MMM Chocolate: Digital Consumer Experience Strategy


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Digital Consumer Experience Strategy for MMM Chocolate Brand.

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MMM Chocolate: Digital Consumer Experience Strategy

  1. 1. the challenge u
  2. 2. Create an engaging digital experience to drive frequent and memorable interaction with the MMM Chocolate® brand and drive increased purchases.
  3. 3. the process u
  4. 4. 1 Identify Business Issues 2 Define Target Audiences 3 Assess the Landscape 4 Define Objectives 5 Formulate a Strategy 6 Define the Experience 7 Ensure Success
  5. 5. business issues u
  6. 6. Business Issues: Measurable goals and objectives are critical. MMM Chocolate is an impulse buy. Find ways to drive top-of-mind awareness. Increase brand loyalty. Communicate key messages to the target audience clearly and in a tone that they can identify with. Find new ways for users to receive and share information with their peers. Previous campaigns have had weak results. Pay-per-click advertising costs are increasing at a rate of 43% per year. Identify ways to cut costs and generate more organic site traffic.
  7. 7. the target u
  8. 8. 20 It’s all about the user.
  9. 9. The Millennials (all 28 Million of them)
  10. 10. I expect to be heard. The Millennials
  11. 11. Being fake is worse than being uncool. The Millennials
  12. 12. I buy what my friends endorse. The Millennials
  13. 13. the landscape u
  14. 14. Touch Points Influencers digital friends real world Joss (Millennial) Age: 23 Status: Single Occupation: Student/DJ Joss is a true modern millen- nial. She is an art school stu- dent by day and DJ by night. other Friends, fashion, fun and other her phone are her biggest concerns. She is a modern free spirit and does whatever pleases her, regardless of what others think.
  15. 15. objectives u
  16. 16. Business: Measurable goals and objectives Drive awareness. Increase loyalty. Sell more product.
  17. 17. User: Emotional and rational wants/needs Make it easy for me to find what I want. Make it cool. Make it easy to tell my friends.
  18. 18. Brand: Core values and brand objectives Shift focus to millennials. Project an image of guilt-free pleasure. Differentiate from the competition.
  19. 19. the strategy u
  20. 20. visit engage share How to Create Brand Loyalty
  21. 21. Brand Awareness I’m Telling The Hunt My Friends (but I’m still not is on sharing!) Sweet Satisfaction I Found It! The MMM Chocolate Experience
  22. 22. social buzz networks website search blogs mobile online media affiliates offline advertising PR POS Consumer Put the message in front of the consumer when/where they are most receptive to it. (For this exercise I will focus on Website, Mobile and resulting Buzz.) Distribution Channels
  23. 23. Business: Measurable goals and objectives Drive awareness. STRATEGY: Encourage buzz. Make it such a cool experience, they just have to tell their friends about MMM Chocolate. Increase loyalty. STRATEGY: Be authentic. Encourage users to participate in adding content to the site. Participation leads to affinity. Sell more product. STRATEGY: Give incentives (samples, exclusives). Reward your most loyal customers.
  24. 24. User: Emotional and rational wants/needs Make it easy for me to find what I want. STRATEGY: Incorporate a mapping component, show exactly where you can find the product, and be quick about it. Mobile is ideal. Make it cool. STRATEGY: Make it feel like a video game. Make it easy to tell my friends. STRATEGY: Give easy access to sharing tools via shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter, Feedly, etc.
  25. 25. Brand: Core values and brand objectives Shift focus to millennials. STRATEGY: Write copy in a tone they can relate to, make it engaging, allow them to be a part of the conversation. Project an image of guilt-free pleasure. STRATEGY: Encourage consumers to use the site as a sort of online confessional. Differentiate from the competition. STRATEGY: Don’t mimic the competition, be unique, make it memorable.
  26. 26. the experience u
  27. 27. *Images F.P.O. Channel 1: Website Featuring user-submitted content uploaded from Flickr, YouTube and Facebook
  28. 28. “ChocAttack” Smart Phone App A mashup of Google Maps/Google Goggles, Channel Intelligence, Bazaar Voice, and Facebook. Channel 2: Smart Phone App
  29. 29. Start Screen: 2D Map View: Remembers your Plots search results previous location, or using Google Maps enter a new location data. User ratings are by city or zip. Product pulled from Bazaar shots can be rotated Voice (user can submit as new flavors are ratings either by the available. phone app or the web site). Stock is checked real-time by Channel Intelligence, and displays what flavors are available at that location. Channel 2: Smart Phone App
  30. 30. Live 3D Map View: While on the street, the user simply holds his phone up and hits search. The app plots live search results for that street using GPS and real-time Google Goggles 3D Map data (where available) or Google Street View (where Goggle Goggles is not available). Stock data is feed from Channel Intelligence and the user clicks the icons to show details and what flavors are available at that location. Channel 2: Smart Phone App
  31. 31. Extras: Extras/Pairings: Special offers or Serves up a series exclusives available of recommended only to MMM taste pairings for customers. Mobile each of the 3 MMM coupons could be co- flavor varieties. sponsored by affiliate Pairing products vendors. Recipes and could be paid affiliate gift ideas could rotate placements - offering out seasonally. Upload an opportunity to your confession would generate additional tie into YouTube, Flickr revenue. and Facebook and prompt you to share with a friend. Channel 2: Smart Phone App
  32. 32. ensuring success u
  33. 33. Successful Digital Experiences Useful Usable Desirable Sustainable Social Is there a reason Is it easy to use? Is it aesthetically Can it scale? Does it facilitate to use it? pleasing? conversation? Is it intuitive? Can it evolve? Does it serve a Is it differentiated? Does it support purpose? Is it accessible? Can it be sharing? Is it memorable? maintained? Does it satisfy Does it encourage needs? community? the basics taking it further Users: Emotional and rational wants/needs Business: Measurable goals and objectives Brand: Core values and brand objectives
  34. 34. Summary By shifting the focus of MMM Chocolate’s digital presence from simply a destination to an interactive experience, there is an opportunity to build brand loyalty – resulting in increased sales. For this to be successful it is critical that MMM Chocolate embrace the millennial, who is the primary influencer. Speak to them in their terms. Let them be heard. Entertain them. Make them feel excited about the brand. And most importantly, make it memorable and buzz-worthy. By building authentic consumer-focused digital experiences and getting the message to consumers on their terms, you open the door to 2-way communication and brand loyalty. Create an emotional connection with your brand and your customers will become your biggest advocates.
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