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No Comment Gibraltar (issue 1) - Weekly online digital publication on Gibraltar where the images tell the story. No Opinions, no statements, no comments, just image stories. This weeks includes images from the peaceful protests against a proposed stadium for the Gibraltar Football Association, and images from the chaos caused by border queues at the Gibraltar / Spain land border on a daily basis.

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No comment gibraltar-issue-1

  1. 1. random
  2. 2. welcomeWelcome to our official first issue of No Comment. Our pilot issue received a lot of praise, especially from people actually complimenting us in person, which was a welcome surprise. We now have a unique domain name from which you can access the website at We can also be accessed via and through a search in, where we are available within their libraries. Every week we will be bringing you a new issue of our photo story journal, bringing to you events across Gibraltar in a photographic format. Our philosophy is simple, less text more images, let the images speak for themselves. We hope that you enjoy our very official first issue. And remember if you have an event or wish to tell your story through us, give us a call.
  3. 3. Amoment CHAOS of The border queues are something which everyone has heard about, probably even if you are in the north pole. On Monday No Comment photogra- phers went to the border just to see. A normal day, not too much of a queue. It was only 5 o’clock in the af- ternoon. The scenes that unfolded within the next five minutes told the whole story of how chaos suddenly becomes controlled routine. Two police officers start placing the third lane for traffic to pass quicker. In the meantime the pedestrian queue increases. Moments later this same queue is obstructing all traffic entering Gibraltar. Just as quickly the police officers, with extra man-power arrive and the pedestrians are di- rected elsewhere and an orderly queue is formed. All in a days work.
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  6. 6. “our manin europe” UK MEP Graham Watson visited Gibraltar and met with Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia at Number Six Convent Place. After the meeting he and Lyana Armstrong Emery, local Liberal running for European Elections, visited the frontier before heading to Main Street where they were met by Gibraltarians supporting their candidature for election in Europe.
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  9. 9. privateswiss bankers conferenceFifty Swiss Private banking industry delegates visited Gibraltar for a conference held at the Ocean Villages five star floating hotel The Sunborn.
  10. 10. fpringforwardfpringforwardWork at the Commonwealth Park was steaming ahead this week as pressure mounted for the works to be completed by the end of April. On Monday the first pieces of turf were put down on the ground. By Friday the park
  11. 11. *still interested? this page would have cost you £80 p/m (that’s four issues a month) (artwork not included) Ridiculous? Not really. We do not print, we do not distribute, as in physically carry copies around) and we do not want you to buy a quarter page, or an 1/8 page. we only sell full pages. Our prices reflect what we do not do, and therefore you do not have to pay for. Instead, your advert reaches as far as we can stretch it across the internet, (and believe you me, we will stretch it and stretch it, and stretch it) and yes the prices will increase in the future, the more we develop our service platforms the more we will be able to offer, but until then, you pay what we believe is the right price! interested? call +350 54017663 or email
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  13. 13. NO 2EP The “Save Europa Point” campaign continued as the Gibraltar Football Association made their submission for their proposed stadium on Tuesday before the Development and Planning Commission. Protesters gathered outside John Macintosh Hall, before they all entered the hall to listen to their own counter arguments against the proposed stadium.
  14. 14. Protesters gather outside John Macintosh Hall Media interest as protesters gather GFA officials arrive, passing through protest groups.
  15. 15. Members of the DPC arrive, greeted by protesters
  16. 16. Opposition Leader Daniel Feetham passes by in his car GFA Manager and supporters wait on the other side of the road Members of the DPC and press prepare for proceedings Media and protesters enter Charles Hunt Room .
  17. 17. Campaigners against stadium prepare to give submissions
  18. 18. Ministers arrive as members of the DPC
  19. 19. GFA and their architect make their submission before the DPC
  20. 20. Ministers look on at the submisions
  21. 21. The main hall at the John Macintosh Hall was also opened to the public with a large screen
  22. 22. random
  23. 23. Visual radioDuring the past few weeks, every Thursday night, listen- ers to Radio Gibraltar have been enjoying On Request, a new chat show hosted by Andy Coumbes, Michelle Rugeroni and Nick Cortes. As part of the show, every week they have invited their guests to meet at a bench in Main Street where with the assistance of Core Photog- raphy all the antics (shenani- gans as they call them) are captured, and later shown to listeners via social media. Over 3,000 viewers have seen the posts on some oc- casions.
  24. 24. final prepsThe Gibraltar Woman’s football national squad continued their preparations this week as they prepared for Sunday’s 11-a- side friendly. In a training match against the Special Olympics men’s team, the young ladies showed clear signs of progress intheir game play dominating the game through- out.
  25. 25. Model Shoots Portraits& The Core Photography team is not just a photo journalistic team of photographers, although that is one of their passions. Amongst their other passions is private and commissioned photo shoots. Model shoots, portraits fine art photography are amongst part of their overall portfolio. Here we bring a small sample of their work. To book a session with them call +350 54017663 or email them at either or Model - Stephanie Munoz
  26. 26. Model - Harriet Murs Rooke
  27. 27. Model Jade de los Santos
  28. 28. Model Abigail EvansModel Jade de los Santos
  29. 29. Model Abigail Evans
  30. 30. Model - Harriet Murs Rooke
  31. 31. Produced by Core Photography w. w. t: +350 54017663 t: +350 54030211 e: e. b. f. gibraltar t: @CorePhotoGib