Millennials In The Workforce


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Hiring and Managing a Multigenerational Workforce in These Economic Times

The talent attraction process just became a lot more complicated as employees in all sectors are being let go. The anomaly is that in spite of labour pool surpluses, attracting and hiring the right people may be even more difficult. The first challenge facing employers is how to attract and select quality candidates given the sheer volume of job seekers using every means possible to be their resume in front of you.

Once you have hired them, the second challenge is how do you manage them? While there has been a lot of coverage on how employers are struggling with how to deal with the “millennials” – the latest generation to enter the workforce – there is also the challenge of how to manage them as well as others within the multigenerational workforce.

Join Mark Thompson of, and McKinley Solutions to gain some insights on how identify the serious candidates that can bring value to your organization amount the mountains of those that don’t. In addition you will gain new perspective on the values and attitudes about work and life of the different generations as well as how to manage and motivate them.

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Millennials In The Workforce

  1. 1. M3 Managing & Mentoring Millennials
  2. 2. Born 1980 – 1995 ~ Currently 14 – 29
  3. 3. Born 1980 – 1995 ~ Currently 14 – 29
  4. 4. Myths and Realities This is a rebellious generation Reality Gen Y is fundamentally conservative They look like risk takers because of their “job-hopping” but the impetus for this is new opportunities to learn Born 1980 – 1995 ~ Currently 14 – 29
  5. 5. Myths and Realities They don’t fit in Reality This is a generation of team players Work environments that use teams well outperform those that don’t Born 1980 – 1995 ~ Currently 14 – 29
  6. 6. Myths and Realities Gen Y is unproductive Reality Gen Y is more productive than the other generations (it is to believe but true). They set their own priorities – boomers often set priorities based on their inbox Gen Y chooses their own productivity tools, rather than waiting for the IT Born 1980 – 1995 ~ Currently 14 – 29
  7. 7. general characteristics goal oriented optimistic connected … 24/7 adaptable determined inclusive entrepreneurial tech savy lifestyle centered hopeful multitasking success driven Born 1980 – 1995 ~ Currently 14 – 29
  8. 8. Motivating & Managing The old rules don’t matter. Techno-savy ~ Connected 24/7 ~ Self Confident
  9. 9. Motivating & Managing They need a sense of ownership You need to invest in their sense of desire to contribute in meaningful ways Optimistic ~ Hopeful ~ Independent ~ Self-Reliant
  10. 10. Paying Their Dues After the interview, they’re expecting to be embraced and considered part of the team. Some have spent a lot of time volunteering – this they consider “experience” Determined ~ Goal Oriented ~ Lifestyle centered
  11. 11. A little bit goes a long way Take time to be a mentor Let them absorb some of your tricks of the trade Provide encouragement Diverse ~ Inclusive ~ Community/Global/Civic Minded
  12. 12. Motivating They do n’t wan & Managing what t you wa nted Millennials are asserting themselves on the global stage and attempting to show that they want to participate at the “big kids table.” Pulling together ~ Service Oriented ~ Entrepreneurial
  13. 13. Motivating & Managing Personal Development as a Success Component You do have a role in helping guide successful people under your direction to the pursuit of their success. Generation Y ~ Generation WHY ~ Generation Next
  14. 14. gen Y @ work wants to produce something seek to make a worthwhile difference comfortable w/ work well w/ Desire to be a hero speed & change friends & on teams expect r partners well espect e alu ce w/ mentors v an impatie uid nt g collaborative, thrive on resourceful, flexibility & innovative Space to love a challenge explore “Seeing the opportunity & path” – Is IN
  15. 15. Leveraging Strengths 2.0 You have the ability to grow your business on the knowledgebase of young people who might understand the digital marketplace better than you do. Generation Next ~ Nexers ~ Millennials
  16. 16. Leveraging Strengths 2.0 Success-driven millennials understand the rules better than ever before. If you give them the keys, let them drive Baby Busters ~ I Generation ~ Net Generation
  17. 17. Y’s Desire for Big Important Tasks They enjoy the challenge of important task and tackle them with confidence They are not deterred in the slightest by what older workers might perceive as lack of experience or qualifications Netizens ~ Gaming Generation ~ Echo Boomers
  18. 18. Y’s Attitude About for Big Important Tasks I’m doing something that has value I’ll figure it out They gave me full responsibility - cool “Interactivity & Real Time Information” – Is IN
  19. 19. Working with Gen Y Happy to do the task, but not the time Long hours are not daunting to Gen Y but they want to work to their schedule, not yours “One size fits all” – Is OUT
  20. 20. Working with Gen Y If not “Task”, then “Flex” They are not usually happy with conventional schedules Consider flexible shifts, 4 days weeks, etc … “Do it because it makes sense” – Is IN
  21. 21. Working w/ Gen Y Upgrade Your Technology Where Possible Y’s feel old technology gets in the way of effectiveness and efficiency They do not like to “unlearn” the latest technology to get the job done “Customized and targeted” – Is IN
  22. 22. Mentoring Works Many Y’s like working with Boomers Mentoring relationships with Boomers are valued “Authentic Behaviour” – Is IN
  23. 23. It takes a village Manager HR New Outside Employee influencer Mentors Peers
  24. 24. It takes a village Despite the village, Managers still have to manage HR Outside New influencer Employee Mentors Peers
  25. 25. Attracting & Retaining Y’s Communicate in “Y- friendly” ways Shift performance management to task, not time Leverage technology to create efficient processes “Streamlined & Efficient” – Is IN
  26. 26. Attracting & Retaining Y’s Coach first-line managers on the essentials of managing Y’s Create a collaborative, team- based environment Encourage Boomers in your midst to mentor Y’s “Playing Games” – Is OUT
  27. 27. Attracting & Retaining Y’s Challenge Y’s with tasks that require “figuring it out” Re-design career paths: frequent, lateral moves – not necessarily up “NOW” – Is IN
  28. 28. Mark R. Thompson w: e: t: 866-604-6823 X222