Tips to wear traditional outfit


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A dress can make or break your personality so the various ways to wear traditional Indian dress are given. For more information visit and get the idea of modern day shopping.

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Tips to wear traditional outfit

  1. 1. Tips to wear Indian Traditional outfit………. Presented by
  2. 2. The way one dress can make or break any the way one looks in any situation.
  3. 3. Body frame: If you are plump, avoid sleeveless cuts. Wear dark colors rather than going in for lighter shades and if you wish to wear lighter shades then prefer dull colors like instead of sky blue go in for dull blue or dirty blue. Small prints and vertical line prints give a slimmer look. Heavy built should avoid cotton sarees and Kota sarees and should instead attire oneself in Chiffon and Georgette sarees.
  4. 4. Skin tone: • If your complexion is fair, gold with a blend of copper would look wonderful. If you are medium/ whitish colored, go in for mixed shades of white, beige and bronzy golden. Dark skin toned should wrap up themselves with goldenish copper shades.
  5. 5. Comfort level and personal attitude: • Your comfort level becomes an equally important determinant in deciding your style. If you do not feel very comfortable wearing western outfits but at the same time want to maintain a smart cosmopolitan look, Indo western style would add on charm to your personality. If you are shy introvert types, then you can carry yourself better in a sari with boat necked or square necked blouses. If you are bold and outspoken type, you can choose to pick up sleeveless, deep-necked blouses or may be with straps.
  6. 6. These basic tips should be followed before wearing any traditional dress • Using color to balance your body is a great idea. Wear light colors where you re small and dark colors where larger. For example, if you have large hips, wear dark skirts or pants and a light colored blouse. Wearing set-in sleeves with shoulder pads will help you to balance wide hips. The shoulder pads will add to your shoulders therefore balancing with your hips.
  7. 7. • Don't choose clothes that are too tight. Clothes that fit well will make you appear slimmer while tight clothes will only add pounds.
  8. 8. • Wear tops or dresses that have a scoop neckline with half or long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.
  9. 9. • Clothes in solid colors with simple lines will make you appear taller. • Always break in new shoes before wearing them out for a special occasion
  10. 10. • Wear straight silhouettes in a solid color to hide a thick waist. • The skinner the stripe, the thinner you appear. Don't wear black on a hot day or at a wedding. • A straight cut skirt and full leg pants will hide large thighs.
  11. 11. • To appear shorter, jackets or tops should fall below the hips. • To lengthen your legs wear slim, straight leg pants. • To appear taller and thinner, try a pinstripe suit. • • Long sleeves should hit just at the wrist bone.
  12. 12. • When you are wearing a white shirt, wear a bra close to your skin color. • To hide wide hips, try an a-line style dress. Give a new updated look to an old blouse or jacket by sewing on new buttons. Pleats add pounds. If you want to look larger through the hips, wear pleats. If you don't, avoid pleats! · • If clothes don't fit, have them altered. If they don't fit, they'll remain in the closet.
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