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Developing the Connected Leader
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Developing the Connected Leader


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Presentation given to the Federated Press at their 4th annual Managing the Training Function in Toronto

Presentation given to the Federated Press at their 4th annual Managing the Training Function in Toronto

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  • 1. Developing the Connected Leader A competitive differentiator in today‟s digital economy Federated Press’ 4th Managing the Training Function (Feb 2nd 2010) Paul Bleier
  • 2. About me  MSc Training and Development from University of Wisconsin Stout  Joined Hay Group‟s Leadership and Talent practice in 2006  Support a team of senior consultants and instructional designers across multiple practices and industries  Research interests - Virtual stakeholder collaboration and social media adoption in business  Key contributor on a social media task force led by our Global Head of PR  Sit on the Exec Committee of Reena Foundation‟s New Leadership division  Enjoy travelling and skiing © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 2
  • 3. About Hay Group  Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality. We develop talent, organize people to be more effective and motivate them to perform at their best. Our focus is on making change happen and helping people and organizations realize their potential.  Over 2600 employees working in 85 offices in 47 countries.  Clients are from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, across every major industry. Hay Group‟s service lines include: Building Effective Organizations Performance Management Leadership Transformation Talent Management Capability Assessment Reward Strategies Executive Rewards Job Evaluation Reward Information Services Employee & Customer Surveys © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 3
  • 4. A changing business landscape  Today‟s global digital economy poses new and unexpected challenges for leaders and organizations  Exploding electronic marketplaces are shifting organizational mindsets across all industries/sectors  Characteristics of these new marketplaces include: Collapsing boundaries between firms, suppliers and competitors New breed of consumer demanding immediate action and attention 24/7  Organizational demographics are shifting: Baby boomers approaching retirement Gen Y replacements © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 4
  • 5. Generational shift in the workplace Things They Train, Teach and Values and Traits In the Workplace Remember Engage? - Stock market crash (‟29) - Hard work and thrift - Abdication crisis (‟36) - Dedication and sacrifice Veterans - VJ Day (‟45) - Respect for authority b. 1922-1944 - Korean War (‟51-53) - Directive Leadership - Duty before pleasure - Television - Optimism - Service oriented - Rock Music - Security - Avoid conflict Baby Boomers - Moon Landings - Health and Wellness - Sensitive to feedback - JFK assassination - Personal growth - Opinionated/Judgmental b. 1945-1964 - Cold War/Vietnam - “Involvement” - Rigid to alternative views - Feminism - Techno-literacy - Flexible hours - Web technology - Oil, Energy & Nuclear - Diversity & Informality - Informal workspaces - Self-directed learning Generation X - Personal Computers - Balance and Fun - Negotiated supervision - Validate work/life b. 1965-1980 - AIDS - Self-reliance - Globalization balance - Independence - Information economy - Answer questions Generation Y b. 1981- © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 5
  • 6. Generation next Things They Remember  Internet  Laptops Values &  Mobile Phones Traits  9/11  Optimism/Confidence  Civic Duty/Morality  Techno Savvy  Group Oriented  Heroic Train, Teach & Engage  Challenge them  Better Team Workers  Crave Inspiration  Want Heroes  Want ‘it’ Now! Generation Y (b. 1981-) © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 6
  • 7. Study: Media consumption (U.S.)  Kaiser Family Foundation ( reports daily media use among children and teens up dramatically over last 5 years  ~2000 kids (8-18 yrs old) participated and completed a self-administered questionnaire  Findings: 7.5 hours a day consuming media outside of the classroom 9 hours a day if you factor in text messaging 10 hours a day if you factor in “multi-tasking” (i.e., surfing the net while listening to music or watching tv)  ~ 53 hours a week interacting with a digital device © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 7
  • 8. How prepared is your organization for Gen Y’s arrival? What are the implications? © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 8
  • 9. My findings  Most organizations are becoming virtually extended  Cybercentrism was/is becoming the new management mindset  Traditional organizational effectiveness (OE) models are not adapting  There was an opportunity for a more flexible and adaptive model that would allow organizations to: Design virtual spaces where conversations among stakeholders can be developed and nurtured Leverage existing on-line communication tools to solicit feedback Map on-line communication tools with formal learning processes © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 9
  • 10. Virtual Stakeholder Organizational Effectiveness (VSOE)  VSOE A conceptual model for organizational effectiveness where computer- mediated communication (CMC) tools are used to gain active stakeholder commitment and involvement towards achieving corporate mandates and business critical objectives.  The main drivers behind VSOE include: Listening and interacting with stakeholders in a controlled virtual environment Acting informally Capturing real-time reactions Networking and collaboration Partnerships and alliances (internal and external) © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 10
  • 11. VSOE framework Top Teams Virtual Canvas Stakeholder Populations © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 11
  • 12. What does Social Media mean to you? © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 12
  • 13. Icebreaker: Social Media Audit Raise your hand if …  You have a LinkedIn profile  You have 50+ LinkedIn connections  You have a Facebook account  You login to Facebook at least once per week  You have a Twitter account  You read tweets at lease once per week  You post a tweet at least once per week  Your company currently has a formal policy on employees use of social media in or related to the workplace © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 13
  • 14. Social Media Social Learning © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 14
  • 15. Social media has different usages © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 15
  • 16. Exercise: Digital reach maps 1. Identify any on-line communication channel through which others can connect with you.  Consider all email addresses, web pages, blogs, discussion forums, social networking accounts and any other social media channel where you have an established identity. 2. List all of these online identities and expressions on your handout. 3. Turn to your partner and take turns sharing your digital reach maps. 4. Consider the following questions:  What on-line communication channels have you not considered?  Can these new channels provide value to your existing business engagements? © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 16
  • 17. Sample digital reach map of a Gen Y‟er Email (3) Forums (4) Blog Facebook Flickr Me Twitter Youtube LinkedIn MSN © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 17
  • 18. Why it pays to be connected  Landmark study by Altimeter Group & Wetpaint on the world’s most valuable brands (July ’09)  Direct correlation between top financial performance and deep social media engagement  Socially engaged organizations are in fact more financially successful  Organizations, both deeply and widely engaged in social media, surpass their peers in terms of both revenue and profit performance by a significant difference  It pays to actively and continually participate and invest in your networks © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 18
  • 19. Organizational engagement profiles Source: Altimeter Group/Wetpaint Study (July „09) – High Engagement Selectives Mavens Few Channels Many Channels Wallflowers Butterflies Low Engagement © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 19
  • 20. World most engaged brands Source: Altimeter Group/Wetpaint Study (July „09) – © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 20
  • 21. Industry Engagement on Social Networks Source: Charlene Li, Altimeter Group/Wetpaint Study (July/09) – © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 21
  • 22. Engagement correlates to financial performance Source: Altimeter Group/Wetpaint Study (July „09) – © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 22
  • 23. How can my organization become a maven? RSS Podcast/Vodcast © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 23
  • 24. About LinkedIn Interconnected network of Find and be introduced to experiences professional potential clients, services representing 170 industries providers and subject and 200 countries matter experts who come recommended Manage publically available Discover inside connections information about you as a to help you land jobs and professional close deals Gain new insights from Be found for business discussions with likeminded opportunities and find professional in a private potential partners group setting Create and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files and solve problems © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 24
  • 25. The LinkedIn Profile  Promote yourself and your accomplishments to a professional network.  Creative canvas for you to paint a picture of:  Who you are,  What experience you possess,  What others have to say about your past and present performance © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 25
  • 26. My organization on LinkedIn Facts: (Aug 10th 2009)  1535 individuals have HG listed as their current employer  Role Distribution: 35% = Consultant 13% = Senior Consultant 6% = Director  Median Age = 31 years  52% of HG LinkedIn users are female © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 26
  • 27. How do I get my organization involved? © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 27
  • 28. How I can help Developing connected Digital skills leaders across coaching the organization Digital Skills consulting © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 28
  • 29. Conclusion Success in today’s digital economy requires Connected Leaders who:  Effectively manage their teams within both physical and virtual environments  Embrace unconventional communication channels  Recognize the value add of participating within informal networks  Understand that continuous customer/employee feedback is a critical component for success © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 29
  • 30. Social Media ROI © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 30
  • 31. Q&A © 2010 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved 31