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 	  	  Introduction.	  	  The	  Lift-­‐Off	  International	  Festivals	  run	  at	  four	  locations;	  London,	  Liverpoo...
 	  The	  future	  of	  the	  festival.	  	  We	  aim	  to	  grow	  in	  our	  current	  form.	  By	  2013	  we	  aim	  to...
 	  	  Sponsorship	  Opportunities	  for	  each	  festival…	  (con’t)	  	  Raffle	  Prize	  Donation	  for	  the	  Lift-­‐...
 	  	  	  Festival	  Partner	  Packages.	  	  Supporter.	  Includes	  1	  advert	  screening.	  Brochure	  Advert	  and	  ...
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Lift - Off International Film Festivals Sponsorship document


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Call for Sponsors for a film festival 'that looks beyond the gloss' 2nd Annual Film Festival in London, November 2012

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Lift - Off International Film Festivals Sponsorship document

  1. 1.      Introduction.    The  Lift-­‐Off  International  Festivals  run  at  four  locations;  London,  Liverpool,  Los  Angeles  and  Las  Vegas.  Each  Lift-­‐Off  event  is  staggered  throughout  the  year  to  fall  exactly  3  months  from  the  previous.    The  motto  of  the  festival  is  to  “look  beyond  the  gloss”.  We  pride  ourselves  on  showcasing  talent  that  has  the  root  of  the  story  at  the  forefront.  This  transatlantic  exchange  is  the  first  of  its  kind.  We  champion  student  and  independent  filmmakers  and  encourage  networking  across  the  water,  thus  creating  a  mini  film  network  of  our  own.    Successes.    Last  year  the  London  Lift-­‐Off  Festival  received  350  films  from  around  the  world  and  catered  to  an  audience  of  300  over  three  days  at  the  prestigious  Tricycle  Cinema  in  North  West  London.    This  year  the  festival  has  already  received  600  films,  still  with  three  months  to  go  before  the  event.  We  are  now  running  for  five  days  between  two  venues,  the  Tricycle  and  the  extremely  well  respected  Soho  Curzon  in  central  London.    From  it’s  own  merit  and,  with  hardly  any  outside  support  whatsoever,  the  festival  has  been  able  to  grow  exponentially  within  a  short  space  of  time.      Reaching  the  public.    We  reach  out  to  film  professionals  from  all  over  the  globe,  not  to  just  send  us  their  work  but  also  to  engage  with  us  through  the  judging  stages  by  being  members  of  our  panel  and  within  our  social  media  platforms.    We  operate  a  very  rigid  and  proven  strategy  within  our  social  media  channels.  Facebook  followers  has  increased  from  400  to  1400  likes,  and  twitter  is  in  the  region  of  500  followers.    Social  media  has  been  able  to  give  us  a  really  clear  idea  of  who  our  main  demographic  is.  Fans  of  the  festival  go  beyond  the  filmmakers  and  audience;  they  are  a  worldwide  community  of  independent  film  fans  that  support  our  message  globally.      Through  doing  a  simple  Facebook  search  we  can  see  that  there  are  still  many  more  hundreds  of  thousands  of  people  we  still  have  the  potential  in  reaching.      Our  demographic.    The  demographic  that  is  loyal  to  our  Lift-­‐Off  brand  is  split  70-­‐30  between  men  and  women.    The  main  UK  demographic  is  the  film  school  graduate  male,  22-­‐35,  alternative  lifestyle,  Guardian  reader  and  readit  subscriber.  Monthly  disposable  income  around  £400-­‐£500.  Living  in  the  South-­‐East,    Manchester  and  Liverpool  areas  predominantly.       2  Streatley  Road,  London,  England,  NW6  7LH.   www.londonlift-­‐   info@londonlift-­‐  
  2. 2.    The  future  of  the  festival.    We  aim  to  grow  in  our  current  form.  By  2013  we  aim  to  receive  1000  films  for  each  festival,  (4000  films  a  year  in  total),  we  aim  to  be  reaching  out  to  around  5000  individuals  who  are  interested  in  filmmaking  and  watching  independent  cinema.      At  the  three  year  mark  we  will  set  up  a  live  out  door  camping  event  over  three  days.  Talks  with  event  management  companies  have  already  started.  Here  we  will  create  the  UK’s  first  Film  Festival  that  is  organised  much  like  the  USA’s  Sundance,  where  we  plan  to  cater  for  twelve  thousand  young  people  from  across  Europe.    The  London  Lift-­‐Off  Foundation.  Bringing  the  power  of  film  through  cultural  education.    The Lift-Off Foundation is a UK not for profit organisation that focuses on educationand access to filmmaking in some of the most viciously war-torn countries on theplanet. We want to travel to places where the film culture output has literally hit 0%.We give the people the power to make their own films. We want to teach them toprepare, shoot, edit, and deliver narratives about whatever they want. We want givethem equipment, to keep and the platform potential to show their films to the worldvia the Lift-Off Film Festivals.  Before 2016 The Lift-Off Foundation aims to travel to 6 war torn destinations, andsupply local schools and colleges with the equipment and expertise to make festivalentry potential work.  Why  become  a  Lift-­‐Off  Film  Festival  Sponsor?     • Brand  exposure  to  an  audience  of  over  500  filmmakers  and  fans  locally   with  the  potential  for  global  exposure  too.   • Alignment  with  a  rapidly  growing  film  festival.   • Opportunities  for  screener  adverts.   • Press  mentions.   • Social  media  and  viral  potential  exposure.    Sponsorship  Opportunities  for  each  festival.    Drinks  Sponsor.  If  you  are  a  drinks  company  then  a  donation  for  our  after  party  would  get  you  a  mention  in  all  print  material  and  an  official  drinks  sponsor  association  on  all  online  and  social  media  channels.             2  Streatley  Road,  London,  England,  NW6  7LH.   www.londonlift-­‐   info@londonlift-­‐  
  3. 3.      Sponsorship  Opportunities  for  each  festival…  (con’t)    Raffle  Prize  Donation  for  the  Lift-­‐Off  Foundation.  At  the  night  of  the  after  party  we  will  be  raffling  prizes  in  aid  for  the  lift-­‐off  foundation,  as  explained  above.  If  you  wish  to  donate  a  prize  for  this  then  please  get  in  touch.    Prize  Donations.  Donating  a  prize  to  our  filmmakers,  will  get  you  a  mention  at  our  award  show  and  after  party,  your  product  into  the  hands  of  a  very  vocal  member  of  our  extremely  specific  demographic  and  the  chance  to  spread  your  message  through  all  of  the  social  media  channels  concerned.    Screentime.  An  advert  on  screen  before  a  selection  of  screenings.  (30-­‐45  Seconds)  (If  you  require  some  excellent  filming  for  your  brand  then  look  no  further  than  who  will  be  able  to  make  you  the  advert.)    1  screening  of  the  advert  at      the  beginning  of  1  screening    day  at  1  festival.  £400    2  screenings  of  the  advert  across  two  screening  days.    £600    Your  advert  screened  at  The  beginning  of  EVERY  Screening.  £700    Brochure  Advertising.  A  full  colour  advert  in  the  festivals  brochure.  (If  you  require  some  excellent  graphic  design  for  your  brand  then  look  no  further  than  who  will  be  able  to  make  you  the  advert.)  £250.    Goodie  Bag  Sponsors.    Product  donation  .  (@500  volume)  (With  this  you  will  be  able  to  insert  any  promotional  material  into  all  of  the  goodie  bags.  And  will  receive  a  mention  on  our  website)           2  Streatley  Road,  London,  England,  NW6  7LH.   www.londonlift-­‐   info@londonlift-­‐  
  4. 4.        Festival  Partner  Packages.    Supporter.  Includes  1  advert  screening.  Brochure  Advert  and  Logo  on  all  artwork.  £1000    Sponsored  by.  Includes  2  advert  screenings.  Brochure  advert,  logo  and  artwork  on  all  material  and  an  official  mention  at  the  beginning  of  all  screenings  and  at  the  after  party.  £1500    In  Association  with.  Includes  an  advert  at  every  screening.  1  Brochure  advert,  logo  and  artwork  on  all  material  including  the  advert  running  in  TimeOut  London,  an  official  mention  at  the  beginning  of  all  screenings  and  the  after  party,  forefront  association  with  the  festival  throughout.  Including  social  media  referrals,  and  website  promotion.  £3000    We  hope  that  by  supporting  the  festival  you  will  be  able  to  give  us  the  opportunity  to  reach  higher  audience  figures,  higher  submissions,  and  higher  brand  value.  We  know  that  by  linking  with  a  good  company  we  will  grow  to  the  sort  of  level  to  rival  that  of  the  big  players  like  AFI  and  Sundance.  These  are  our  aims  and  with  the  right  connections  early  on  we  will  build  on  our  previous  successes  and  fulfil  these  goals.      James  Alexander  &  Ben  Pohlman.  Festival  Co-­‐Directors.   2  Streatley  Road,  London,  England,  NW6  7LH.   www.londonlift-­‐   info@londonlift-­‐