My view on XPages


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I used this presentation to introduce XPages to a development team not already familiar with XPages. I demoed XPages in Domino Designer live along with going through the presentation.

Please see this blog post for details about the presentation:

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My view on XPages

  1. 1. [email_address] Per Henrik Lausten XPages: My view and my experiences January 6, 2011
  2. 2. XPages is a rapid web and mobile application development platform. It allows IBM Lotus Notes data to be displayed to browser clients on all platforms. The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills like JavaScript , Ajax , the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript , JavaServer Faces and it leverages IBM Lotus Domino functionality like the Document-oriented database. XPages applications are hosted by IBM Lotus Domino, IBM's Rapid application development platform, which has sold more than 145 million licenses. Source: What is XPages?
  3. 3. Requirements Server: Lotus Domino 8.5.2+ with more power than traditionally (CPU and memory) Client: Lotus Notes 8.5.2+ with Domino Designer Developer team: modern web skills
  4. 4. What's good? Modern web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Integration with Notes/Domino (views, documents, Formula language) Scoped variables, partial updates, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Flexibility and control of output Seperation of data and UI (web enabling) Server Side JavaScript with support for Domino Java, if you want to XPages Extension Library Existing backend Lotusscript logic (in e.g. script libraries) can be reused by calling a Lotusscript agent that uses this logic. The agent is called from XPages using Agent.runWithDocumentContext(doc)
  5. 5. What's bad? New technologies for classis Domino developers Trial and error – and lack of good documentation Existing frontend Lotusscript logic must be migrated to Server Side JavaScript XPages is case sensitive
  6. 6. Demo 1: Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.x XPages Custom Controls Style Sheets Themes
  7. 7. Demo 2: Hello world! Integration with views and documents Seperation of data and UI (web enabling)
  8. 8. Demo 3: Scoped vars, partial updates, Ajax Partial updates Ajax Scoped variables: applicationScope, sessionScope, requestScope, and viewScope
  9. 9. Demo 4: flexibility and control of output XPage created in Design mode (as in demo 2 and 3) XPage for pure HTML – just insert your HTML body in the Source view XPage with full control of HTML (using afterRenderResponse)
  10. 10. Demo 5: example of SSJS See demo 5 Example server side JavaScript code: var doc:NotesDocument = database.createDocument(); doc.replaceItemValue("form", "demo2"); doc.replaceItemValue("demo2_subject", @UserName() + " - " + @Now());; An example using Formula language: var demoSubject = @DbLookup(@DbName(), "demo2", key, "demo2_subject" ); Sample NotesDocument JavaScript code:
  11. 11. Resources Book: “ Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language ” White paper on Lotus Domino as a rapid application development platform: ... and more!