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Latest Assignment On Hr Consulting

  1. 1. S.No TASK DESCRIPTION TIME FRAME COST MANPOWER To ensure that Ozone has optimum number of people at the 30th Nov I PLANNING right time at the right costs across levels 2009 15 lacs To estimate the numbers optimally required to meet the manpower requirements over a period of time owing to a Demand Forecasting functional/corporate plans Aptly estimating the numbers required to meet the additional b Supply Forecasting manpower requirements Exploring the possibility of sourcing suitable candidates (i) Internal sources from within the organization Filling in the vacant/additional positions from sources external to the organization, drafting a feasibility & effectiveness chart of sources of recuitment, suggesting (ii) External sources efficient alternative sources for hiring Determining the tasks that comprise a job and analysing the skills, abilities, knowledge and responsibilities required for successful performance-drafting job descriptions and job c Job Analysis specifications Helps Ozone identify the gaps between the current manpower (in terms of skill sets, job specifications, headcount, job descriptions and other parameters) and d Gap Analysis desired manpower To provide solutions to bridge the identified gaps by means of training programs, multi tasking, re-alignment of e Remedies manpower etc S.No TASK DESCRIPTION TIME FRAME COST We assist in framing a fair & transparent compensation COMPENSATION & system for a positive impact on efficiency & results 15th Dec II BENEFITS produced. 2009 10 lacs We assist in categorizing employees as per their jobs & in Formulating salaries & determining the relative worth of a job in an organization in a salary structures a systematic, consistent and accurate manner. Benefits determination process,value of benefits,legally b Benefits required benefits, retirement,medical & other benefits Incentives /Pay for Rewarding desired behaviour,designing PFP plans, merit c performance pay,individual v/s group incentives Making the number of salary grades and ranges as d Grading & Banding feasable as possible We assist in keeping a tab on the prevailing market rates and devising your salary structures as per rates prevailing e Market Equity in the market.
  2. 2. S.No TASK DESCRIPTION TIME FRAME COST PERFORMANCE To ensure that the employees are assessed on factors MANAGEMENT most critical to their job roles per se and also to encourage III SYSTEM a transparent performance environment 31st Jan 2010 8 lacs Studying the present PMS system implemented by Ozone a Prevailing system & recommending changes Framing the KRAs/KPGs for all positions, devising the performance parameters based on pre determined KRAs/KPGs, ensuring that employees are assessed on b New PMS system parameters relevant to their job role & JD. Framing a 360 degree feedback mechanism to assess the Feb 2010 till c 360 degree appraisal performance of top two levels of management March 2010 Educating the top three levels of management on the manner in which imparting of feedback should happen and laying down systems to ensure that feedback becomes a d PMS coaching regular process rather than an isolated event. S.No TASK DESCRIPTION TIME FRAME COST Putting a system in place to ensure that suitable employees SUCCESSION are recruited and developed to fill each key role in the 31st March IV PLANNING organization. 2010 5 lacs Identifying key roles a within the org Identification of talent pool,multiple potential successors Develop the desired knowledge, skills, Creation of development plans tailored to individual needs b abilities & their mapping to desired skills, competencies, JDs, JS etc Communication of Communication channels to be put into place concerning c information career oppurtunities within the organization Identify HR people to act as "coaches" to assist people in career counselling & to lay desirable competencies for d Career Counseling senior levels to make it successfully to a higher position.
  3. 3. S.No TASK DESCRIPTION TIME FRAME COST can be will depend Training shall serve two broad purposes: to help employees decided as on duration TRAINING & learn additional skills and to help Ozone in retaining and per need of of training & V DEVELOPMENT motivating employees the hour participation a Change Management b Conflict Management c Team Management Leadership d Development Effective e Communication Skills f Motivation g Time Management Other trainings as per feedbacks gathered h from time to time i Coaching (for HR )