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Libya Libya Presentation Transcript

  • Food in Libya is one of the most important activities of any Libyan family. The Libyans always say: one must eat well. Olive oil is the main ingredient of nearly any dish or meal in Libya, and it is almost impossible to cook or prepare any Libyan food without it. Its use in North Africa goes back thousands of years, and its healing goodness and life-prolonging properties were well known to the ancient Libyans and Egyptians. Offering of the olive branch to the Libyan oracle of the God Amon at Siwa indicates its sacred nature and antiquity. Magroodh is aLocal Libyan Bread From Ghadames. Libyan type of biscuit
  • eThe Bedouin Arabs live in the Sahara desert. They do not live in houses like us instead they live in tents. Many ladies for clothes put on jilbabs that look like maxi dresses. Men wear jilbabs and hats. If you are unsure what they look like, look at these
  • The population in Libya is 5,766,000.The capital ofLibya is Tripoli. These are some of the languages thatthey speak which are Arabic,Italian and English. SunniMuslim is one of the Religion in Libya. The money inLibya is called a dinar. People in Libya can only live tilltheir 76 years old. In a year a person can make 6,200dollars. Dinars Tripoli
  • The sahara desert is theworlds second hottestdesert.The Bedouinarabs live under the hotsun with their tents .Theytravel on camels to getthrough the sand ashorses would sink intoit.The Sahara receivesless than 3 inches of raina year. It covers a thirdof the African continent.
  • 1.What colour is the Libyan flag? 6.What is the capital of Libya?2.What do the Libyans alwayssay while eating? 7.what is the money called in Libya?3.Where do the Bedouin 8.How much money can aArabs live? person make a year?4.What is the 9. How do the Bedouin Arabspopulation of Libya? travel?5.Who lives in theSahara desert?