Google and social media


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The impact of Google in social media.

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Google and social media

  1. 1. Table of Contents1. Google Confirms Using Social Signals to Rank Websites
  2. 2. Google Confirms Using Social Signals to Rank WebsitesGoogles recent revelation that it uses social signals to rank websites has caused drastic aftershocksin the online community. Networkers are busy changing their strategies to meet with the newestranking factor developed by the head honchos at Google.Search engine Google recently came out into the open with the newest parameter it uses to rankwebsites. Dubbed as social signals, this new method of website ranking has added to the growingimportance of the world of social networking and marketing. This system of ranking will see Googleuse information from social networking portals such as Facebook and Twitter to assess the rank ofwebsites.‘Social signals’ is a collective name accorded to methods used by social networking websites togauge online popularity. These include Facebook’s Likes, Twitter’s Retweets and Google’s Plus’+1s. Among these, a definite leverage is commanded by Twitter’s Retweets, which are beingconsidered as the most emphatic method right now to build links. Twitter allows its content to beretweeted a number of times, which adds up the social signals it sends. Google reveals that it usessuch social signals to rank websites on its search pages.Google justifies its position by stating that social signals are the most accurate measure of awebsite’s popularity. Social signals originate from users who genuinely like what they see and wantto share it with their circle of people. Google uses this viral marketing strategy to constantly rankwebsites so that it can offer the most popular content to its users.This revelation from the world’s biggest search engine has the search engine optimizers in a tizzy.Over the last year, backlinks had turned out to be the most popular modus operandi of marketers tooptimize their websites. However, with the advent of social signals, backlinking has taken abackseat. Online marketers are rapidly employing new methods to improve their websites from thesocial networking point of view.Plugins are being developed to measure the social signals accumulated by websites. Such pluginsgather data from popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Digg,StumbleUpon and others to get a dynamic measure of the popularity of websites. Plugins such asSocial Metrics Pro are compatible with specific blog platforms such as WordPress, and use methodssuch as color coding to differentiate the more popular content from the less popular one.However, while some online marketers are busy changing their tactics to fit into Google’s newgroove, there are a few who are unruffled. They hold the view that this is just another of Google’sever-changing policies, which will not affect the world of SEO much. At the same time, there areothers who are playing it safe and focusing on both backlinking as well as social signals to bringtheir websites to the top of the heap. Copyright David Chaves - 2012 3 of 4
  3. 3. ResourceSocial Signals is one of the most impressive Wordpress plugins to hit the marketing in years. Grab itnow!Republished with authors permission by David Chaves Copyright David Chaves - 2012 4 of 4