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DanNotes XPages Mobile Controls
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DanNotes XPages Mobile Controls


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XPages mobile controls presentation delivered at DanNotes

XPages mobile controls presentation delivered at DanNotes

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Ready, Set, Go!How IBM Lotus® Domino® XPages Became Mobile Paul Withers Intec Systems Limited
  • 2. AgendaIntroductionWhats possibleHow does XPages Mobile work?How do I get it?Future directionsWhere to find out moreQ&A
  • 3. About MeSenior Domino Developer, Intec Systems LtdXPages Developer since 8.5.0IBM ChampionCo-Host of The XCastCo Author of XPages Extension Library
  • 4. XPages Mobile App Dev ObjectivesBuild new and extend the reach of existing applications to smart phones and tablets Provide pervasive access to IBM® Lotus Notes® and Domino data from your mobile device IOS® 4 & 5 (iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®) Android® 2.3 (phones) and 3.x (tablets) Blackberry® (coming in the near future) Improve business process efficiency by allowing decision makers to approve workflows on the go
  • 5. XPages Mobile App Dev ObjectivesEnable templates with mobile access Enable existing applications by refreshing the design Teamroom & Discussion templates Provide examples of best practicesExtend the XPages framework to support mobile web browsers Make it easy to develop mobile applications with the technology you know One programming model for mobile, desktop browser and rich client
  • 6. XPages Mobile FeaturesProvide a set dedicated set of controls and libraries Form controls, data lists, navigation, transition animations … Extends Dojo 1.6.1Provide mobile renderings of key application controls Outline, DataView, FormTable
  • 7. XPages Mobile FeaturesNative look and feel Automatic device detection and rendering iPhone and Android native styling (Blackberry coming soon)Flexibility on how you want to mobilize Incrementally enhance existing application with mobile controls Create a new application with mobile controls that access data and business logic in an existing applicationDomino Designer® Mobile control visualisations
  • 8. Brief HistoryMobile Controls Project on OpenNTF Released in early 2010 Set of stand alone custom controls Based on 8.5.2Incorporated into XPages Extension Library project on OpenNTF Improved throughout 2011 with feedback from the community
  • 9. Brief HistoryCustom mobile solutions Partners building custom mobile solutions using jQuery Mobile and Based on 8.5.2 Examples on OpenNTFXPages Mobile support released as part of Upgrade Pack 1 Officially supported release based on 8.5.3 Extends the XPages runtime
  • 10. Notes & Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1Delivers a set of application development capabilities on top of 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 delivers new features using plugins Applicable to Domino, XWork Server, Notes, Domino Designer Does not modify the 8.5.3 base content in any way
  • 11. What does it contain?XPages Extension Library (Most but not all of thecapabilities currently on OpenNTF) Includes new set of mobile specific XPages controlsUpdated templates built with controls in ExtensionLibrary Teamroom: XPages UI including mobile access Discussion: new mobile accessDomino Access Services: New REST APIs
  • 12. New Teamroom Template From This To ThisIn two easy steps!File-Application-Replace DesignRun Upgrade Content agent (note: you only need to run agent once)
  • 13. XPages Mobile Controls - The Building BlocksOutline/Menu Data View Navigation Bar Form with Validation Search Bar
  • 14. XPages Mobile Features - Teamroom
  • 15. How It WorksMobile ThemesSingle Page ApplicationDataNavigation / Partial Refresh / MoveTo / # Update
  • 16. XPages Mobile Application Mobile UI behaviors, like transition effects, cannot happen when switching from one page to the other We need one single HTML page with the entire content The content is made of “mobile pages”, with one displayed at a time Transition effects happen when views are switched Each view can be downloaded/refreshed as needed XPages provides a new Mobile Application Layout control for this purpose
  • 17. Single Application Page
  • 18. Cross Over Pattern
  • 19. Teamroom, allDocuments.xsp - cross over pattern
  • 20. Common ControlsEnables cross over patternMobile renderers provided for some of the popular controls DataView FormTable Outline
  • 21. Device Detection
  • 22. Device detection and page redirectTeamroom XL Default launch page → main.xsp Page redirect based on User Agent
  • 23. Device detection and page redirectReceive a doclink (web based URL) in a Notes Mail in TravellerDetect mobile device and redirect to mobile rendering of document /main.xsp?action=openDocument&documentId=5D1F1D43F7 BDACE380257988006131D4 /mobile.xsp?documentId=5D1F1D43F7BDACE380257988006 131D4&action=openDocument#document
  • 24. Device detection and page redirect
  • 25. New redirect controlTraveller or iNotes rewrites the Notes doclinkSet form display property to a target XPage that includes “redirect” controlThe redirect control can rewrite the URL for mobile rendering http://eamonxp/blug/renovationsHelpdesk.nsf/0e5e7b7972ee57f1802577c2003df433/04 http://eamonxp/blug/renovationsHelpdesk.nsf/mobile.xsp?documentId=04AAEDAB0FE
  • 26. Application DebuggingWeinre Remote debugger for web pages Can be injected into production apps An HTTP proxy Debug native apps Simulate poor connections
  • 27. How do I get 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1?Customers on active maintenance can download from Passport AdvantageIBM Business Partners can download from Partnerworld Software Access CatalogDownload 1 image which contains install kits for the following Notes Client XPages Extension Library Runtime Domino Designer XPages Extension Library runtime (for local preview) Designer plugins for working with XPages Extension Library Domino & XWork Server XPages Extension Library runtime Domino Access Services (REST APIs)
  • 28. Product, Upgrade Packs And Open SourceDeliver new functionality through off cycle Upgrade PacksThe code is first released on openNTF Available early and gives full transparency on what is being donePieces from openNTF are extracted and delivered as Upgrade Packs, supported by IBM Upgrade packs are delivered on a shorter release cycle than productsUpgrade Packs are integrated into the next revision of the product
  • 29. Product, Upgrade Packs and Open Source
  • 30. Future DirectionsAdditional controls and themes Enhanced control support Tablet support Blackberry support Based on Dojo 1.7IBM Lotus NotesTraveller® Integration Receive a document link in an email, view the mobile rendering of the document, review and approveCommon UI on all mobile devices OneUI for Mobile
  • 31. Future DirectionsWorklight Acquisition (Phonegap ++) Hybrid development model providing a native application Access to native device capabilities – camera, contacts etc... Why XPages developers should know Worklight
  • 32. Mobilize Today!Get the code XPages mobile controls are delivered in Notes & Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 Requires Domino and Domino Designer 8.5.3 Available thru Passport Advantage to customers on active maintenance Installation instructions hereQuick Win – Apply new TeamRoom and Discussion templates
  • 33. Mobilize Today!Get enabled Teamroom Demo: mroom853/ Tutorial: http://www- Chapter 10 of XPages Extension Library book – mobile value picker demo For more info Notes and Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 XPages Extension Library sample on IBM and Intec Resell TLCC Courses (they have a new XPages Mobile course - Mobile XPages Development for Domino 8.5 !!)
  • 34. Mastering XPagesFactoids... Comprehensive 7 Part, 785 page volume IBM Press publication Authored by lead members of XPages development team Features contributions from other key community members Covers all aspects of XPages application development Example-driven approach focusing on practical problems Includes sample NSF
  • 35. XPages Portable Command GuideFactoids... Compact 320 page volume IBM Press publication Authored by members of XPages & Domino Designer dev teams Perfect complement to the popular Mastering XPages book, helping experienced XPages developers go even further Thoroughly covers XSP properties, Command Manager instructions, INI variables, OSGi console commands, debugging, logging and more. Dozens of practical examples providing immediate
  • 36. XPages Extension LibraryFactoids... Comprehensive 600 page volume IBM Press publication Authored by a team of all-star XPages experts, Featuring contributions from key community members Take full advantage of the XPages Extensibility Framework, Library & API Step-by-step guide for developers of all experience levels Combines reference material and practical use casesAvailable May
  • 37. Evals, Questions & Contact DetailsPaul Withersemail: @PaulSWithersskype: PaulSWithersblog: channel: