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GraphQL 101


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Presentation by Paul Withers and Christian Guedemann on GraphQL and Watson Workspace / Watson Work Services at IBM Connect 2017, San Francisco

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GraphQL 101

  1. 1. GraphQL 101
  2. 2. Paul Withers ICS Consultant, Intec Systems Ltd IBM Champion since 2011 OpenNTF Board Member WWS Java SDK developer 2 2/26/2017
  3. 3. Christian Guedemann CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG IBM Champion Chairman of OpenNTF WWS Java SDK Developer, Architect of Watson Workspace Client for IBM Notes / Eclipse 3 2/26/2017
  4. 4. The Problem With REST Multiple calls required • “Joins” are consumer’s responsibility • May result in a large number of REST calls –> Latency is multiplied by the number of calls -> sequential behaviour Provider-driven • Consumer gets what they get, needs to parse accordingly Versions • Changes typically require version increment • May affect consumer’s application object model Validation • Request cannot be validated prior to submission 4 2/26/2017
  5. 5. ENTER GRAPHQL 5 2/26/2017
  6. 6. What Is GraphQL? Created by Facebook 2012 Specification for standard began 2015 Query language • Not database architecture • Not programming language • A modern way to expose your API and give your clients more Control on what they get 6 2/26/2017
  7. 7. Why GraphQL? 7 2/26/2017 Consumer-driven • Returns what the client asks for and no more! Hierarchical • Query and response are both JSON, in same hierarchical structure Strongly Typed • GraphQL type structure ensures query can be tested for syntactical correctness and validity before execution Introspective • GraphQL language can be used to query the type structure
  8. 8. GraphiQL Open source in-browser IDE ( Build validated and syntactically correct queries / mutations and fragments Define query variables Run queries and browse response Run a query to introspect schema Drill down through schema documentation Visualizer tools also available ( 8 2/26/2017
  9. 9. GRAPHiQL 9 2/26/2017
  10. 10. GraphQL and Watson Work Services Documentation online GraphiQL tool for WWS • Must be authenticated in browser to Watson Workspace first! • Queries run as user, not application • Some queries are not available to applications Additional REST endpoints exist (e.g. authentication, focus, photos) • These are usually version-based, e.g. …/v1/… 10 2/26/2017
  11. 11. GraphQL Queries (GET Requests) 11 2/26/2017
  12. 12. GraphQL Query Structure Query can have operation name, optional if only one query Query object has fields for things that can be returned Fields may take (or require) arguments • Arguments have a type (String, Int, ID etc) • See GraphQL documentation for more details • Required arguments have “!” after the type in documentation (e.g. space(id:ID!) • Argument values may be literal or map to variables 12 2/26/2017
  13. 13. GraphQL Query Structure Variables • Passed as an argument of the operation name • Format is “$VariableName: Type” (e.g. $FIRST: Int) • Passed to value of an argument in the operation • Declared as a separate JSON object • Key is variable name as a String • Value is variable value • Validated in GraphiQL IDE, like rest of query 13 2/26/2017
  14. 14. GraphQL Query Structure Fields may have an alias • Format is “alias: field” • Allows query to retrieve multiple result objects of same field type • In response, field type is replaced with alias Fields will themselves have fields and/or objects to return 14 2/26/2017
  15. 15. GraphQL Query Structure Queries on lists may return lots of objects “Slice” using first and last Return pageInfo object to get cursor Pass cursor back to query using before or after 15 2/26/2017
  16. 16. GraphQL Query Structure Fragments can be included to improve readability of complex queries • Defined as separate JSON object • Format is “fragment fragmentName on type” • Allows fields to be defined and validated inline • Used with format “…fragmentName” Schema may return an interface or union type • Inline fragment may be required to act differently depending on actual implementation from interface • Format is “… on type” • Not used in WWS, see GraphQL documentation for examples 16 2/26/2017
  17. 17. Query Fragments 17 2/26/2017
  18. 18. GraphQL Query Structure Directives allow dynamic manipulation of the query based on variables • @include(if: Boolean) • @skip(if: Boolean) 18 2/26/2017
  19. 19. GraphQL MUTATIONS (PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE Requests) 19 2/26/2017
  20. 20. GraphQL Mutations Mutation can have an operation name Declares the field to set (function) Pass an input object to the field Returns a type • May just be a scalar (e.g. true / false) • May be an object (e.g. a space) • If an object, that can be queried, as in a query Can pass multiple fields (processed sequentially) 20 2/26/2017
  21. 21. GraphQL Subscriptions Subscription allows clients to receive updates Declares the field to subscribe to Pass an input object to the field, including subscription id Nothing yet implemented for this in Watson Work Services 21 2/26/2017
  22. 22. Introspecting GraphQL Schema GraphQL schema can be introspected with GraphQL query! • __schema queries the schema • __type introspects a specific type • kind introspects field type • If NON_NULL, ofType returns its actual type “It’s GraphQL queries all the way down” 22 2/26/2017
  23. 23. GraphQL – Real World Implementation - Facebook - Watson Works Services - Darwino (OpenSource Project hosted on OpenNTF and 23 2/26/2017
  24. 24. Watson Work Services Java SDK Java SDK for Watson Work Service • On OpenCode4Workspace (run by OpenNTF) • Download the project • Consume from Maven <dependency> <groupId>org.opencode4workspace.watson-work-services</groupId> <artifactId>wws-api</artifactId> <version>0.6.0</version> </dependency> • View source code on Stash (includes Junit tests) • Explore implementation in Watson Workspace for Eclipse / Notes Latest documentation on OpenNTF Wiki, Javadoc available 24 2/26/2017
  25. 25. Watson Work Services Java SDK Client authentication as application Client authentication as user Build queries with Java objects, methods and enums No need to construct queries as complex Strings Methods to output built query as String and response as String Conversion of response to Java objects Methods to parse error responses Standard REST endpoints also supported 25 2/26/2017
  26. 26. WWS Java SDK Samples 26 2/26/2017
  27. 27. WWS Java SDK Samples 27 2/26/2017
  28. 28. WWS Java SDK used in OpenNTFs Watson Workspace Client 28 2/26/2017 DEMO
  29. 29. Watson Work Services Java SDK Variables not current supported • Use Java method to construct query based on variable Fragments not currently supported • Use Java method / object to specify standard fields Directives not currently supported • Use Java method to construct query based on variable Aliases not currently supported • Track the JIRA issue 29 2/26/2017
  30. 30. Resources GraphQL website, GraphQL community resources, GraphQL Visualization Tool, WWS developer documentation, WWS GraphiQL IDE, WWS API Java SDK, ces%20Java%20SDK 30 2/26/2017
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  33. 33. Thank you 33 2/26/2017 Paul Withers Intec Systems Ltd & OpenNTF @paulswithers Christian Guedemann WebGate Consulting AG & OpenNTF @guedeWebGate