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  • Hello – thank you for your time today. Today we’re going to talk about Cisco’s Mobile Internet solutions, including some new innovations and how operators can use those innovations to expand business opportunities.
  • To set the stage, I’ll reinforce what we’ve been telling our customers for some time now: Cisco’s Mobile Internet solutions are designedto address three key challenges mobile operators face today:Spectrum ScarcityTraffic GrowthMonetizationOur goal is to continually develop and deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and effective solutions to meet these challenges. Today we’ll be introducing a number of innovations that will directly address the challenge of managing and monetizing mobile network traffic, or mobile Data in Motion. What do we mean when we talk about monetizing “data in motion”?The key is the intelligent network …The intelligent network is foundational to DatainMotionDatainMotion enables monetization and optimization opportunitiesMobility expands DatainMotion business opportunities by providing key intelligence that can be used to …Opens new marketsEssence of “Internet of Everything”Cisco’s Next-Gen Internet Architecture Portfolio InnovationsAllows Service Providers to Monetize DatainMotion
  • Let’s talk a bit more about these new business opportunities …Mobility enables service providers to expand into non-traditional markets and disrupt traditional value chains, leading to:New monetization opportunities, including new business models and new partners, like M2M and targeted advertisingNew and differentiated services, like indoor location-based servicesExtended network reach and enhanced network intelligenceMobility is the very essence of the Internet of Everything – what connects people, process, data, and things.And here to expand on that thought is my good friend and colleague, Shailesh Shukla. Shailesh, tell us how the intelligent mobile network enables us to monetize mobile data in motion and about your new innovations to the Cisco Mobile Internet Architecture.
  • Thanks, Murali. The intelligence inherent in mobile data in motion is really a “gold mine” for mobile operators. They key is having the right tools to mine and use that data. And that starts with an open, programmable network, like Cisco’s. Mining DatainMotion intelligence,such as insight into hyper-location, connection type, and preferences originating from network resources, requires orchestration between infrastructure and software. More specifically network-wide analytics and policy. In an open, programmable, and application-aware framework, service providers can extract the intelligence, analyze it, enforce it, and program infrastructure resources appropriately.As a result, service providers can improve monetization and differentiation by seizing new market opportunities,including Indoor Location Services, Premium Video Services, Mobile Advertising, and Sponsored Data.Service Providers can also better optimize across existing access, core, and cloud resources for better network scale, resource utilization, and a superior user experience.
  • As I’m sure most of you know, Cisco recently made a number of acquisitions in the software space, and I’m sure many of you are wondering how they will integrate into Cisco’s already comprehensive mobile architecture and add further value to the mobile experience.Well, be assured these acquisitions were made deliberately and with much forethought, with the goal in mind to bring to market the most comprehensive, practical, and effective set of tools available anywhere today. We are pleased and proud to introduce our new software suite: Cisco Quantum – an integrated suite of network management tools that will allow operators to efficiently and effectively monetize and optimize their networks in the face of ever-increasing demands. QUANTUM NETWORK ABSTRACTION SUITE consistent policy application across the entire architectureQUANTUM POLICY SUITE (Broadhop) customized user experiencesQUANTUM ANALYTICS SUITE (PRIME, MURAL, & ThinkSmart) optimized network managementQUANTUM RAN OPTIMIZATIONSUITE real-time network resource allocation network intelligence into the RANQUANTUM WAN ORCHESTRATION SUITE (Cariden) improved network economicsTogether, these Software and Application solutions deliver on the promise of the intelligent mobile network. [ Turn to Murali. ]Thanks, Shailesh. This is an exciting new initiative for Cisco, and we’re all looking forward to delivering this suite to our customers.Now, here to tell you about some of our new innovations on the hardware side, coming to us live from Bangalore, is our friend Partho Mishra. Partho?
  • Thanks, Murali. Last year at Mobile World Congress, we redefined “small cell” with our Service Provider Wi-Fi solution, and claimed a leadership position in this critical area of the mobile architecture. This year, we’re extending our small cell solutions in critical places, working from our expertise and position of strength in three areas: 1. Wi-Fi – we’re market leaders in carrier grade Wi-Fi, 1M per quarter – we understand how to deploy them 2. Licensed small cell – we have deployed more than any other vendor in the world. We know how to scale, and the operational issues that need to be overcome.World class routing technology – bring it out to the pole,which is where a good deal of small cells are going to be To be specific, we’re introducing three new platforms that will extend our leadership in delivering practical solutions to the market:Cisco 3G Small Cell ModuleThe Cisco 3G Small Cell Module takes advantage of the flexible modular design of the award-winning Cisco Aironet 3600 Series to offer mobile operators a rapid-to-deploy licensed radio network extension on the footprint of their Cisco SP Wi-Fi solution, creating a new platform for mobile broadband services. Cisco 3G Small CellThe Cisco 3G Small Cell is a self-contained small cell base station that can be quickly and easily deployed to Enterprise locations and is part of the end-to-end Cisco Small Cell Solution. This 3G Small Cell delivers mobile operators a rapid deployment solution for their licensed radio network extension.  Cisco ASR 901SThe Cisco ASR 901S extends routing intelligence to the pole in order to break the small cell backhaul bottleneck for metrocell deployments.  It features a flexible architecture that supports “any-G” from any vendor, and it dramatically reduces operating costs through zero touch provisioning capabilities and extensive management tools. Together with our already robust small cell portfolio, what we’re introducing shows that … Customers are not locked to a macro solution solelyWe provide market-leading investment protection to leverage what you’ve already paid for and extend current investments in unlicensed Wi-Fi out to small cellsWith Cisco, you can unlock business models beyond optimizing the network
  • Indeed, we’ve seen a wave of successes in our small cell business, as we’ve proven time and time again how small cells, as part of an intelligent mobile architecture, can help to monetize and optimize a mobile operator’s network.For example:O2: with a B2B2C business model. O2 offers free wi-fi to customers. O2 then collects and sells customer data to the retailer. The retailer uses that data to deliver information and offers to customers and increase revenues. O2 monetizes their network, retailer increases sales, customer gets a free, enhanced online experience. Virgin Media: with an elastic Wi-Fi architecture deployed in one of the most challenging environments – London Underground stations – at a time of peak demand – the London Olympics. And the service has met with great success and has quickly become an expected service by London tourists and commuters. AT&T: with an advanced, indoor-location service based on our next-gen Wi-Fi platform, enabling the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta to not only provide seamless access to visitors, from 3G/4G to Wi-Fi, but also an enhanced museum experience, with location-based mapping and multimedia learning tools. All of these stories show the power of small cells and how, when deployed as part of a comprehensive, intelligent mobile architecture, can make money, save money, and delight your customers. Back to you, Murali.
  • Thanks, Partho. That’s very exciting. So, just to recap what we’re announcing today …Cisco is introducing an evolution of its Next Gen Internet Architecture to help Service Providers meet new business opportunities using Data-in-Motion intelligence:Cisco Quantum, with Policy, Analytics, SON, and WAN Orchestration tools for greater optimization capabilities, and … A portfolio of licensed and unlicensed small cell solutions that will simplify deployment, open up new business models, and extend the benefits of the intelligent mobile network.
  • In conclusion, I’d just like to remind folks why Cisco should be the first company you think of when challenged with monetizing or optimizing you mobile network. Elastic, programmable mobile architecture that helps service providers increase monetization and improve optimization with Data in MotionBreadth and depth of portfolio spanning access, transport, software/cloudInnovation leadership: radio-agnostic SON, access-independent mobile backhaul, CleanAir, ClientLink, elastic EPC servicesMarket leadership: #1 in EPC; #1 in unlicensed small cells (Wi-Fi); #1 in residential femtoDeployed at over 270 Operators in more than 75 CountriesOnly Cisco provides the vision, the experience, and the comprehensive solutions to deliver on the promise of the Next-Generation Internet.
  • Cisco Mobile Innovations 2013

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    3. 3. POLICY Orchestration ANALYTICS Monetization Optimization NEW NEW NEW Address Managing Monetize Spectrum Traffic and Scarcity Growth Differentiate© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 3
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    6. 6. Quantum Network Abstraction Suite extract and harvest intelligence from the network Quantum Policy Suite program network for customized user experiences Quantum Analytics Suite Real-time analytics including location Quantum RAN Optimization Suite real-time network resource allocation network intelligence into the RAN Quantum WAN Orchestration Suite improve network economics Cisco QuantumTM delivers on the promise of the intelligent mobile network.© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 6
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    11. 11. Cisco 3G Small Cell Module for Cisco Aironet Integrates licensed and unlicensed small cells • Innovative plug-in form factor for rapid deployment • High capacity and optimized performance Cisco 3G Small Cell Proven solution for the Enterprise • Frictionless user experience • High-performance mobile broadband services Cisco ASR 901S Designed to enable wide-scale small cell deployments • Provides small cell backhaul for any-G and all topologies • Ruggedized for carrier-class reliability Cisco applies architectural innovation to mobile networking, transforming small cells into a platform for business and service innovation© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 11
    12. 12. Monetization O2: Collect and sell location-specific customer analytics to retail, dining, and hospitality venues. Optimization Virgin Media: Provide seamless access to Wi-Fi service in London Underground stations. Together AT&T: Offloads traffic and delivers customer analytics to the Fernbank Museum, which uses that data to improve the visitor experience and increase ticket sales and memberships.© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 12
    13. 13. ACCESS TRANSPORT SOFTWARE QUANTUM • 3G Module • Automatic Network • RAN Optimization Suite • 3G Small Cell Selection • WAN Orchestration Suite • ASR 901S • SaMOG • Network Abstraction Suite • WSG • Policy Suite • Analytics Suite NEW NEW NEW Heterogeneous Intelligent Data Center Access Network Cloud© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 13
    14. 14. • Architecture Leadership: elastic, open, programmable • Portfolio Leadership: access, transport, software, cloud • Innovation Leadership: SON, backhaul, small cell, EPC • Services Leadership: proven plan-build-manage model • Market Leadership: #1 in EPC #1 in unlicensed small cells (Wi-Fi) #1 in residential Femto • Over 270 deployments in more than 75 Countries© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 14
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