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  • 65% of the population will benefit from prescription of specific exercise programs They are 900% more likely to comply with prescribed exercise.
  • PA Pharmacy - ExerWellness 2012

    1. 1. Physical Activity Pharmacydba ExerWellness CommunityBusiness Model Overview Judy Shasek PA Pharmacy – Founder/CEO
    2. 2. PROBLEM:• Exercise is the most cost-effective medicine• Exercise is not being prescribed• Current healthcare is actually “sick care”• Individuals are frustrated and want a solution they can “own” Physical activity powers prevention PREVENTION can create cost savings and greater ROI for all stakeholdersConfidential August 9, 2012 2
    3. 3. Market Landscape Compared with active individuals, a sedentary lifestyle costs $1500 more per year for healthcare- Quality of life “costs” are more subtle • What matters to people? • Quality of life • Increased productivity • Reduction in use of medication • Healthcare cost savings Anderson LH, Martinson BC, Crain AL. Health care charges associated with physical inactivity, overweight, and obesity. Prev Chronic Dis 2005;2:A09.Confidential August 9, 2012 3
    4. 4. SOLUTION: Connecting individuals to local fitness professionals, cost effective programming, social network support and community wellness culture change Original concept changed - Driven by individual and community needConfidential August 9, 2012 4
    5. 5. How it Works… Database of Hyper-Local Programs and Professionals: Accredited professionals / wellness destinations 1 2 3 M W T T F ExerWellness Hyper-Local Support Measure Outcomes Diverse physical activity Match individuals and Health & user experience options available for all ages wellness communities results and data and conditions both online and real-worldConfidential August 9, 2012 5
    6. 6. What is the business model? Social Currency Social Networks 1 2 3 PA Pharmacy PA Pharmacy Local Community Consumer- User Connection CommonSenses Clients - Community Devices And Sponsors sensors ActiveSenses Local ExerWellness Subscription fees Administer & Revenue share Leaders & Wellness Manage Sales of data Destination ExerWellness Gamification Services Partners Platforms And Apps DataConfidential August 9, 2012 6
    7. 7. Business Model Detail • Platforms, apps, sensors and devices are prevalent • Quantifying exercise is where value is derived • Wellness data is a valuable commodity • Engagement-incentive-motivation is challenging • Connecting with an individual’s social network is key • Community culture change is importantConfidential August 9, 2012 7
    8. 8. Business Model Detail Gamification of Wellness Platforms: • Depend on subscription memberships • Rely on online coaching and HRA • Engage upwards of 85% during the first 6-8 weeks or during challenges • Have a compliance/participation drop-off to 18-30% after 6-8 weeks (self-reported by many platforms) • Require a subscribing population of approx. 5000 to start • “FREE” services are generally self-reporting, thus do not yield valuable data on target populations • Those that do use devices or sensors for logging activity are usually limited in the variety or number of devices they can accommodateConfidential August 9, 2012 8
    9. 9. Business Model Detail PA Pharmacy dba ExerWellness in a community can deliver: • A customer base across an entire geographic community • Real-world coaching and HRA provided by local ExerWellness Leaders and participating destinations (employee wellness, local fitness centers, community learning wellness programming) • A more diverse set of “customers” from which to derive subscription memberships • One ExerWellness Community administrator generating “group sales” to individuals, small businesses, and employer groups (i.e. Chamber of Commerce) unable to qualify for participation otherwiseConfidential August 9, 2012 9
    10. 10. Business Model Detail PA Pharmacy dba ExerWellness Community will be compensated by: • A one-time set-up fee share (per community) for each “gamification of wellness” health platforms used ($7500+) • Between 50 cents and $1 per subscribing member per month according to number of active subscribers • A revenue share on data collected and delivered to Elbrys Networks for use with their CommonSenses and/or Active Senses proprietary technology • Monthly subscription fees from qualified ExerWellness leaders -minimal revenue, but crucial. A wellness professional cannot buy a listing or membership, but once qualified, must subscribe to PA Pharmacy to remain listed.Confidential August 9, 2012 10
    11. 11. Proven Proprietary Infrastructure Data Value Chain Mobile & Web App Sensor Play Platform Referral Oauth PA Pharmacy Engine Telehealth 2.0 EMR Services Devices CommonSenses And Mobile SDK CommonSenses Sensors Services Bio-metrics Localation PHR Sensor Data Manager Identity AWS Services Android iOS Sensor Store WellnessGamification Platforms And Apps Social Media Value Chain Regulated Data Unregulated DataConfidential August 9, 2012 11
    12. 12. Central Oregon ExerWellness Community: Pilot Wellness Programs Employers ExerWellness Leaders Clubs ExerWellness Community Group Administrator Sponsors (Judy Shasek) • Deliver subscribers to platforms and apps • Sustain revenue share with Elbrys • Create community culture change • Increase compliance and long term exercise Individuals logging • Connecting across community social networksConfidential August 9, 2012 12
    13. 13. Competition: Status Quo and Current Compensation Models • Insurance Processes • Physician Compensation • Fitness Industry: Spending millions but missing out on “wellness”Confidential August 9, 2012 13
    14. 14. The Product • Group buying power for health apps and platforms – online and customized • Can connect with social network at work, home, leisure – across community and across generations
    15. 15. The Sales Tool: ExerWellness Workshop ExerWellness Workshop • ExerWellness Workshop: Information and social connection as the “sales” format • Can be accessed online, via video, at fitness clubs, in the workplace or at community learning sites • Complements existing wellness programs by providing habit change and social network awareness • Engages the “least active” harnessing the social connections among “super node” individuals
    16. 16. The Product: Education, Connection, Hope of SUCCESS + ExerWellness Workshop • One annual subscription fee to join the ExerWellness Community Network • Can be “sponsored” by employer • Allows the individual “group buying” power
    17. 17. Advisory Team Cynthia Kane Kane Healthcare ConsultingDr. Ernie Medina Dr. Brad A. Roy Ph.D., FACSM, FACHEMedPLay Technologies Cary Wing, EdD Exec Director at (MFA) Anthony Delli Colli Member, American Council Continua Health Alliance on Exercise (ACE) Elbrys Networks
    18. 18. Physical Activity Pharmacydba ExerWellness Community Once the Central Oregon pilot is refined for systems and processes, we can scale to other communities. Our product concept facilitates sales and revenue objectives of leading platforms and business models in the wellness space driving long-term and exponential return. Judy Shasek 541-410-1478