OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Introduction


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The OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite initiative, the 2.0 specification represents an upgrade from previous OpenTravel schema to a modern, object-based structure and marks the first time that a standard in the travel industry is designed to allow implementers to integrate travel distribution standards directly into their enterprise architecture frameworks.

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OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction to the OpenTravel 2.0XML Object Suite About OpenTravel– 2 About OpenTravel Product Features– 4 Product Features New Functionality 15 New 2.0 Functionality – Component Model Introducing the Component Model – 23 Contact Us – 31 Contact UsJanuary 20131 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  2. 2. About OpenTravelXML Standards for the Travel Industry OpenTravel provides the preferred open source XML standard for the travel and leisure industry. 1999 2001 2011 OpenTravel formed as a OpenTravel produces OpenTravel creates a member funded, the first open standards second open standard- not-for-profit for the travel industry. based schema product. organization. By using the OpenTravel specification, you’ll join a worldwide network of travel industry suppliers, resellers, global distributors and integrators dedicated to meeting their customer and trading partner XML distribution demands. 2 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  3. 3. About OpenTravelImportance of Common Information Exchange Model• OpenTravel maintains the common information service interface schema standard schema application schema exchange model (CIEM) created by and for the mapping mapping mapping travel industry trading partner 1• Represents travel industry OpenTravel data at rest (implementer Common stored) and in motion Information Exchange Model (exchanged) (CIEM) trading partner 2• The foundation of all OpenTravel specifications mapping mapping mapping Travel segment contextual service interface standard application• schema schema schema 3 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  4. 4. 2.0 XML Object Suite Features The XML Object Suite schema product has been completely re-architected to support the new and innovative approaches to travel industry distribution. 4 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  5. 5. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesComprehensive Distribution Functionality Vacation Car Rental Rental Ground Extended Parking Stay Rail Hotel Air Hostel 2.0 provides distribution Golf functionality for all travel Event RFP segments. Activity Offers Profiles Subscriptions Cruise Travel Packages Merchant Services Day Tour Information Validation Location-Based Offers Packaged Travel Insurance Loyalty Program Tour Online Maps 5 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  6. 6. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesDesigned for Modern Distribution Channels Multi-Participant Sales & Distribution Channels Loyalty Program Travel with Customer Product Recognition Differentiation Partner & Customer Travel Product Subscriptions & Bundling, Up-sell Notifications Travel & Cross-sell Distribution Demands Packaged Trip Travel Product Shopping & Pricing & Bundling Management Transparency Personalized Shopping & Targeted Offers The 2.0 functional model supports emerging business model and distribution challenges. 6 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  7. 7. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesXML Business Object Architecture The 2.0 XML object architecture supports the rapidly evolving travel environment by simplifying interoperability. • Reusable, extensible and substitutable XML objects • Rapid deployment of new or enhanced functionality • Implementer proprietary functionality • Thin client applications The 2.0 XML architecture provides a “use what you need” implementation model. 7 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  8. 8. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesIndependent Component & Service Models Separate XML component and service models support: • Versioning & maintaining internal 2.0 XML object libraries (with and without proprietary extensions) • Upgrading web services at an XML object level versus an entire service level 2.0 provides separate XML component and service models to accommodate your implementation & upgrade requirements. 8 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  9. 9. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesPackaged Trip Support for All Segments Your packaged trips may include flight, car rental, Shopping, booking & lodging and activities (as an example) in a single or co-shared reservation. reservation management for multiple trip components • Sold through one channel • Cross-sells between multiple partner channels Multi-participant distribution channel support • Packaging rules, booking rules, pricing rules, etc. • Co-managed itineraries • Loyalty alliances Co-managed itineraries let you and your trading partners create, modify and manage your own portions of a packaged trip. 9 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  10. 10. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesOrganic Extensibility Built-in extension points Your Reservation System support unique internal and trading partner Your PNR OpenTravel object PNR business requirements extension Object • Accommodate immediate and emerging business OpenTravel requirements PNR Object OpenTravel with your PNR Object extension • Easy method for permanent OpenTravel specification Trading Partner Trading Partner enhancements 2 1 • Protects IT investment in You can easily extend 2.0 XML objects to meet your unique OpenTravel standard trading partner and/ or system-to-system requirements. 10 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  11. 11. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesMobile Application Support Light-weight XML objects for OpenTravel- enabling thin-client applications: • Flexible XML-binding mechanism to reduce XML object sizes for light-weight transactions • Functional support for • Real-time customer notification programs (e.g. flight delay) Light-weight transactions are a must to meet your thin-client transaction latency demands, and 2.0 • Location-specific offers provides the mechanisms you need to exchange light-weight XML objects. 11 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  12. 12. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesOpenTravel-Enabled API Support Thin Client Applications and API’s 2.0 XML MESSAGE SUITE Thick Client Applications 2.0 XML Objects 2.0 XML Objects PAYLOAD API Application Web Web Services Services mobile kiosk server pc Your OpenTravel-enabled API’s can function standalone or exchange information with OpenTravel-enabled applications. 12 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  13. 13. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesTwo Implementation Methods 1 2 Use your existing web services Use 2.0 “Model” WSDL Start with (and extend) baseline WSDL to meet your Include 2.0 XML objects in your existing WSDL distribution requirements 13 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  14. 14. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite FeaturesMore Frequent Member Releases Additional specification releases for OpenTravel Members: • Meet the pace of innovation in the travel industry • Meet IT schedules and new channel integration • Provide more time for IT departments to review and enhance draft 2.0 releases before final publication As an OpenTravel member, you have access to draft publications when OpenTravel project milestones are met or project work is completed 14 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  15. 15. 2.0 XML Object Suite New Functionality 2.0 introduces new functionality to help implementers meet their business objectives. 15 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  16. 16. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityMulti-Channel Interoperability & Cooperation operatorSupport for multiple profile repository supplier carrierchannel participants in loyalty programshopping, booking packager Information Suppliers/and ancillary Managers Operatorstransactions bundler ConsolidatorsTwo implementationmechanisms available: travel agency1. Use 2.0 pre-defined set of channel definitions distributor • Extend categories and roles as required2. Create your own unique Aggregators channel definitions DMO 16 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  17. 17. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityMulti-Channel Participant TransparencyMulti-Channel Participant Channel participantinformation identificationtransparency Changes made to any information received from other channelat the XML object level participants Travel Product & Offer Quote Details Pricing/ availability expiration date/ time Participation eligibility Air Supplier Supplier/ Operator Bundling & pricing rules Inclusions & exclusions, etc. Dedicated Travel shopping Distributor Air Supplier request Manager Aggregator Aggregator Supplier/ Operator Air Supplier Supplier/ Operator 17 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  18. 18. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityPersonalized Shopping Shopper Shopper Input Examples Shopping by trip purpose or type (Packaged Trip, Deal, Input Destination, Family Trip, etc.) Processing Awards shopping  Proximity search  Keyword search Social media search  Flexible dates & locations Influencers Promotions, discounts & negotiated rates Loyalty credentials  Special needs Processing Influencer Examples Flexible Loyalty tier, etc.  Customer profile  Party size Results Trip purpose  Flexible dates & locations Promotions  Offers Flexible Results Examples Shopper-designated result quantities and display (sort by price, awards, best match, etc.) Alternate results Travel product side-by-side comparison Mouse-over tips  Supplier-specific branding Personalized Shopping Results & Offers 18 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  19. 19. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityGeocoding and Online Maps Geocoded coordinate metadata for all geographical location XML Objects Address  Country  Region  State/ Province  City  City Neighborhood  etc. Support for online mapping services Geocoding metadata includes: Map URL  Natural Area Code  Latitude  Longitude  Altitude  Granularity  Confidence  Side of Street  Remark 19 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  20. 20. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityLocation-Specific Services Targeted offers and information based on any combination of:  Travel Products (supplier & trading partners)  Trip Segment  Trip Location, Radius & Proximity  Stay Duration origin: Tampa Book Airport check-in: 13:00 destination: Anguilla Flight Check-in departure: 17:00 Flight Trip location: Anguilla location: Anguilla Arrival Stay Stay length: 5 days 20 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  21. 21. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityOpt-In Subscriptions Support for opt-in Customizable Subscription customer subscriptions XML Objects • Customer/ trip personalized • Preset term • Trip-based (e.g. flight notifications that expire when flight is completed) • No expiration date (e.g. trip deal fare/ rate reductions) • Qualifiers • Loyalty tier or status, age category, current customers, etc. 2.0 subscription XML objects can be associated with • Associated with travel products and opt-in subscription offers in websites, e-mails, offers or location-based electronic itineraries, etc. • Multiple content formats (plain text, HTML, multimedia) Flight Travel Social Notifications Deals Media Weather Room Customer Loyalty Alerts Availability Ratings Earners 21 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  22. 22. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite New FunctionalityXML Object-Level Secure Data Exchange Payment Authorization Sensitive “data in motion” may be secured at the 2.0 Reservation System XML object level or sent as plain text • Meet internal and trading partner PCI compliance and other mandated initiatives tokenized/ plain text masked encrypted • Support for Payment Information • Encryption Credit Card Number • Tokenization • Masking Request Response 22 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  23. 23. 2.0 XML Object Suite Component Model 23 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  24. 24. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelHierarchical Component Model The 2.0 Component Model contains a hierarchical structure of XML Objects used to: • Optimize component reuse • Build other 2.0 XML objects • 2.0 enable web services • 2.0 enable APIs 24 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  25. 25. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelComponent Categories Basic Components Extensible Components • Not implementer extensible • Implementer extensible • Enforce reuse throughout the open • Allow exchange of proprietary distribution standard information • Protect integrity of (and • Prevents business disruption by investment in) the open allowing exchange of data while distribution standard distribution standard is being • Used as “building blocks” for enhanced other 2.0 components Examples: Examples: • 2.0 Enumeration • 2.0 Simple Type • 2.0 Core Object • 2.0 Value with Attributes • 2.0 Business Object 25 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  26. 26. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelExtensible Components: Enumerations Implementer Extensible Closed Enumeration Open Enumeration • Non-value extensible enumerated list • Fully extensible enumerated list • Static list of values and system actionable metadata • Alternate language extensible 26 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  27. 27. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelExtensible Components: Business Objects Implementer Extensible Business Object • Large-grained business objects that are used to enable travel Examples distribution by sharing data • Loyalty Account across heterogeneous business • Profile applications both internal and • Offer external • Reservation • Uniquely identifiable and define all • Itinerary information known for the given object • Seat Map • Typically associated with enterprise • Vacation Rental Property business processes, such as: • Company • Shopping and availability • Activity • Loyalty program management • Reservation create, modify, cancel and retrieve 27 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  28. 28. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelExtensible Components: Core Objects Implementer Extensible Core Object Examples • Logical groupings of parts of • Directions • Copyright an object • Geocoding • Used as “building blocks” in: • Seat • Other core objects • Guest Room • Business objects • Vacation Rental Unit • Origin & Destination • For example, an Address core • Payment Card object is a component of: • Email Address • A Company business object • Passport • A Directions core object 28 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  29. 29. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelExtensible Components: Facets Facet Categories 2.0 Facet Identifier • Organized collections of data in A subset of the XML object data that uniquely identifies a 2.0 Components Business Object • Provide XML object extensibility at the facet category level Summary A subset of descriptive XML data intended for use in thin- • Provide XML binding substitution client services mechanism • Hierarchal inclusion structure Detail A larger subset of descriptive XML data intended for use in functionally richer services includes Query A subset of data that applies to a query process includes includes Custom Proprietary implementer defined facet (business objects) 29 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  30. 30. OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object Suite Component ModelExtensible Components: Facet Substitution Business Object Substitution Group Example: Airport Substitution Groups • Used with core and business I only need to object facets exchange an IATA airport code • Allows XML binding to one substitution group facet I need to exchange links for airport contact & directions in search results ID Summary I need to include airport terminal lounge Detail information and airport ground transportation information in a reservation confirmation 30 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  31. 31. Questions? Valyn Perini, CEO Bonnie Lowell, Specification Architect MA Neff, Program Manager OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object SuiteTravel distribution just got cool. 31 © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |