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2000TEN portfolio of services and products related to social networking and business networks mangement. English version

2000TEN portfolio of services and products related to social networking and business networks mangement. English version

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  • 1. Portfolio www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 2. New Design JOIN: http://www.topexecutivesnet.com www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 3. Audiences Corporate Franchising Political Parties Airline Companies Travel Agencies Football teams www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 4. One Stop Shop We offer an integrated and complete portfolio of services & products related to social networking and business networks management. www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 5. Social Networks & www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 6. Business Networks Management Board of Employees Directors Clients Prospects Suppliers Media Channels Government COMPANY Communities Chief Networking Officer Associations Universities Investors Financial Professional & Competitors Alliances Institutions Services Sponsors www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 7. Created the concept of CNO – Chief Networking Officer Worldwide www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 8. TEN Portfolio Coaching Training Relationship Events Indoor & Outdoor Interim CNO Business Models Online Propaganda www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 9. Coaching APPLIED TO: Career Entrepreneurship Business Teams www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 10. Training Speakings: 1h Workshops: 8h-16h Social Networking Training: 4h In-company: Min/Max: 5-20 people Virtual: Min/Max: 1-3 people www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 11. Eventos de Relacionamento 1000+ participants in Brazil since Oct/2008 Test your products & services with our selected audience Rio, São Paulo & Curitiba cities www.topexecutivesnet.com INDOOR OUTDOOR octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 12. Interim CNO Business Unit Corporative Leadership www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 13. Online Propaganda www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 14. Business Models TEN Club Saving/Donation 1. Integration between social 1. Business acceleration combining networks and real world existing social networks with a calendar of networks global corporate events. 2. Partnership with a financial 2. Benefits: institution to apply the model. • Strong relationship with top 3. Benefits: executives • Loyalty • Effective business creation • Branding valuation • International expansion • Atraction of new members • Extremely positive ROI • Low operational cost www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 15. Build Partnerships Social networks outsourcing, webtv, webconferencing, blog-site integration, power ap developments etc… Corporate social network development (SaaS – Software as a Service) www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 16. TEN + Summer Site + Blog Integration Campaigns Digital Convergence Social Networks Outsourcing Measurement www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 17. Site + Blog Integration • It turns the communication more Tools for support and automation: agile while keeping the content consistency. Content Management o Texts (articles, news, clipping) • It allows to link to the site´s o Audio content, additional information from blog. o Video o Several documents (forms, • On the other hand, it connects processes, proposals, daily activities deeper content from your site to a etc...) determined post of your blog. Integration • Profissionals with more diversed o Identification of related content Site / levels of IT knowledge can be Blog automatically through tags / responsible for managing different keywords parts of a website. www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 18. Campaigns www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 19. Digital Convergence o Web sites & Blogs integration o Knowledge Transference o Live workshops o Distance learning o Video conferencing STREAMING VIA INTERNET o Powerful webTV plataform o Broadcasting of high definition live videos (HDTV) o Digital convergence TV / PC / Mobile www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 20. Social Networks Outsourcing SLA – Service Level Agreement Benefits 3 packages: Management of communities or o Simplicity – Team is always available • basic •guerrilla discussion • maintenance groups & polls o No headcount of People & Equipments Added value: o Wide range of modular services for a Training & Coaching 1- fixed price/package Own social network 20 executives Web TV Web conference o Client focus on his own business Customized reports in frequency and scope o Easy to manage / coordinate Content for: Blog Micro-blog Regular delivery Photos of newsletters Videos Brand monitoring Duration: over Internet Mín/Max 3-6 months Renewal: 3-6 months www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 21. Measurement www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 22. TEN + Mind Cloud • Have your own social network similar to TEN (http://www.topexecutivesnet.com) around your brand, increasing its value. • Software as a Service (SaaS) model depending on the number of members. • Plataforma em constante progresso técnico Several functionalities: • Wikis • Knowledge repository • Videos • Newsletters • Visual Space • Widget WebTV www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  • 23. Contact Octavio Pitaluga Neto Chief Networking Officer Tel: +55 21 2235-8721 / 8829-4933 @topexecutives E-mail: octavio@topexecutivesnet.com @chiefnetworking http://www.topexecutivesnet.com Skype: octaviopitaluga Social Networking Expert Business Networks Management Coach, Speaker, Facilitator e Blogger MBA, RSM Erasmus University Focused on people and changes. Analitical, Strategic Thinker, Team-Worker and ENTJ. www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com