Why buying a coffee machine for the home or office makes sense


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On The Way Café is the leading office coffee delivery service in Toronto. Visit us today at http://www.onthewaycafe.ca to learn more about coffee machines available for your home or office.

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Why buying a coffee machine for the home or office makes sense

  1. 1. Why Buying ACoffee Machine ForThe Home or OfficeMakes Sense
  2. 2. Coffee Machine BasicsCoffee is that delectable black liquidso essential to our morning rituals.Its a brain solvent, clearing awaythose sleepy cobwebs and bringingus to full alert. For many of us, itsalso requires a stop at a cafe for acoffee with lots of caffeine, calories,and fat, or worse, a stop at aconvenience store for a less-than-stellar cup of something resemblingcoffee.
  3. 3. Coffee Machine BasicsWhy go through all that when youcan make your own coffee at homeor in the office? When you considerwhat it costs to purchase coffee froma shop or a gas station, a monthsworth of purchases costs the sameas a decent coffee machine.Granted, there are some high endmachines that cost nearly as muchas a car, but most people are notthat obsessed. Its just as easy to beobsessed while spending much less.
  4. 4. Coffee BasicsMaking a consistently good cup ofcoffee requires attention to detail.Some will insist that only the purestwater should be used, but in realitymost of us cant tell the differencebetween bottled water and tap waterafter its brewed into coffee, so if youlocal water tastes okay, go aheadand use it. The water temperature ismore important. It should be just offthe boil for best results.
  5. 5. Coffee BasicsPurchase your coffee as beans. Grind them yourself or use a storegrinder to prepare them. If you choose the latter, buy smallquantities that you can use in a week because the aromatic oilsdissipate, causing the flavor to fade. Store coffee in an airtightcontainer at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. Coffeebeans differ in flavor depending on where they were grown and theroasting method used, so experiment to find what you like best.
  6. 6. Drip Coffee MachinesThese are the most popular because theyre so easy to use. Putwater in the tank, fill the basket with ground coffee, and turn it on.In a few minutes, the coffee is ready. A good drip coffee machinewill produce a consistently good cup of coffee if its kept clean,but since the carafe sits atop a heating element, the taste willchange quickly as aromatics and water evaporate. Somemachines use an insulated carafe rather than a heating element,but even so, the coffee will cool in less than an hour.
  7. 7. French PressThe French press is easy to use also.Simply put coarsely ground coffee inthe pot, add water, and stir briefly. Putthe top on and wait four or five minutes,then slowly press the filter downthrough the coffee mixture. It yields aricher cup than a drip coffee machine,with a bit of sediment on the bottom.Experiment with grind, watertemperature, and brew time to vary thefinished coffee.
  8. 8. Espresso MachinesThese are the most difficult to master as the inexpensive onesoffer little control, while the manual ones require experience andskill. Finely ground coffee is tamped into a holder that fits onto thecoffee maker. Water is forced through the grounds either bysteam pressure or with a hand operated lever. The pressureforms a light tan “crema” atop the coffee. Note that “espresso” isa way to make coffee, not the kind of coffee, as any coffee beanscan be ground for espresso.
  9. 9. SummaryThese are the most popularcoffee machines, though thereare others like the Turkish ibrik,vacuum pots, and even thehumble percolator. If you have acoffee obsession, youll likelycollect a few in your kitchenalong with some sleeplessnights from sampling theirawesome goodness!
  10. 10. Further Reading…On The Way Café is the leading officecoffee delivery service in Toronto. Visit ustoday at http://www.onthewaycafe.ca tolearn more about coffee machinesavailable for your home or office.