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Young Glory Brief 7

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  1. 1. JFL42Judge: Marc Fortin, Senior Partner, VP Executive Creative Director, lg2Presented by: CreaM Patrice Sabourin patrice.sabourin@mosaic.com
  2. 2. ObjectiveSell out JFL 42, a new type of comedy festival geared towards a young, culturally obsessed and globally connected crowd
  3. 3. Strategy Use the right mix of sales promotion and creative interactive experiences
  4. 4. Tactic Part 1: Sales Promotion Name your price, the Priceline approach. It’s well known every one likes a good deal. Through the JFL42 website and the Smartphone app people will be able to make offers for custom package for the shows they want to see. Name your price, the amount of show you want for that price and what act you absolutely want to see. The promoter will than send you an option tailored to your liking. This will leverage the bigger act and give the opportunity to smaller act to be seen as well as they are going to be included in various custom packages
  5. 5. Tactic Part 1: Sales Promotion Use the popularity of collective buying sites to sell out acts that wouldnt on their own
  6. 6. Tactic Part 2 – Interactive sales promotionSocial media call outOnce someone buys a ticket havethem invite friends buy mocking themwith a personalized video from theact their attending. Every act willcreate their own video invite templateto be use in the social media.How it works: Lets say my friendMath bought tickets for Sugar Sammyand wants me to do the same. TheJFL42 app will have an invite toolwhere by answering a few questionsabout Me, Math will post apersonalized video invite from SugarSammy on my Facebook wall where Iwill be the center of the joke. invitingme to buy ticket as well.
  7. 7. Tactic Part 3: Onsite interactive experiencesLeverage the Smartphone appExemple 1Use the Smartphone app furtherthan a simple access pass. Teamup your internet sensations andtrouble makers to create originalinteractive material. For exampleaugmented reality animations that * kick in the nuts a Jackass classicwould appear on the festival sitethrough the screen of your phonejust by pointing it at randomdirection. * How to piss in public: internet sensation 1.5M views
  8. 8. Tactic Part 3: Onsite Interactive experiences Leverage the Smartphone appExample 2Use the Smartphone app toengage the crowd as participantsin the shows. Via the JFL42Smartphone app, offer the chanceto individuals attending a show todecide what happens next. Theoptions receiving the most voteswill happen on stage making thecrowd part of the show and itsoutcome.
  9. 9. Tactic Part 4: Beyond Expectations This part may have more to do with selling out for many years to come. When thinking of a successful festival geared towards a young connected crowd, one most think of Coachella. It doesn’t just sells out, it does so 2 weekends in a row. They do so by a mix of big names and smaller acts but also with a genius partnership that creates unique experiences for the people attending. Experiences that bring people from all around the world to attend the festival years after years. Through there partnership with Creators Project the festival creates mind bending experiences shared around the world. A partner with that sort of expertise should have a say in the programming.
  10. 10. Tactic Part 4: Beyond ExpectationsHave comedian and tech artists collaborate to create a new bread of comedy shows. Example 1: Create never seen Example 2: Holograms characters with projection technology to bring fictive or mapping on human face past away characters back to life