc) To internally position this as a collab-orative process as compared to somethingbeing lead/managed by HR or L&D depart-ment and make the entire L&D initiative astrategic process rather than the transac-tional running of programmesd) Show some measurable behaviourchange or business impact or both. Thisapproach tends to engage them better asthey see what is in it for them and what is init for the business.The programmes, which have long-termimpact on business, for example, for seniorleadership, it should be centralised as thereBy Yogesh SoodProgrammes that have a long-term impact on business for seniorleadership should be centralised toretain the consistency in learninglearning &developmentSpecial
  4. 4. People Matters I MAY 2013 I 75needs to be a consistency in learning andrelated messages. It also mandates fluencyof certain key behaviours. So if one wereto apply a filter, then behavioural skills/attitude learning should be centralised asthey have an impact on the cultural fabricof the organisation, while the functional/jobrelated aspects should be decentralised.The accountability for the success orfailure of L&D programmes should lie onsponsoring managers of the participantsand not on the HR or L&D department. HRor L&D are internal service providers whoshould be held accountable for the quality/content of the facilitation and material orcurriculum.New Trends in L&D: In the last fewyears, as the world plunged into recession,companies have drastically reduced budgetson training and development. However,some prudent companies took the economicdownslide as an opportunity and bucked thetrend by engaging their workforce in devel-oping new skills and knowledge, therebyenabling their employees to meet newchallenges head-on. This has contributedpositively to the overall bottom-line of thecompanies.As the global economy is slowly comingback on track, it is bringing new challengesand opportunities for growth. To success-fully ride the next wave of growth and devel-opment in a global context, organisationsneed to train their people with new skillsand knowledge.2013 may see some new breakthroughsin the training and development spacearound the world. This could be the yearwhere clicker and laser pointers may bekept aside and training managers would relymore on mobile and cloud based technolo-gies to train faster, smarter and with moreagility than ever before.There would be more usage of web-basedsolutions for keeping employees account-able for actually participating in trainingmodules. This new focus on accountabilityis going to be a welcome development foremployees. Also, as the trend of employeesworking remotely has increased manifold inrecent years, there is going to be a greaterinitiation of cloud-based training modules toengage with employees in remote locations.Some pioneering companies have alreadyreleased systems that allow L&D managersto download all their resources on to cloud-based platforms to enable remote users tosign on according to their convenience.Another technology that will affect theway training is imparted would be mobiletechnology, as the modern workplace is notsedentary and managers spend much oftheir day on their feet than on their desks.The L&D managers would adapt to thisincreasing pervasive work style by enablinggreater access of training resources frommobile platforms. This would allow manag-ers and trainers to check user progress andengagement and even help in responding farmore quickly to queries. “The next wave oftraining and coaching will happen by lever-aging technology.”Companies are increasingly demandingmeasurable outcomes from training inter-ventions in terms of behavioural change andalso healthy bottom-line growth.Yogesh Sood is Chief Executive Coach, PCC (ICF) and Chair-man and Managing Director Leadership Consulting Pvt Ltd2013 is likely to be the year when managers willincreasingly rely upon cloud and mobile basedtechnologies to train employees in a faster andsmarter fashion and with more agility than everlearning &developmentSpecial
  5. 5. 76 I People Matters I MAY 2013An approach withsustainable impactBoost investments in L&D, with longevity andcontinuity in sightOver the last decade, HR leaders haveinvested a lot of thought and energyon how to make HR a valuable busi-ness partner. A major part of thiseffort has been around aligning structure andprocesses; and now learning & developmentis emerging as the critical piece of the jigsaw.Some essentials that help create a credibleand high impact L&D are follows.Alignment with business: A leadershipstrategy that supports the business strat-egy provides alignment at a high level. Analigned L&D plan is expected to opera-tionalise a part of the leadership strategyby driving the development of current andfuture people capability needs throughcapacity, capability and culture buildingapproaches. Such an alignment providesa strong connect for business and buildsconfidence in the leadership about L&D.Addressing diverse populations: Threecategories of people are to be addressedby the L&D plan: a) High Potentials b) SolidManagers and c) ‘Getting Ready’ popula-tion. The first step is to have clarity on howthe talent pool is spread across these threegroups and across locations and busi-ness lines. A differentiated approach thatbalances the needs and expectations of thebusiness, target population, impact andcosts is required. A major tilt towards one ofthe populations’ has the potential to lead todisengagement among other populations.Diversity of approaches: A best-in-classL&D approach would always have elementsof learning experiences, mentorship andtraining built in its portfolio, in line with the70:20:10 principles. A mix of self-paced,blended and in-person learning approachesare essential today in any L&D plan.The provider question: To do it in-houseor outsource to a service provider; to do itcentrally or to do it regionally, is an organ-isation specific choice. Drawing a require-ment – capability grid where even the inter-nal team is dispassionately assessed on keyparameters, can assist in decision making.A centrally-managed approach to addresscompany-wide themes, critical issues facingsolid managers, culture transformationprojects and development of high potentialsprovides for a closer line of sight to theleadership and is preferred universally.Technology and social media enablers:The learning management systems of todayare morphing from a central gateway forbought-out courses, to a repository forbest practices and a platform for exchangeof views, knowledge and ideas throughintegration of social media tools. The L&Dplans of today have to harness this appetitefor interaction as it fits well with a growingorientation among employees for a moreself-directed way of learning and exchang-ing ideas. Organisations need to leveragepublic social media platforms should theLMS not provide such an opportunity.While efforts are being invested for asound L&D approach, it is important toboost that investment with longevity andcontinuity in sight. The approach to L&D isnot just a programme but a process consist-ing of a roadmap of continuous assessmentand reflection, challenge and support.Anupam Sirbhaiya, Country Manager of Centre for CreativeLeadership IndiaBy Anupam Sirbhaiyalearning &developmentSpecial
  6. 6. People Matters I MAY 2013 I 773 factors to helpdevelop talentSupport from the top management, context-drivenmodels and critical competencies will ensure thesuccess of a talent development programmeEvery chief executive knows that theright talent for the right positionis the most important asset of anorganisation. Talent developmenthas become a mission-critical companyprocess. The term – talent developmentpipeline architecture – is gaining popularityas organisations have become more seri-ous about building leadership capabilities.Underscoring the importance of talent,PepsiCo CEO IndraNooyi said,“Perhapsthe greatest challenge business lead-ers face today is how to stay competitiveamid constant turbulence and disruption.Today’s market place is incredibly competi-tive in every industry around the globe. Thedifference between success and failure istalent, period.”The three factors that are criticalfor the success of a talent developmentprogramme are:1. Create pipeline of talentIn McKinsey’s “The War for Talent” study,the importance of the leader’s talentmindset was established as the primarydistinguishing factor between successfuland not so successful companies. Creatinga sustainable pipeline of promotable inter-nal talent that provides top-tier leadershipneeds an integrated, systemic approachto its management. Leaders need to beaccountable for creating a talent manage-ment culture and developing the next waveof talent for the firm. When we createdleadership development programmes forHigh Potentials in firms like EngineersIndia, Ranbaxy, MSD, Max Life Insurance,ING Vysya, Vodafone and Airtel, the inputsand direction came from senior leadership.2. Focus on critical competenciesA typical competency framework is basedon performance in the current role andmay include many others. It is more effec-tive to identify and focus on the competen-cies that are most critical to the currentand future success of the business. Inthe Indian context, focus on growth andculture are more important and they canbe termed as growth behaviours. Forsome industries, the growth behavioursare courage, strategic thinking, challengeand self-belief while for others they canbe driving simplicity, accountability andcollaboration.3. Use module relevant to context& cultureDo not pick up modules that worked in adifferent context or culture. Off-the-shelf-programmes offer little or no customisa-tion. It is okay to buy a prestigious Ameri-can university’s programme for your highpotential talent as long as the contentand methodologies are relevant. It is alsoimportant to have an inclusive approachwhere talent development is holistic andfocused on all levels in the organisation.With Vodafone, Novartis and MSD, we usean integrated methodology that involvescoaching, mentoring, workplace proj-ects and three workshops spread acrossa year. The mantra for a robust talentdevelopment initiative is a blueprint thatis aligned to the company’s strategy andthe support and involvement of the topmanagement.Santhosh Babu is Managing Director of OD AlternativesBy Santhosh babulearning &developmentSpecial
  7. 7. 78 I People Matters I MAY 2013Shifting trends innew hire trainingAs the enterprise witnesses more influx of digitalnatives, the philosophy of new hire training hasto shift toward social and mobile learningEngaging new hires and onboardingthem into the organisation is botha challenge and an opportunity forcompanies today. Research hasshown that an employee’s long term commit-ment and longevity at an organisation isinfluenced significantly by the experienceduring the first 90 days of employment.Even though most organisations realise theimportance of a well-designed onboardingprogramme, it rarely gets implemented dueto several practical constraints. The reasonsare manifold, but primarily fit into one ormore of the following:A. Different Joining DatesEmployees join on different dates and thismakes it difficult to provide a new hireonboarding immediately upon joining. Typi-cally, new hire onboarding is done weekly ormonthly, once a viable number of new hiresare accumulated. Meanwhile, many “yet tobe onboarded” new employees already startto feel disengaged.B. Distributed workforceWith new hires joining across geographicallocations, presenting a consistent onboard-ing experience is not just a logistical night-mare, but also economically unfeasible.Moreover, as businesses are becomingmore virtual and distributed, the need foronline communities for collaboration andlearning is becoming even more important.C. New Gen WorkforceThe average attention span of learners hasdeclined by almost 33 per cent over the lastdecade. Hence, the classroom training ore-learning/computer-based training model,which requires undivided attention for 30-60minutes, does not match the expectations ofthe next generation employee.D. Time to productivityGiven today’s business demands and gruel-ling schedules, companies cannot affordlong training schedules to get new hiresup to speed. The sooner a new hire getsproductive, the better it is.After MindTickle conducted extensiveresearch on user-interaction with gamesvs. non game based employee training andengagement products, it was apparent thatthe combination of game mechanics andsocial mechanics can be very effective ininfluencing employee behaviour in an onlineenvironment. Building on these conceptsand research results, MindTickle imple-mented a software-as-a-service (SaaS)platform for absorbing and delivering newhire training content on a variety of topicsranging from the history, vision, culture andpolicies of the organisation to industry andtechnical training.MindTickle has also combined its user-experience with deep analytics that allowtracking of engagement and participationlevels of the new hires, thereby providing anopportunity to the organisations to objec-tively evaluate and monitor the success oftheir new hire onboarding programmesthrough a real-time dashboard. With consis-tent completion rates as high as 95 per cent,the new employees onboarded on the Mind-Tickle platform consider the MindTickleapproach a more effective medium thantraditional alternatives.Mohit Garg is Co-Founder, MindTickleBy Mohit garglearning &developmentSpecial
  8. 8. People Matters I MAY 2013 I 79Success of an L&Dplan is in your handsL&D agenda should not be insulated from thefirm’s business needs and must evolve from itALearning and Development(L&D) plan must be derived fromthe business context and thecompany’s current and futurebusiness plans. For example, if thecompany is planning to diversify, then thecompetencies related to that goal mustbe part of the L&D plan. Besides this,the plan should be linked to bridging thecompetency gaps and must have a cleardeliverable and a strategy on how the L&Dinterventions would be implemented.Many companies find it hard to decidewhether the organisational learningmanagement system (LMS) should becentralised or decentralised. Companiesneed a centralised version to ensure thatwhat is important to the business andmanagement is addressed uniformly. Totake care of local/regional needs, we needto have a decentralised LMS.All cost functions are under scannertoday. The organisational L&D shouldrationalise which functions to keepin-house and which ones to outsource.Annual standard L&D programmes andthe ones related to culture, values etccan be done internally. On the other hand,an external partner would be ideal forprogrammes on leadership development,change management, best practices andorganisational development.Often, L&D plans are insulated frombusiness needs. To secure leadershipconfidence, the L&D agenda must evolvefrom the needs of the organisations.This can happen if the L&D team startsby asking the leadership two things: Thestrategic plan for the year and businessimperatives.The team can then determine the learn-ing and development needs of the employ-ees, which in turn will provide a road mapfor their annual plan. Once the plan is drawnup, it must be presented to the leadershipteam, showcasing how it addresses thestated business needs.While deciding the level of centralisa-tion in training, the audience has to bekept in mind. Senior leadership trainingprogrammes should be centralised whilethose for middle-management and businessunits can be decentralised.The success and failure of the L&Dplan is with the L&D Department. Period.However, there are many influencers in thisprocess – the top leadership, line managersand the participants. For the plan to succeedall these stakeholders will have to be takenon board and their roles spelt out clearly toensure the success of the same.For example, managers will have to beexplained the importance of sending theirpeople for programmes, their interest inwhat they have learnt and their willingnessto provide opportunities to people to put thelearnings into practice.Anu Wakhlu is Founder - MD, Pragati Leadership>>All the stakehold-ers must be taken onboard and their rolesclearly spelt out toensure success of theL&D programmeBy Anu WakhluAn external partner wouldbe ideal for programmeson leadership development,change management, bestpractices & organisationaldevelopmentlearning &developmentSpecial
  9. 9. 80 I People Matters I MAY 2013OD Consultanttransformsbusiness growth plansBuild a programme while sustaining the presentproduct line and grow businessIhave tried substantiating my premise ofassumption with a real case study for ODScope & its potential impact in businessgrowth and transformation.One of the renowned business groupshad undergone a major business crisis sinceone of their largest customers turned intocompetition.The situation had worsened since thecustomer had taken away majority teammembers across the levels. The clientorganisation is known to believe in retaininginternal resources, encourage employmentopportunity in generations & already builtspare capacity.The client had to choose between: Onboardthe new talent immediately and spend energyon customer retention or design a compre-hensive business transformation programmeto mitigate the business risk with an inclusiveapproach by involving key stakeholders.As the client is known to choose moresustainable management practice ratherthan adopting the quick fix approach, theychose to work on the latter option.I had designed the change programmeframework by building the following themes:INNOVATIVE• Sustain the present product line• Build add on product offerings• Reduce market timeRESPONSIVENESS• Build change team• Create a strategic cell as guiding board• Retain the existing customers• Build new revenue modelPROGRESSIVE• Rebuild the positivity• Map existing skill sets• Onboard the critical massThis framework got implemented in 18-20months. Along with my role as an externalconsultant, we had to build internal changeteam from various functional groups andthe task force was led by one of the boardmember from the client organisation.This massive project ended on thefollowing notes; Client organisation has started usingalmost 85 per cent of the capacity andgrew the revenue by 12 per cent The organisation built equal proportionof home grown and fresh talent The new well articulated competencyframework has allowed to create twolevel back up for each critical position Inclusiveness built major trust andcamaraderie across the level Resilience has been ingrained as part ofDNA in organisation cultureThough the project was quite successful,however, am left with some of the funda-mental questions towards OD consultantrole. Do all the OD projects get similarsuccess? Has the client organisation teampreparedness played the major role init’s success? Would OD intervention get recognitionbeyond L&D focus approach?This experience has helped me torefresh my learning towards OD Processmap.Ashish Patel is founder consultant with Euphoria ConsultingBy ashish patellearning &developmentSpecial
  10. 10. People Matters I MAY 2013 I 81learning &developmentSpecialGlobal CEOs train yourleaders via laptopsWork pressures and a gloomy global economyprevent high performing leaders from takingacademic sabbaticalsSusan, the CLO at one of India’s TopMNCs wakes up every morning trou-bled with the same issue - she hasbeen breathing down the necks ofsome of her organization’s Senior Managersto go attend the Management DevelopmentPrograms they signed up for but they are notbudging. Do they take a sabbatical from workto sharpen their leadership skills or do theytry to achieve their sales targets?This Catch-22 situation is commonplacein Corporate India today. But this situationis fast changing, thanks in no small wayto the online revolution that is taking theeducation industry by storm. While the KhanAcademy is leading the way in elementaryschool education, movements like the MassOnline Open Courses (MOOCs), which haveattracted more than 100,000 students, arecreating waves in higher education. Corpo-rates too are increasingly going the onlineway. We live in times when time is moneyand more so, for busy executives for whomevery minute counts. In such a scenario,Online education works well, given that onedoesn’t have to travel to attend classes.In the last couple of months, we at theAVAGMAH Jack Welch Management Insti-tute (AJWMI) – India have seen a surge ininterest from large organisations in ourOnline Leadership Programs. As an OnlineSchool based in India offering Online Educa-tion to Executives for the past decade, wewere pleasantly surprised at the increasednumbers in which India Inc. has startednominating its Senior employees for theAJWMI programs, given that the programsare designed for leaders who understand-ably are hard pressed for time and cannotafford to take time out from their workplacefor academic pursuits.With increased demand to nurture highperformers for leadership roles, organisa-tions now have the opportunity to provideeducation to their employees, as per theirconvenience. Evolved technology in onlineeducation allows students to participatein virtual classes run by some of the bestfaculty in the world - even if the student isconstantly on the move or based out of someremote location. This means managerscontinue to work and pursue their educationat the same time.While some are still delivering ancientstandard format lectures to bored students,India Inc. seems to have rightly embracedonline education and has started reaping itsbenefits.Karthik KS is CEO, AVAGMAH Online School (A divisionof 24x7 Learning)By Karthik K sOnline education to the rescue ofCLOs to nurture high performers forleadership roles right at their desks byGlobal CEOs
  11. 11. 82 I People Matters I MAY 2013The new age ofcustomised trainingPlugging a critical gap of output uncertainties, L&Dmanagers can look forward to services that willhelp them choose & customise training initiativesIt is common knowledge that an L&Dmanager spends a great deal of timein finding a service provider or whilenominating employees for externalpublic workshops. Both situations presentunique operational and procedural chal-lenges. While undertaking these exercises,an L&D manager is faced with questionsaround the efficacy of choices and the basisof selection.Arranging an in-house training withan external vendor/trainerWhile the L&D department may havea bunch of trainers who’ve worked withthe organisation in the past, there maybe a pressing need to employ an expertpractitioner from the field. While thecurrent organisational trainer did a goodjob last time, there is always uncertaintyon whether the trainer can cater to newdemands. An L&D manager always facesthe need to reach out to someone newand introduce new training delivery ideas.One of the most annoying questions thata delivery manager faces is “Oh you hiredthe same trainer again?”While the L&D manager might feel theneed to try out new services and trainingdelivery models, operational hassles mightcompel him to drop the idea. Proceduralcomplications of identifying, selecting,interviewing, customising etc. with acompletely new trainer(s) all over againmay appear daunting for many.This pain area is something the organ-isation is aware of but is afraid to takeany action. Many L&D managers hope foran eBay kind of service, which is morepersonalised and customised. Though thereare such services available in USA, thereare very few in India.Nominating employees to externalpublic workshopsMany companies are clueless about howto institutionalise the process of sending theright people for the right external trainingopportunities.In many cases, organisations take theeasy route - Ask employees to Googleand figure out the right training he/she islooking for in the market. Every individualhas different training needs and mappingvendors against each training need is virtu-ally unthinkable.Training service providers are moreinterested in delivering large scale in-housetrainings compared to individual training.While few in numbers, there are couple ofIndian start-ups that are trying to addressthese problems. This plugs a criticaldemand gap and L&D managers can expecta lot of exciting activity in this space.L.A. Balamurugan is Co-Founder and CEO,BookMyTraining.comBy L.A. BalaMuruganL&D managers can lookforward to services thatwill allow them to selectand personalise trainingservices from multipleservice providerslearning &developmentSpecial
  12. 12. Profile of clientRanked among the Top 10 for 11 consecutiveyears in the Financial Times Global Execu-tive Education Providers survey, the Centerfor Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a globalthought leader with exclusive focus on leader-ship development and coaching.Buyers profile Large Indian corporates, global MNCs,NGOs, NPOs, education and public sectorunits globally.Service locations APAC: China, India, SingaporeEMEA: Brussels, Russia, AfricaUS: North Carolina, Colorado Springs,San DiegoOverview of leadership solutions Customised leadership solutions anchoredaround specific client needs on both teamand organisational levels360 and self-assessments for individual andorganisational developmentExecutive coaching for individuals andteamsOpen-Enrollment programsDelivered in AsiaFor CXOs - Leadership at the Peak (LAP)For senior leaders leading mangers - Lead-ership Development Program (LDP®)For individual contributors and first-timemanagers - Leadership Fundamentals (LFP)For leaders and mentors - Coaching forGreater Effectiveness (CGE)For HR and coaches – Assessment Certifi-cation Workshop (ACW)Launching soon in IndiaFor mid-senior leaders and managers – TheEffective Leader (TEL)Leadership Identification Solutions Leadership Gap Indicator for assessingorganisational leadership needs(no individualidentification solutions provided)Leadership assessment solutions •Customizable 360 assessments for develop-ment across multiple levels of leadership•Exclusive 360 for C-Suite leadersLeadership development solutions •Choice of open-enrollment leadership de-velopment programs for leaders at all levels•High impact customised solutions includingmulti-module development approaches, ac-tion learning with executive coaching•Executive leadership coaching for seniorleadersOther solutions •Organisational leadership solutions e.g.Crafting Leadership Strategy to deliver thebusiness strategy•Evaluation services to determine impact•Sustainable solutions for developing leader-ship in the not-for-profit, education, health,MFI sectors, etc.Key differentiators •Approach and practices are informed bycontinual global research and innovation•Close and collaborative work with clientsin creating custom solutions that impactbusiness•Normed 360 assessments provide the re-ceiver valuable personal benchmarkingEngagement model •High touch consultative solutions approachwhile providing thought leadership throughglobal researchTestimonial The 360 degree feedback from your immedi-ate reporting manager, superiors, peers andsubordinates, and the personalised coach-ing is beyond any comparison — makes theexperience simply incredible and inimitable.Abhilasha HansChief Service Officer, Consumer BusinessBhartiAirtel Ltd-----I had a wonderful experience at the LAP inSingapore. The course was expertly facilitat-ed, always interesting and challenging, andI learned a great deal about my leadershipstrengths and weaknesses and how to bestmanage them.Gabe HuntertonDeputy Chief Operating OfficerGalaxy MacauCENTER FOR CREATIVELEADERSHIPContact detailsCCL India officeWebsite:india.ccl.orgPh: +91 124 4354185/86E-mail:cclindia@ccl.orgPeople Matters I MAY 2013 I 85
  13. 13. About VitalSmarts®Backed by more than 30 years of research and a track record of helping organizations with training solutions,VitalSmarts leadsthe way in the domain of corporate training and consulting.VitalSmarts teaches strategies and skills for sustainable and meas-urable behavior change that leads to stepping up employee engagement, quality, productivity and other key indicators.More than two million people and three hundred of the Fortune 500 companies have realized a direct connection between theirsuccesses and VitalSmarts training solutions.Three Ways to Get Started• Trainer Certification:- Individuals or trainers from your organization become certified to teach the course to others withinyour company• Public Workshop:- You attend a prescheduled, public training workshop. To see a complete list of upcoming workshopsand to register, visit• In-house Training:- One of our expert trainers delivers the program at a location you specifyPurposeVitalSmarts provides corporate training to an internationalclient base, including 300 of the Fortune 500. In 1990, thecompany’s partners, Joseph Grenny, Al Switzler, Kerry Patter-son, and Ron McMillan, developed an approach that ensuredthe development and long-term retention of crucial skills—apromise that most vendors could not make.At the end of eachproject, they presented hard data to support that:• Behavior had fundamentally changed across the organiza-tion; and• Changed behaviors were responsible for driving significantimprovements in performance.Research & ResultsVitalSmarts training solutions are built on the principle thatwhen you invest in your people you enable your workforce tocarry out every business practice more successfully.VitalSmarts helps leaders bring about rapid and sustainablechange in the critical behaviors and learnable skills that leadto significant and measurable improvement in performance.How Is the Training Delivered?VitalSmarts Training is delivered in a classroom setting overone to two consecutive days. Each course includes original,awardwinning video clips, extensive in-class practice, groupparticipation and personal application of skills.The training courses provide a more thorough understandingand application of the skills taught in the four bestsellingbooks from VitalSmarts, which are used as course compan-ions and introductions to the material taught in training.Training delivery capabilities• Support offices in Gurgaon, Banglore & Mumbai,besides partner support across India• A pool of international and national trainers that travelacross the country to deliver trainingsClient’s profile• Worked with over 300 of the fortune 500 companies globally• Worked with clients from various industries and sectors› Auto - Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra› BFSI – RBS, IndusInd Bank› CD – Tata Sky, Kohler India› IT – Wipro, TCS› Pharma – Dr. Reddy’s, Johnson & Johnson..... to name a few.Leadership Consulting Private LimitedA-203, Iris Tech Park, Sohna Road, Sector - 48, Gurgaon - 122018, Haryana(India), Phone: +91-124-4511940Fax: +91-124-4040575, E-mail: info@vitalsmarts-india.cominfluencer
  14. 14. H/O: A-203, Iris Tech Park, Sohna Road, Sector-48, Gurgaon -122018 Haryana (India)Tools for Talking When Stakes are HighCrucial ConversationsResolve disagreementsBuild acceptance rather than resistanceSpeak persuasively, not abrasivelyFoster teamworkUpcoming Programmes6th-9th May, Crucial Conversations TTT, Delhi/NCR20th-21st May, Influencer, Chennai23rd-24th May, Crucial Conversations, Bengaluru16th-17th May, Crucial Conversations, Delhi/NCR & PuneHow well do you, your team or your organizationstep up to or handle crucial conversations ?Visit: Email: info@vitalsmarts-India.comToll free no: 1800-102-1345 Phone: +91-124-4511940Every team and every organization has problems. The difference between the best and themerely good is not how many problems they have, but whether or not they candidly discussand resolve them. The difference is in how they handle the Crucial Conversations that arethe key to resolving their problems.
  15. 15. The Ken Blanchard Companies is a global leader in workplace learning, productivity,performance, and leadership effectiveness solutions. Through the expert guidance of ourworldwide consulting and coaching networks, we have a reputation for creating ground-breaking solutions that improve organizational performance and bottom-line results.For 32 years, our cutting-edge processes have helped leading organizations create globalleadership capacity driven by Ken Blanchard’s renowned thought leadership. Ken hasauthored more than 40 bestselling business books, several of which continue to be listed on business bestseller book lists years after theirinitial publication. Blanchard Research & Training India LLP is the licensed affiliate of Ken Blanchard Group of companies, USA.small enough that our key principals are involved in nearlyevery customer engagement.Measurable ResultsAll Blanchard initiatives offer Success Case Method evaluationWe own a strong core of intellectual property—thoughtleadership in management best practicesBeginning with the initial version of Situational Leadership®,our curriculum has evolved over a span of 40 years.We have a command of multiple learning modes-classroom, coaching, virtual, blended, onlineWe can successfully deliver training and coaching in person, viadigital media, or by means of a blended approach.Complete Support Before, During, and After Your TrainingInitiativeWe can support organizations by creating a training launch kitthat gets top management buy-in, helps you explain the purposeof the training initiative, and builds excitement for learning newskills.Blanchard is a global company with a strong local presenceWe are large enough to handle global assignments But are stillTestimonial“We love our partnership with Blanchard; their programs haveallowed us to move the needle on leadership performance. Ourwork together has resulted in a worldwide application of leader-ship consistency” - Pfizer Inc.“It is powerful to see managers commit to their employees that theywill use different leadership styles—and to see the employeescommit to diagnosing themselves and asking for the leadershipthey need post our association with Blanchard” -BIOGENClient’s profile• Worked with over 300 of the fortune 500 companies globally• In India we work with organizations across sectors and indust-ries including IT, Telecom, Consultancy, Consumer DurablesTraining delivery capabilitiesThrough our researchers, world-renowned authors, consultants,coaches, and delivery team, we have the capacity to deliver on thelargest projects, while retaining an intimate, hands-on approach.Scope of BusinessBlanchard offers consulting, training, and coaching services formanagers and leaders. Our offerings include individual, team, andorganizational leadership development solutions. As the innovatorof the world’s most widely used leadership model, SLII® we offerproven programs based on current research and the latest thinkingfrom our expert consulting network.Key services offered include:• Customer service development.• Executive coaching• One-to-one coaching• Classroom, virtual, blended solutions• Public workshops• Training for Trainers• Keynote speakers• Inclass training solutions• Continous online Learning solutions• Performance management systems• Custom design and development.• Organization values and visioning• Diagnostics and assessments• Impact mapping and goal alignment2. differentiators
  16. 16. LEADERSHIP IS A JOURNEY.Having an experienced guide can make all the difference.Create a shared language of leadershipwithin an organizationUpcoming Public Programs:Blanchard Research and Training India LLP. A-203, Iris Tech Park, Sohna Road,Sector - 48, Gurgaon- 122018, Haryana. Tel: 0124 4511970Call 18001021345 Email us for open program details/ corporate solutions / other Blanchard offeringsSituational Leadership II® - 9th-10th May - ChennaiLegendary Customer Service - 17th May - GurgaonBuilding High Performing Teams - 30th-31st May - MumbaiCore Leadership Skills - 7th June - GurgaonSelf One to One Team Organisation
  17. 17. Name of Company: MindTickleProfile of client: Multinational companies,large and medium sized Indian companiesthat employ knowledge workersBuyers profile: Leaders and decision mak-ers in HR, Sales, Marketing, Product andL&D teamsTraining delivery capabilities: Online deliverythat combines the benefits of social learningand gamification with the power of cloudand mobilityTraining specialization: Pre-join and post-joining new hire training, policy training,sales training, product training, customerservice training, channel/partner training andcustomer trainingOther services: Employee Engagement Key Differentiators:MindTickle is a web-based learning platformthat combines the power of “social learning”and “gamification” to make any enterprisetraining efficient and effective. With thou-sands of users from marquee customersincluding SAP, Yahoo!, InMobi and MakeMy-Trip to name a few, MindTickle was voted #1in the category – “Best use of gamificationin Enterprise” in 2012, and judged #1 in thecategory – “Best use of gamification in HR”in 2013 at the Gamification Summit, SanFrancisco. MindTickle makes the learningexperiences extremely appealing and inter-esting for the new generation employees,plus MindTickle’s convenient cloud solutionmakes it really easy to get started.The key benefits of MindTickle are:1. Increase learner engagement by 200-300%2.Cuttrainingcostsandtimebymorethan50%3. Detailed analytics and reports help trackROI4. Ability to update content in real-timethrough an intuitive web-based interface5. Turnkey execution and 24/7 supportPricing: Per-user license fee - that reduceswith reduces with increasing volumeTestimonial/Referrals:Very pleased with the results, and lookforward to more of such opportunities. Weworked with MindTickle on gamifying SAP’sstrategy and industry knowledge training.The response and adoption of MindTickleemployee engagement activities platform hasbeen overwhelming!! It is rare to witness 90%adoption of any web based training product,but MindTickle has demonstrated that at SAPLabs India. - MD, SAP LabsMindTickle has given InMobi a big leap aheadin terms of our new employee orientationprocess. We find the MindTickle team to beresourceful, attuned to our needs and willingto constantly improve their client’s experi-ence. We strongly recommend them. – Head,HR, InMobiWe have been using MindTickle’s AllAboardproduct for conducting new employee ori-entation over iPads. Our new hires love theinteractivity of the MindTickle platform, andthe admin functionality makes it very easyfor us to manage the whole process. We arevery pleased with the results. – Head, TalentDevelopment, MakeMyTripContact detailsContact,+91 90110 79735(India,Pune),+1 (973) 400 1717(US,San Francisco)www.mindtickle.com92 I People Matters I MAY 2013
  18. 18. Requestademoatinfo@mindtickle.comorcall+1(973)4001717/+919011079735SecureonlineplatformforemployeelearningandengagementTrustedbyFortune500companiessuchasSAP,Yahoo!&VodafoneAwardedwinner(forbestuseofgamificationinEnterprise/HR)atGSummit2012and2013,SanFranciscoRequest a demo at or call +1 (973) 400 1717 /Platform of choice for over 20,000 users worlSecure online platform for employee learning and engTrusted by Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, YahooAwarded winner (for best use of gamification in EnterpGSummit 2012 and 2013, San Franciscogamifiedsociallearninwww.mindtickle.comRequest a demo at or call +1 (973) 400 1717 / +91 9011079735Platform of choice for over 20,000 users worldwideSecure online platform for employee learning and engagementTrusted by Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, Yahoo! & VodafoneAwarded winner (for best use of gamification in Enterprise/HR) atGSummit 2012 and 2013, San
  19. 19. Here lies ouruniqueness.WeandWeup intoWewithyou that aredon’t have setideas fix-itsolutions.don’t box youanexisting programco-createofferingscustomized tomeet YOUR needs.Well it’s really simpleWe address this at 3 levels:Personal DevelopmentLeadership DevelopmentAnd OrganizationalDevelopmentWe also,to develop culturesof trust, innovation,joyful highperformance &continual atorganizational levelCompanies Often ask us”How can wepipeline of leaders?””Can we invigorate theirteams to dissolvesilos and worktogether?”“HOW can we have ANinnovative and agileorganization...”create AThis is thebusinessworld.Its fast.its growing.ItsChanginglike neverbeforeAnd atits rootsis thepower ofthe peopleWe haveWe use a set of powerfulExperiential learningtools.We also use creativemethodologies to makelearning accredited teamof experiencedConsultants, Coaches &Facilitators.ConversationCafe@PragatileadershipSee this person here?connect withhisandWe help himhighest innerpotential unleashhis capacity to be aneffective leaderHow do youthat?doSparked individuals likehim, with their minds onfire, think differentlyand collaborate to formthe strongest teams.We help catalysethese great teams.PersonalDevelopmentANDHow do we do that?LeadershipDevelopmentYes we can !30 years,600 organizations25 countriesFor nearlywe’ve partnered with overacrossTo do just that....thats ALL fineCan you help us to craftourreallyL&D agenda in line withour business goals?WOW! that’s nice!Can you explainhow this will“ACTUALLY” workfor my needs?Asleep towho Ireally am Sharingmy giftsInnovationHighPerformanceHighestInnerPotentialSelfLimitingBenefitsOrganisation andteam Development
  20. 20. Align all stake-holders inthe organization to ashared vision and valuesDevelop and implementHR processes to preparethe organizational talentpool for the future.Ensure a well-bonded andenergised workforce thatcollaborates forbreakthrough resultsNuture the career path ofan employee towardsgreater leadershipresponsibiltyEnhance the capabilities ofleaders to coach anddevelop other leadersBuild thedepth andquality ofleaders forsustainedgrowth.Become anenergised,engaged andalignedorganisationthat isfuture-ready.Sub NeedMain NeedEnhance the organizationsengagement, vitalityresilience, innovation &learningIdentify and transformfrom high potential leadersinto agents of learning &change01OrganizationalDevelopmentDevelop Leaders whoinnovate, inspire, excel andenhance performanceDevelop a pipeline ofWholesome leaders forsustainable growth of thebusinessEquip Managers withcoaching skills to developpeople for excellenceProvide individualisedcoaching support for leadersto develop and growEquip Employees withattitudes and skills to beeffective on the jobCreate a team ofinternationally certifiedtrainers and inspiringfacilitatorsImprove Facilitation &change management skillsof existing internal trainersPrepares a team ofcoaches for InternationalCoach Federation (ICF)-Certification02LeadershipDevelopmentBuild individualcapabilitiesfor personalexcellence.PersonalDevelopmentSolution by levelsExecutiveLevelJunior LevelManagerMiddle LevelManagerSenior levelManagerCreating Organisation DNA (Vision, Mission & Values)Strategic HR consulting & implementationTMEnergized Learning Organisation (ELO)i-CatalystPersonalEffectivenessProgram (PEP)Manager ofManagers(MOM)First TimeManagers(FTM)Leadership DevelopmentProgram (LDP)Wholesome LeadershipTMDevelopment ProcessWLDPDeveloping People forExcellence (DPE)Executive CoachingManager as a CoachBusiness Communication SkillsConflict Management SkillsNegotiation SkillsInfluencing SkillsTime Management SkillsMaking Impactful PresentationsEmotional intelligence ProgramDeveloping ExecutivePresenceInspiring Facilitator(INIFAC- CertifiedTrain-the Trainer Program)TMAdvanced FacilitationSkillsPragati-FastTrackTMCoaching ProgramDevelop Soft SkillsBonding forGreatness(BFG)EffectiveProject Teams(EPT)TMEnjoying Challenges Together (ECT)Creating Involved Employees (CIE)Campus toCorporateProgram03 Communication SkillsTo find out more about a particular solution’s architecture,timelines and investment, logon to our or call 020 66462900Want to know moreabout how we canalign your L&Dneeds to yourbusiness goals?CHECK THISout....Pune Mumbai Delhi-NCR Kolkata BangaloreAlign all stake-holders inthe organization to ashared vision and valuesDevelop and implementHR processes to preparethe organizational talentpool for the future.Ensure a well-bonded andenergised workforce thatcollaborates forbreakthrough resultsNuture the career path ofan employee towardsgreater leadershipresponsibiltyEnhance the capabilities ofleaders to coach anddevelop other leadersBuild thedepth andquality ofleaders forsustainedgrowth.Become anenergised,engaged andalignedorganisationthat isfuture-ready.Sub NeedMain NeedEnhance the organizationsengagement, vitalityresilience, innovation &learningIdentify and transformfrom high potential leadersinto agents of learning &change01OrganizationalDevelopmentDevelop Leaders whoinnovate, inspire, excel andenhance performanceDevelop a pipeline ofWholesome leaders forsustainable growth of thebusinessEquip Managers withcoaching skills to developpeople for excellenceProvide individualisedcoaching support for leadersto develop and growEquip Employees withattitudes and skills to beeffective on the jobCreate a team ofinternationally certifiedtrainers and inspiringfacilitatorsImprove Facilitation &change management skillsof existing internal trainersPrepares a team ofcoaches for InternationalCoach Federation (ICF)-Certification02LeadershipDevelopmentBuild individualcapabilitiesfor personalexcellence.PersonalDevelopmentSolution by levelsExecutiveLevelJunior LevelManagerMiddle LevelManagerSenior levelManagerCreating Organisation DNA (Vision, Mission & Values)Strategic HR consulting & implementationTMEnergized Learning Organisation (ELO)i-CatalystPersonalEffectivenessProgram (PEP)Manager ofManagers(MOM)First TimeManagers(FTM)Leadership DevelopmentProgram (LDP)Wholesome LeadershipTMDevelopment ProcessWLDPDeveloping People forExcellence (DPE)Executive CoachingManager as a CoachBusiness Communication SkillsConflict Management SkillsNegotiation SkillsInfluencing SkillsTime Management SkillsMaking Impactful PresentationsEmotional intelligence ProgramDeveloping ExecutivePresenceInspiring Facilitator(INIFAC- CertifiedTrain-the Trainer Program)TMAdvanced FacilitationSkillsPragati-FastTrackTMCoaching ProgramDevelop Soft SkillsBonding forGreatness(BFG)EffectiveProject Teams(EPT)TMEnjoying Challenges Together (ECT)Creating Involved Employees (CIE)Campus toCorporateProgram03 Communication SkillsTo find out more about a particular solution’s architecture,timelines and investment, logon to our or call 020 66462900Pune Mumbai Delhi-NCR Kolkata Bangalore
  21. 21. In our quest to provide specialized offerings, an interesting alliance hasbeen established between euphoria consulting and Strategic ActionGroup from Canada.Euphoria Consulting has been into Organizational development space forlast 8 years in India region. Their long term partnership approach hashelped them to emerge as a very unique consulting organization. Theyhave been associated with more than 100 Indian as well as Multi NationalCompanies in their development and change management initiatives.Strategic Action Group, Ltd. has been working with organizations since1991 on the establishment of integrated talent management systems thatare unique to the client’s working environment and business plan.Strategic Action Group, Ltd. has worked with clients around the globe oncreating human management activities that are focused on respecting thelegacy of the culture while, at the same time, enhancing the capability ofthe company to meet the strategic business plan.Our clients success is why Strategic Action Group has become one of themost sought after Human Resources Development firms in Canada andthe U.S.Shall look forward for your continuous support and encouragement.Thankfully yours,With our spirit to “Collaborate / Co – create / Co – own”Ashish PatelFounder, Euphoria ConsultingDavid CohenFounder, Strategic Action Group Strategic Action Group Ltd.In collaboration, euphoriaConsulting and StrategicAction Group will be involvedin different OrganizationalDevelopment projects in theIndia region.In the similar arrangement,Ashish Patel – founder ofeuphoria Consulting willparticipate with Dr. Cohen indevelopmental projects inAsia Region.This new association wouldhelp us to serve our clientelewith global perspective.“Collaborate / Co - create / Co - own”We are glad to share that euphoria Consulting andStrategic Action Group are collaborating for theirunique offerings in Organizational DevelopmentSpace.www.euphoriaindia.cominfo@euphoriaindia.comCell: +91-97696 25444 | +91- 98197 58582www.sagltd.cominfo@sagltd.comTel: +1-416.650.9786 | Fax: +1-416.650.0389
  22. 22. Help you to pick the best for your company...www.euphoriaindia.cominfo@euphoriaindia.comOur OfferingsOrganizational Diagnostic StudyBusiness TransformationExecutive Coaching & MentoringLeadership MappingStrategy Definition, Mapping &Implementationeuphoria is an organizational development andbusiness transformation consulting firm.Our endeavour is to be an integral part of the variousorganizational development initiatives aligning themwith the strategic business goals of the clientsystem.We have been associated with various clientOrganizations/Service Institutions for their businessgrowth and transformational processes.Our consulting team brings a unique role-mix ofacademics, corporate leaders and practicespecialist.Cell: 97696 25444, 98197 58582MUMBAIAHMEDABAD Cell: 98240 50602