OpenTravel Standards from TravelTraction Berlin


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Presentation to travel entrepreneurs and startups, March 2013.

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OpenTravel Standards from TravelTraction Berlin

  1. 1. Introduction to theOpenTravel Alliance 1   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  2. 2. XML Standards for the Travel Industry OpenTravel provides the preferred open source XML standard for the travel and leisure industry. 1999 2001 2011 OpenTravel formed as a OpenTravel produces OpenTravel creates a member funded, the first open standards second open standard- not-for-profit for the travel industry. based schema product. organization. By using the OpenTravel specification, you’ll join a worldwide network of travel industry suppliers, resellers, global distributors and integrators dedicated to meeting their customer and trading partner XML distribution demands. 2   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  3. 3. Why Use Standards? The standards body has made the effort to create messages that incorporate variations in supplier implementations •  So you don’t have to Abstract Suppliers •  Easier to Add, Change, Replace Reusability from trading partner to trading partner •  Less implementation support Shorter implementation times •  Lower IT Costs Widespread adoption and industry support •  Wide body of implementation knowledge 3   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  4. 4. How to Use Standards? •  Standardise your content internally (do not just use the format of the first supplier you connect to) •  Abstract suppliers behind internal standards - much easier to change them or swap in/out •  Use standards where they exist (OpenTravel), even if the suppliers do not support them. Will save you in long term •  Where standards dont exist (or do not match exactly what you want) then use the core data blocks from OpenTravel to build your own messages 4   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  5. 5. Open Standard Specification Philosophy –  Support both mature and emerging travel industry segments –  Promote message and object re-use when possible –  Support emerging travel industry trends & business processes –  Specification is free and openly available to any implementer –  Specification downloaded from OpenTravel website • 7   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  6. 6. Travel Industry Information Exchange Model•  OpenTravel maintains the service interface schema standard schema application schema common information exchange model (CIEM) mapping mapping mapping created by and for the travel industry trading partner 1 OpenTravel•  Represents travel industry Common data at rest (implementer Information Exchange Model stored) and in motion (CIEM) (exchanged) trading partner 2•  The foundation of all mapping mapping mapping OpenTravel specifications service interface standard application schema schema schema•  Travel segment contextual 8   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  7. 7. OpenTravel Body of Work The OpenTravel specification supports business functionality for all travel segments. 9   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  8. 8. Functionality: All Travel Segments Supported Vacation Car Rental Rental Ground Extended Parking Stay Rail Hotel Air Hostel 2.0 provides distribution Golf functionality for all travel Event RFP segments. Activity Offers Profiles Subscriptions Cruise Travel Packages Merchant Services Day Tour Information Validation Location-Based Offers Packaged Travel Insurance Loyalty Program Tour Online Maps 10   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  9. 9. Functionality: Comprehensive Distribution Functionality •  Search, Availability, Make Booking/ Modify •  Media (multimedia, image, video, file attachment…) Booking, Cancel Booking, Notification… •  Offer (targeted, merchandising, bundle, rules…) •  Actors (person, company, system…) •  Payment (accepted forms, payment card, bank •  Agreements (trading partner, property rental, status, account, award, commission…) details…) •  Period (applicable, effective/ expire, blackout date, •  Aircraft (equipment, cabin class, seat map, services & check in/ out…) amenities…) •  Person (demographics, birthdate, related, group…) •  Authority (name, type, status, location…) •  Policy (pets, check-in, cancellation, no show…) •  Company (name, location, departments, divisions…) •  Position (relative, radius, directions, index point…) •  Contact (email, phone, address…) •  Price (fare, rate, charge unit, fee, tax…) •  Coupon (ticket, air pass, loyalty award…) •  Product (bundle, package, quote, encoding,…) •  Customer Authentication (user name/ password, PIN, •  Profile (agency, company, customer, supplier, challenge q&a…) consolidator…) •  Data Verification (frequency, method, status…) •  Program (marketing, social media, subscription…) •  Document (passport, birth certificate, drivers license…) •  Rating (customer rating, industry award…) •  Facility (airport, lounge, property, rental unit, restaurant, •  Reservation (sale information, ticketing location, store, rental location…) booking model, PNR…) •  Feature (amenity, service, architectural…) •  Rules (booking, packaging, terms & conditions…) •  Identifier (code, alternate codes…) •  Schedule (operation times, location, after hours…) •  Information (description, formatted text, category…) •  Season (weather, temperature, precipitation…) •  Locale (local currency, local language, local time…) •  Seat (premium, location, amenities, price, upgrade…) •  Location (address, geocoding, map, neighborhood, •  Systems (status, website, mobile device, application, island…) capabilities…) •  Loyalty (account credentials/ status/ tier/ balance, •  Trip (sector, segment, characteristics, mode, segment, alliance, program, award…) status…) 11   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  10. 10. Functionality: Designed for Modern Distribution Channels Multi-Participant Sales & Distribution Channels Loyalty Program Travel with Customer Product Recognition Differentiation Partner & Customer Travel Product Subscriptions & Bundling, Up-sell Notifications Travel & Cross-sell Distribution Demands Packaged Trip Travel Product Shopping & Pricing & Bundling Management Transparency Personalized Shopping & Targeted Offers The OpenTravel functional model supports emerging business model and distribution challenges. 12   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  11. 11. Schema Products 13   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  12. 12. 1.0 XML Message Suite Mature specification • Implemented since 2003 • Message-based structure 14   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  13. 13. How Implementers Use the 1.0 XML Message Suite 15   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  14. 14. 2.0 XML Object Suite Object-based architecture supports rapidly evolving xml tooling…•  Reusable, extensible and substitutable XML objects•  Rapid deployment of new or enhanced functionality•  Implementer proprietary functionality•  Thin client applications 16   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  15. 15. How Implementers Use the 2.0 XML Object Suite Thin Client Applications and API’s Thick Client Applications 2.0 XML MESSAGE 2.0 XML Objects 2.0 XML Objects SUITE PAYLOAD API Application Web Web Services Services mobile kiosk server pc Your OpenTravel-enabled API’s can function standalone or exchange information with OpenTravel-enabled applications. 17   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  16. 16. Membership Benefits The OpenTravel specification supports business functionality for all travel segments. 18   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  17. 17. OpenTravel Membership Benefits •  Influence the structure of the standard •  Initiate, lead and/or participate in projects •  Network with potential partners/ customers •  Marketplace credibility •  Access to technical staff •  24 hour turn-around from OpenTravel Forum •  Members only documentation and websites •  Preferred pricing to OpenTravel events 19   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  18. 18. OpenTravel Governance Structure Responsible for strategic direction and organization oversight Board of Directors Member-controlled internal governance structure Interoperability Committee (IO) Workgroups Reviews comments; proposes new work Architecture Transport Travel Integration Hospitality Creates requirements and develops schema Project Teams 20   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |
  19. 19. Questions? Valyn Perini, CEO OpenTravel 2.0 XML Object SuiteTravel distribution just got cool. 21   © 2013 OpenTravel Alliance |