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2000TEN portfolio of services and products related to social networking and business networks mangement. English version

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2000TEN EN

  1. 1. Portfolio www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  2. 2. New Design JOIN: http://www.topexecutivesnet.com www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  3. 3. Audiences Corporate Franchising Political Parties Airline Companies Travel Agencies Football teams www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  4. 4. One Stop Shop We offer an integrated and complete portfolio of services & products related to social networking and business networks management. www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  5. 5. Social Networks & www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  6. 6. Business Networks Management Board of Employees Directors Clients Prospects Suppliers Media Channels Government COMPANY Communities Chief Networking Officer Associations Universities Investors Financial Professional & Competitors Alliances Institutions Services Sponsors www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  7. 7. Created the concept of CNO – Chief Networking Officer Worldwide www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  8. 8. TEN Portfolio Coaching Training Relationship Events Indoor & Outdoor Interim CNO Business Models Online Propaganda www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  9. 9. Coaching APPLIED TO: Career Entrepreneurship Business Teams www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  10. 10. Training Speakings: 1h Workshops: 8h-16h Social Networking Training: 4h In-company: Min/Max: 5-20 people Virtual: Min/Max: 1-3 people www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  11. 11. Eventos de Relacionamento 1000+ participants in Brazil since Oct/2008 Test your products & services with our selected audience Rio, São Paulo & Curitiba cities www.topexecutivesnet.com INDOOR OUTDOOR octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  12. 12. Interim CNO Business Unit Corporative Leadership www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  13. 13. Online Propaganda www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  14. 14. Business Models TEN Club Saving/Donation 1. Integration between social 1. Business acceleration combining networks and real world existing social networks with a calendar of networks global corporate events. 2. Partnership with a financial 2. Benefits: institution to apply the model. • Strong relationship with top 3. Benefits: executives • Loyalty • Effective business creation • Branding valuation • International expansion • Atraction of new members • Extremely positive ROI • Low operational cost www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  15. 15. Build Partnerships Social networks outsourcing, webtv, webconferencing, blog-site integration, power ap developments etc… Corporate social network development (SaaS – Software as a Service) www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  16. 16. TEN + Summer Site + Blog Integration Campaigns Digital Convergence Social Networks Outsourcing Measurement www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  17. 17. Site + Blog Integration • It turns the communication more Tools for support and automation: agile while keeping the content consistency. Content Management o Texts (articles, news, clipping) • It allows to link to the site´s o Audio content, additional information from blog. o Video o Several documents (forms, • On the other hand, it connects processes, proposals, daily activities deeper content from your site to a etc...) determined post of your blog. Integration • Profissionals with more diversed o Identification of related content Site / levels of IT knowledge can be Blog automatically through tags / responsible for managing different keywords parts of a website. www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  18. 18. Campaigns www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  19. 19. Digital Convergence o Web sites & Blogs integration o Knowledge Transference o Live workshops o Distance learning o Video conferencing STREAMING VIA INTERNET o Powerful webTV plataform o Broadcasting of high definition live videos (HDTV) o Digital convergence TV / PC / Mobile www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  20. 20. Social Networks Outsourcing SLA – Service Level Agreement Benefits 3 packages: Management of communities or o Simplicity – Team is always available • basic •guerrilla discussion • maintenance groups & polls o No headcount of People & Equipments Added value: o Wide range of modular services for a Training & Coaching 1- fixed price/package Own social network 20 executives Web TV Web conference o Client focus on his own business Customized reports in frequency and scope o Easy to manage / coordinate Content for: Blog Micro-blog Regular delivery Photos of newsletters Videos Brand monitoring Duration: over Internet Mín/Max 3-6 months Renewal: 3-6 months www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  21. 21. Measurement www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  22. 22. TEN + Mind Cloud • Have your own social network similar to TEN (http://www.topexecutivesnet.com) around your brand, increasing its value. • Software as a Service (SaaS) model depending on the number of members. • Plataforma em constante progresso técnico Several functionalities: • Wikis • Knowledge repository • Videos • Newsletters • Visual Space • Widget WebTV www.topexecutivesnet.com MORE DETAILS octavio@topexecutivesnet.com
  23. 23. Contact Octavio Pitaluga Neto Chief Networking Officer Tel: +55 21 2235-8721 / 8829-4933 @topexecutives E-mail: octavio@topexecutivesnet.com @chiefnetworking http://www.topexecutivesnet.com Skype: octaviopitaluga Social Networking Expert Business Networks Management Coach, Speaker, Facilitator e Blogger MBA, RSM Erasmus University Focused on people and changes. Analitical, Strategic Thinker, Team-Worker and ENTJ. www.topexecutivesnet.com octavio@topexecutivesnet.com