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  1. 1. According to Mr. Webster, an autobiography is “the story of a person’s life, written by himself.” According to Mrs. Danstrom, a Mathography is “the story of a person’s experience with mathematics, written by himself/herself.” I. Writing Assignment Due October 21st Your assignment is to write a Mathography. In this Mathography you should include as much information about your memories of mathematical experiences as possible. Reach back into your memory to the very first time that you can remember something mathematical. Maybe you’ll remember a game or learning to count. In the first section of this paper, you will need to talk about a minimum of two experiences from the earlier years of your life. Listed below is a list of questions to help you think of things you may have experienced: • What is your earliest memory using numbers? • What games did you play as a child that involved counting or using numbers? • What do you remember about learning math in primary school? • What types of memories do you have about your feelings while being in math class in primary school? • Explain how your parents or relatives helped you learn math by different activities that you did with them. In the second section of your paper you will need to talk about how you might be using math currently outside the classroom. Think about how you might be using math at home, during sports or activities, or at work. Also talk about how you may apply math to a future career you are interested in or how you may apply it to everyday life currently or in the future. In this section of the paper you will need to write about a minimum of two experiences. The assignment is to be a minimum of two pages (double spaced, 12 point). Your original draft is due Wednesday October 21st and must be posted to the Wiki on your group page. Please refer to the grading rubric while finalizing your paper. Attach Your Document: Your draft will be posted to the wiki. To attach a document, go to your wiki group page, click on “More Tools” at the top of the page and then click on “Add Attachments”. A window will open. Browse your computer until you locate your word document. Create a document name [First Name]’s Mathography. Click on Attach
  2. 2. Document. Your document is now attached to your group page and is located at the bottom of the page. II. Wiki Assignment Due October 27 Watch Power Point: Go the “Assignments” page on the wiki. Open the “Peer Editing Power Point page listed under assignments tab. Watch the tutorial THEN REPLY to the post “I have watched the peer editing tutorial.” Peer Edit 1 Team Member’s Paper: After each person has attached their papers, each team member will be assigned 1 paper to review and edit. Name of the person you will peer edit: _________________________________ Directions for Peer Editing: Make sure you have watched the peer editing power point. You will write compliments, suggestions and corrections to your team member’s paper. 1) Open your assigned paper. 2) Save the paper to YOUR computer so that you can make editing corrections on the paper. SAVE AS [First Name]’s Edit Version. 3) You are now ready to edit the document. You will use 3 editing features located in Word: a) Change the text color to RED. Anytime you are adding new words, punctuation, etc, FIRST click on the letter icon (with red selected) then start typing. b) Use the comment features to write comments about the sections. Place your cursor where you would like to leave a comment. Go to EDIT then scroll down to COMMENT. Click on comment. A Comment window will now open. Write your comment in here. c) Use the Highlight feature to point out something to the writer. Once you have opened COMMENT, a new bar shows up. Move your mouse over the ab/pen cursor and you now can highlight. Use these editing tools to complete your peer edit. 4) Save the edits. 5) Post your edited version back onto your group page. 6) Send an email to your group member letting them know the editing is complete.
  3. 3. NAME:_________________________________________ III. Turn in Hard Copy Due October 28th Once your paper has been edited, please make any changes to your ORIGINAL document that you feel are necessary. Print out a hard copy and turn in to me. Papers are due by MONDAY NOVEMBER 3rd. NO LATE PAPERS ARE ACCEPTED!! (I need to grade them before finals). IV. Grading Rubric For Wiki (all points earned go in Homework Category) Category Description Points Points Possible Earned Rough Draft Completed Rough 25 Draft by due date. At least 2 pages in length with a minimum of 2 early experiences and 2 current/future experiences. Peer Edit Power Viewed Power Point and 10 Posted a reply to the thread. Peer Edit Completed peer Edit by due date, 25 Completed And used the editing tools Total Points 60 Points
  4. 4. NAME:_________________________________________ Attach this to Final Mathography Paper V. Mathography Paper (All Points earned count towards a QUIZ Grade!) Category Description Points Points Possible Earned Introduction The paper has an 5 interesting opening that hooks the reader 1st Section Both experiences 10 Minimum of 2 explained. The section has experiences continuity. 2nd Section Both experiences 10 Minimum of 2 explained. The section has experiences continuity. Conclusion The paper has an 5 obvious conclusion Spelling and No spelling or grammatical 10 Syntax Errors. Bonus Points Bonus points for 0-10 exceptional papers, witty writing, humorous, etc. Total Possible 40 Points