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Lucas County SlideShow (2009)

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Presents a description of the Board of County Commissioner's mission, purpose, programs, services and organizational structure. Also includes a description of the Commissioner's planning, policy......

Presents a description of the Board of County Commissioner's mission, purpose, programs, services and organizational structure. Also includes a description of the Commissioner's planning, policy development and decision making process. It also includes the titles, credentials, roles and functions of professionals working within the office as of Oct. 2009.

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  • 1. Established in 1835 Borders Lake Erie and the MichiganLucas state lineCounty Ohio and Michigan had fought for control of the territory Ohio US Congress awarded the area to Ohio, and as compensation, gave Michigan 9,000 sq miles of land, now known as the Upper Peninsula Of Ohio’s 88 counties, it is the 6th largest in population
  • 2. Located in Northwest OhioPopulation of 445,281Covers 341 square miles.Contains 11 townships and11 cities and villages Toledo is designated as the county seat Toledo & Maumee became rivals over the location of the county seat, which lead to a vote by the citizens In 1954 the citizens voted Toledo to be the county seat
  • 3. Distribution of County PowerOhio General Assembly – Legislative PowerCounty Courts – Judicial PowerEleven Elected Officials – Administrative power Elected Officials 3 member Board of Commissioners County Auditor County Coroner County Engineer County Prosecutor County Recorder County Sherriff County Clerk of Courts County Treasurer
  • 4. Ben Tina Pete Konop Skeldon GerkenPerform administrative and fiscal duties that Wozniak (President) coordinate total county operations.All Commissioners are of equal rankCommissioners elect their own presidentElected for a 4-year termTerms of the Commissioners are staggered
  • 5. It is the mission of the Board of CountyCommissioners, Lucas County, Ohio to providehigh quality, prompt and efficient public safety and public service programs and operations to the citizens of Lucas County in a financially prudent manner and in accordance with the laws in the State of Ohio.
  • 6. Perform Duties SpecificallyAuthorized by the Ohio GeneralAssemblyApproves Annual County BudgetDetermines Tax Levies & BondIssues for the CountyApproves Most CountyExpendituresBuys & Sells Land & BuildingsAppoints Members of VariousBoards & CommissionsAppoints Department Heads ofOffices for Which They HaveResponsibility
  • 7. • Regular & Special Sessions • Meetings are open to the public • All action taken by the commissioners must be in a regular or special meeting • Regular meetings must be conducted at a specific time fixed in advance • At least 50 regular meetings each year are required • Special meetings may be held as often as deemed necessary• Executive Session • Meetings are closed to the public • Personnel issues/grievances/discipline issues • Departmental policy issues
  • 8. • Resolution - Expresses the policy of the Commissioners or directs certain types of administrative action, and can be changed by a subsequent resolution• Resolutions are passes by a majority vote of the Board of Commissioners
  • 9. Meeting/Session Agenda• Items for consideration of Board are submitted to the Clerk of the Board and put on draft agenda• Draft agenda items are reviewed during weekly managers meetings • If deemed appropriate, item remains on agenda• Agenda items are presented to the Commissioners in regular session meetings• Commissioners vote on agenda items • Items can be approved or disapproved • Items can be “tabled” (postponed) for future consideration
  • 10. Lucas County Citizens Board of Commissioners Commissioner’s Executive Assistants Pete Tina Ben Gerken (pres) Wozniak Konop Clerk Administrator FacilitiesOffice of Management & Budget Department of Public Service Dog WardenJob & Family Services Sanitary Engineer Child Support Emergency Service Enforcement Agency Wastewater Emergency Medical Services TreatmentEconomic Development Emergency Management Risk Management Agency Solid Waste Centralized Records Emergency Phone Recreation System 9-1-1 Center Department Human Resources Support Services Workforce Telecommunications Vehicle Maintenance Development Agency Building Regulations Central Supply
  • 11. Board of Commissioners‘ Office Staff & Duties• County Administrator - Mike Beazley • Assistant County Administrator/Chief of Staff – Bridgette Kabat • Assists in the enforcement, execution, & administration of the policies & resolutions of the Board • Supervises & directs activities & affairs of departments under the Board • Submits the proposed annual budget (with assistance from Office of Management & Budget) • Advises Board on financial condition & makes budget recommendations • Advises & makes recommendations to Board regarding county activities & affairs
  • 12. Board of Commissioners‘ Office Staff & Duties• Executive Assistant to the Commissioner • Molly Luetke (Commissioner Gerken) • David Mann (Commissioner Skeldon-Wozniak) • Joe Varden (Commissioner Konop) • Acts as liaison between Commissioners, members of the public, county departments and officials • Collects and compiles information for specific decision-making or problem resolution for Commissioner • Acts as media relation; prepares official statements and press releases on behalf of the Board • Provides administrative & clerical support for Commissioner
  • 13. Board of Commissioners‘ Office Staff & Duties• Administrative Assistant – Connie Taylor • Coordinates County Administrator’s schedule • Provides administrative & clerical support for County Administrator• Clerk of the Board – Jodi Balough • Assistant Clerk – Cecilia Burton • Assembles the agenda for Board’s regular & special sessions • Responsible for processing & retention of permanent records of all transactions by the Board • Receives all official papers, deeds, contracts and bids, & presents them to the Board
  • 14. Departments Governed by Board of Commissioners• Jobs & Family Services • Child Support Enforcement• Workforce Development Agency Agency • Emergency Services• Economic Development • Dog Warden• Risk Management • Office of Management &• Human Resources Budgeting• Centralized Records Ctr. • Building Regulations• Facilities • Dept. of Public Services • Support Services
  • 15. • Assists families & individuals achieve their highest level of stability and independence • Food Stamps & Cash Assistance • Child Care Benefits • Unemployment Compensation • Adult Protective Services • Health Care/Medicaid • Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation
  • 16. • Establish child support or medical support orders• Assistance in establishing paternity through genetic testing• Collection and the disbursement of payments• Enforcement of support and medical orders• Location of absent parents responsible for support• Attachment of wages, bank accounts, unemployment benefits, etc.• Make referrals to prosecutor’s office for criminal non-support charges
  • 17. • Oversees the operations of the county one-stop employment center – The Source • The Source is a collaboration of 18 government, non- profit, and private sector workforce development organizations • Developed to meet the needs of both employers and job- seekers • Serves all job-seekers, from entry-level to executive level • Serves all employers, from small businesses to major corporations
  • 18. • Housed under Lucas County Improvement Corporation• Promotes plans & programs which makes Lucas County an appealing destination for business to expand, relocate to and invest in• Promotes resources & programs to respond to changing economic opportunities and conditions• Develops & promotes plans & programs designed to assure county resources are efficiently used• Assures the county’s economic growth is properly balanced
  • 19. • Emergency Service Departments • Emergency Medical Services – Equip, train, coordinate & direct county-wide pre-hospital emergency medical services • Emergency Telephone System 9-1-1 – Provide county-wide emergency telephone system designed to save lives by minimizing vehicle response time • Emergency Management Agency – Plan, respond, & coordinate efforts for potential natural & man-made disasters that threaten the community
  • 20. • Public Service Departments * Sanitary Engineer * Wastewater Treatment * Solid Waste * Recreation Department• Responsible for the operation & maintenance of the county water distribution, wastewater collection, and wastewater treatment systems• Provide recreational/rental facilities, programs & services for county citizens
  • 21. • Law enforcement agency enforcing laws to protect public from canine related problems• Goals • Maintain public safety • Reduce stray dog population • Make dog owners responsible for their pets• Authorize the sale of dog license• Provide educational information regarding benefits of spray/neutering pets & responsible pet ownership
  • 22. • Office of Management & Budget • Oversees the preparation & development of the county’s annual budget• Risk Management • Administers Worker’s Compensation, all medical & health benefits, excess general liability, and auto & property insurance• Human Resources • Employee & labor relations, recruitment & selection of applicants, staff development & training, and classification specifications i.e. position description
  • 23. • Vehicle Maintenance • Responsible for maintenance, repair, & safety of county vehicles• Telecommunications • Responsible for providing live operator for county- wide operations & direct calls from the general public• Central Supply • Purchase & distribution of office supplies, vehicles, equipment, & service to meet the needs of the county departments
  • 24. • Facilities • Responsible for assuring adequate, safe, & functional facilities, capable of supporting all the various functions of the county departments• Building Regulations • Regulates new constructions & renovations by enforcing minimum requirements for premises & structures to a safe & sanitary existence • Insures a minimum standard of competency for individuals & companies that work within the jurisdiction• Imaging Center • Stores & maintains a depository for county departmental public records
  • 25. Mental Health & Recovery Services Board Board of Developmental Disabilities Children Services BoardVoted Levy Provides Some or All of the FundingCommissioners appoint the Board of Directors
  • 26. • Taxes Revenue from the purchase of goods or holding of property • Sales Tax • Property Tax• Charges for Services Fees charged for user services • Water, Sewer, & Court Charges account for the majority of these revenues• Licenses & Permits Revenue from the sales of Vendor License• Fines & Forfeits Traffic fines/Court cost assigned by various county courts
  • 27. • Intergovernmental Revenue Payments for services provided by the county • From Federal, State, & Local government• Investment Income Interest earned on investments held by the county treasurer• Miscellaneous Revenue • Rent, vending, miscellaneous revenue • Criminal justice contract reimbursement & other refunds• Reimbursements & Transfers • Transfer of monies between funds • Reimbursements for government services
  • 28. • Water Rate Reduction For Seniors • Provides a discount on water service for seniors in Lucas County• Educational Initiatives to Decrease Teen Pregnancy in Lucas County • Reducing the Risk (RTR) – Comprehensive sex education program presented in health class in 8th & 10th grades in Toledo Public Schools. • Teen Outreach Program (TOP) – After school program for at-risk adolescents to help decrease risky sexual behavior. Currently at Libbey, Scott, Waite, & Woodward
  • 29. • Foreclosure Prevention • Information & assistance to individuals facing foreclosure in Lucas County• CARE Team • Collaboration of social service agencies that links families to local resources & distributes food to needy families. Held in different Lucas County neighborhoods monthly
  • 30. • Second Chance Tuesday • Pro Bono legal services to assist job seekers expunge certain criminal convictions or arrests from their records to increase their opportunity for work• Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission • Living Green, Saving Green Public Awareness Campaign • Assist business in green practices & promotes environmental health throughout the community
  • 31. • Opened in fall of 2009• State-of-the-art, multi-purpose arena located in downtown Toledo, Ohio.• One of the nation’s first LEED certified professional sports arena (LEED - certification attained by utilizing environmentally friendly building practices during construction)
  • 32. As the only elected officials that represent all of the citizens in the county, the Commissioners job is to deliver essential services to the citizens and work cooperatively with the many local jurisdictions to facilitate the shared goals of our community.