Human Resources - Recruitment Process


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Human Resources - Recruitment Process

  1. 1. Human Resource Management (HRM) Recruitment Process for Bedazzled enterprise Limited December 2010 Group PresentationLecturer: Mr. Tom DowneyGroup Members: Stream – 2 Syndicate 13o Muzni Miftha - 2010005729o Kawaljit Kaur - 2010005104o Aditi Shreshtha - 2010004267o Sweta James - 2010005112o Jasprit Kaur - 2010005796
  2. 2. What is Recruitment?“Recruitment is the war of talents says McKinsey & Company” finding the right talent will be very challenging forenterprises.Recruitment is all about attracting more applicants in to the gene pool performing some kind of a filtration process andselecting the right person(s) with right qualifications and aspirations in to the organisation.Globalization of knowledge has increased the strength of recruitment and internet has transformed the traditional humanresource practices in to a new era.There are 3 things prepared by our HR department for a job role and the applicants generally should match the followingmain 3 categories before he/she apply for the Job. Job Analysis (JA) Job Description (JD)Person Specification (PS)Every organisation small or big will carry out this process and every organisation will have a recruitment policy which is tomake sure the recruitment process will be performed systematically and the recruited employees all of these should bematched and linked with the overall organisation goal/strategy. Purpose of recruitment The general purpose of recruitment to  provide the organisation with a pool of aspirants from which to select people to fill specific position and not only that but also To attract ad engage people it needs to achieve its overall organisational objectives  Build positive impression of the recruitment process  Recruit right people who will fit in to organisations culture and contribute to the organisations goals
  3. 3. Job Analysis (JA)Job analysis is the foundation for almost all HRMactivities and it is linked to all the activities. Example:“Is a process of gathering, assessing and recordinginformation” Job Analysis Production AssistantThings to remember when carrying out JA Job specification of Production Assistant include job requirements: That the job description and person specification 1. Professional certificate or a Diploma in production is an matching and accurate 2. Good knowledge of regulatory requirements, housekeeping, health and Remember focus of the job analysis is the job safety.itself not the person doing the job. 3. 3 to 5 years plus experience in a similar capacity is an advantage. Job analysis provides a foundation for many HRactivities, including 4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to liaise with various support groups. Writing job descriptions and person profiles for 5. Able to perform stamping die adjustment and troubleshooting.recruitment and selection; 6. Willing to take up challenge, mature and independent character. Defining job responsibilities and performancecriteria for performance planning 7. Able to work overtime and under pressure, good written and communication skills. Designing training and development programmes 8. Previous experience of people-management and demonstrated ability in T. Downey, (HRM: Nov. 2010) people motivation, organizing and team building is required. 9. Solid record of attention to detail and strict adherence to procedures. 10. Suitable candidates must be open to working shiftsDifferent ways of conducting a Job Analysis source:InterviewsQuestionnaireschecklistsobservationtechnical conferences Rudman, JA checklist (p.254)
  4. 4. Job Description (JD)As the heading says the brief detailabout the job itself what need to be Example:performed not the job holder. JOB DESCRIPTION Bedazzeled Production WorkerIt specifies DIVISION: Manufacturing JOB TITLE: Production WorkerThe general descriptive of around JOB NUMBER:INNNB6700the job REPORTS TO: Supervisor/ ManagerThe responsibilities JOB PURPOSE: To perform a variety of operational functions that constitutes the production,whom to report inspection and distribution of products or services for commercial customers.where to performwhat to perform ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESRemuneration • Performs assignments in accordance with established safety policies and hours, etc. • Adheres to the Quality Policy, including all items assigned to this position in accordance with ISO Job description should be simple policies. • Complies with the work rules and standards set forth in the Production Worker Handbook. Job description should notoverstate or exaggerate • Refers to work order or procedural instructions appropriate for each job, function or assignment before commencing work. Job description should be • Maintains good housekeeping and clean work areas in assigned work sites.produced jointly and agreed • Assures that all work assigned to position is performed in accordance with specifications, instructions and requirements. •Demonstrates ability to meet production standards on specific assignments within a reasonable time, depending on the degree of difficulty of their job functions. QUALIFICATIONS Experience, Competencies and Education Must possess an education or experience level that permits the employee to effectively communicate and perform duties, assignments and responsibilities of the job. Language Skills Ability to read, analyze and interpret the most documents relating to the job, function or assignment. Reasoning Ability Ability to make decisions when identifying in-process problems. Ability to deal with a variety of job assignments and meet targets. Salary: $15.00 - $20.00 Hourly Depend On Experience (Mon - Fri)
  5. 5. Example: Production ManagerPerson Specification (PS)PS is a statement of skills, knowledgeand attitudes needed to effectivelyperform a job and together with anyspecific qualifications, experience orother job related attributes which aperson might reasonably expectedbefore appointed for a position.Example:Typing skill – 60 words per minuteComputer literacy – good in MicrosoftOffice Application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)Having Clean heavy truck and forkliftDriving licence will be an advantage Rudman, Person Profile, (p.252) Source:
  6. 6. Recruitment policy for Bedazzled Enterprise LimitedIntroductionIn order to avoid child labour it is compulsory that applicant should have reached 16 year s old at the time ofapplicationIt is a compulsory requirement that employees follow & obey these recruitment guidelines and follow the stepsin recruiting new employees or in processing the internal applicants.Every application processed by the HR department should match the Job Description, Job Specification andPerson Specification created for each vacancies.Every recruitment process should be carried out following these policies.Every applicant should be local resident of the job vacant country or should hold a legal work permit.Ensure Equal opportunityAccording to the Human Rights Act 1993 we make sure that we treat with respect every single applicant andemployees.We treat everybody equally and promote equal opportunity despite the age, sex, race, colour, religion, socialstatus or wealth.We want be biased under any circumstances to anyoneWe prohibit discrimination in employments and take serious action again discriminators and in the worst case theycould be sacked under the Human Rights Act 1993ProcedureThe line manager/operation manger should identify the job need, write the job description and should submitto the Human Resource manager. The Human resource department will carefully prepare the Job description, Job specification and person specification, the company and the Terms & condition of the employment and the remuneration.
  7. 7. Policies continued..Human Resource department will get the approval from the Administration department and if necessary fromthe board of directors.HR Department will Consider the most suitable way of obtaining the right candidate. The common methodswe will follow areInternal Employees should have been in the current position minimum for 12 months Internal advert within the company notice boards and intranet Discuss in minutes of meeting Examination of previous application on file or the company databaseExternal (we will use all the possible channels to widen the gene pool) Advert within the job centre Advert in the local and national press Advert in the monthly technical or professional journals Adverts in the Internet, Social media, or in our own career websiteProbation periodWe have assigned a probation period for 6 months for employee we recruit. This is to make sure further thatthe candidate is fitting in to our culture and contributing to our organizations goals.We will analyse the employee’s performance after 1st 3 months following with the training and we analyse again on2nd 3 months and we will keep the employee if he/she is performing to our minimum contribution level and we maydismiss the employee if the contribution is below the considerable level. Source:
  8. 8. Recruitment process (theJob Applications hopper) Recruitment process is all about widening the gene pool or attracting more applicants in to the hopper . The diagram below will give you a brief idea of the process which is being followed by most of the enterprises. Designed by: Muzni
  9. 9. Recruitment Sources and Method of Recruiting Recruitment SourcesInternal Recruitment External RecruitmentMethods MethodsTransfers Graduate ProgrammesPromotions Media AdvertisementDemotion Job agencies / OutsourcingUpgrading Employment ExchangesRetired Employees Labour Contractors Employee Referrals Recruitment open days Personal Recommendation Internships
  10. 10. Internal Recruitment External Recruitment Pros Cons Pros Cons Fresh blood provides fresh External recruitment isIt is a lot cheaper IR doesn’t bring new innovative ideas and expensive and takes a lotOrganisations will save knowledge, skills or talents of energy and time of thehuge amount of time, competencies in to the HRM Department tomoney and energy in enterprise. handle all the jobterms of advertising, candidates in the selectionrecruitment, selection and process.induction process. Brings good knowledge’s HR department can be from the previous company scrutinised or criticised which we might not have badly if the new recruit didn’t fit the organisationOffers good opportunities Failure could de-promotefor current staffs to you to the previous organization can select theprogress further in their position best candidate, who fulfilscareers the requirements and suits the organization bestPossibility of failure want As the position increasesbe a big issue for the the amount of negative Increase diversityorganisation impacts can be higher (can take legal actions) Can increase the popularity of the organisation in the jobInternal applicants Managers might not back marketabilities and skills are well up or they fail to identify Being specialised in theknown the skills of current relevant skill could straight employees. away contribute to the overall organisations goal. Very less harm for refusal or rejection of the application Source:
  11. 11. Most common job advertisement methods Career pages on company websites advertisements Job Posters/ Banners Subscribe in Job Portals, advertising videosHireClix - Interactive RecruitmentMarketingSocial Recruiting - Is Your CompanyUsing the Power That Is SocialMedia.mp4
  12. 12. Why Recruitment is so Important ?Recruitment is vital In order to attract and choose people who can do their job well create good organizational citizens and to engage people in to achieve its overall organisational goals. It also plays significant part in building team players and shaping, maintaining and organisation of employees to fit in toorganisations culture. How bad recruitment can affect overall performance Poor decision at the recruitment stage and failure to have this process correctly and accurately could cause you a lot of grief and potentially be very damaging for years to your enterprise and will eventually affect our overall organizational goal. The average calculated cost of this loss is 15,000 NZD.
  13. 13. Wrong person in your organisation maycause the business following costs: Advertising cost Administrative costs to process the candidate Interview costs Managers time (a significant amount of time away fromtheir normal duties) Lost opportunities (eg incomplete projects, disruption) Approximate Training and development Cost $15,000 Turnover NZD Low morale amongst existing staff Existing staff may lose motivation Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) related costs (egstaff not being able to cope with the demands of aparticular role) Source:
  14. 14. Recruitment Styles in Few CountriesIndian Recruitment processMainly from Job Agencies (,, job recruitment agencies in India involves identifying those posts, preparing the job descriptionand person specification, advertising, management of the response, the prequalificationprocess, organizing meetings, conducting interviews, making decisions, the appointment and action.Most recruitment agencies in India follow these stages in the recruitment process, which areessentially short list of application, preliminary assessment, written test to judge the work efficiencyof the applicant and final interview and selection. Chinese recruitment process Recruitment in China is now more systematic than few decades ago Involving diverse channels (Internet, Job agencies)  Including newspaper advertising Headhunting  Visits to universities Internal appointments as one of the highest populated country in the world the most common way of recruitment in China specially in manufacturing plants and major factories are just but word of mouth or referrals by friends or family members.
  15. 15. New Zealand Recruitment ProcessSome major companies for example banks follow following recruitment processes In house Advertising Employee referrals Graduate Programmes (warehouse, Telecom) Recruitment Agencies (Alliance & SPM meat factories) Executive search consultants (for specialised Other Media Advertising (TV, Radio, Social Media, roles) Internet) However each and every company has their own strategy of recruitment For example: Telecom New Zealand •When choosing people for the Leadership Development Programme we use a mix of CV and application review, •Ability and personality testing, •Some phone and face-to-face interviews, and a •Handful of tasks and discussions on assessment days •Its a robust process that allows us to look at people in many different circumstances Source: Recruiting video Tips (Worth Watching.. !)
  16. 16. Bedazzled Enterprise Limited - Our best practice of recruitment Flow Chart I’ve got 10 years of industry skills What Skills do you have..! Designed by: Muzni
  17. 17. Recruitment issues and problems we have Maintaining the equal opportunity throughout the process of recruitment including in the job advertisement Lack of English knowledge among many Chinese employees could cause miss interpretationsFinding the right talent and suitable person(s) to the organisation Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the applicants by the enterprise at all times during therecruitment process Protecting the huge amount of data and storage in our system We might not be able to make the recruitment process fast if we get a huge amount of applications andemployees might secure jobs elsewhere by the time we call for interviews. Conclusion If theres a position vacant the HR Department should identify and design the Job Description, Job Specification and Person Specification. The person applying for the job and the HR department should comply/match with these three vital concepts before hiring the right employee. The employee hired should contribute to the overall organisations goals/strategy and if the HR department failed to hire the right person the organisation could have serious implications and could cause possible long term big damages to organisation. And it has been calculated that hiring a wrong employee could cause about NZD 15,000 for organisations.
  18. 18. References: Source Author/ website Title/ Link Remarks Text Book Tutors notes GBE805 Human Resource Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management in Innovation , Tom Enterprise, Southern Institute of Downey Technology, Invercargill Website Department of Human Services, Retrieved on: 29th Nov 2010 What is recruitment? x?TabID=content&type=4&contentID =4259 Website Pros and cons of external recruiting Retrieved on 1st Dec 2010 09-pros-and-cons-of-external- recruiting Website Importance of recruitment Retrieved on 1st Dec 2010 portance-of-recruitment.html Website recruitment http://www.human-resource- Retrieved on 1st Dec 2010 rest/Recruitment.htm Thank you very much & Any Questions Please!