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Try our Wheelchair Cushion to reduce back pain and pressure,

Try our Wheelchair Cushion to reduce back pain and pressure,



New Medical Solutions presents our new, Patented Wheelchair SEET cushion. Check out the Key Features: ...

New Medical Solutions presents our new, Patented Wheelchair SEET cushion. Check out the Key Features:
Reduces Pressure
•Reduces Back Pain
•Keeps Seating Cooler
•Evenly Distributes Weight
•Enhances Blood Flow
•Dynamic Contouring Improves Posture and Alignment
•Waterproof / Dishwasher Safe
It is available in 3 sizes ergoSEET, ergoSEET Plus, wheelchairSEET
We would love to help you sit more comfortably! Give us a call and let us know how we can assist! 760-415-0840



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    Try our Wheelchair Cushion to reduce back pain and pressure, Try our Wheelchair Cushion to reduce back pain and pressure, Presentation Transcript

    • ergoSEET Line The Patented Healthcare Seating Cushions 1
    • • Reduces Back Pain • Keeps Seating Cooler • Evenly Distributes Weight • Enhances Blood Flow • Dynamic Contouring Improves Posture and Alignment • Waterproof / Dishwasher Safe Key Features 2
    • The holes allow air to dissipate heat and the pillars don’t collapse, so air is allowed to move, moderating temperature and moisture which can lead to skin breakdown allowing pressure ulcers to begin. Airflow 3
    • Patented New Port and Pillar Technology 4
    • Test Cushions Jay Basic, E2601 wheelchair cushion ROHO Mosaic, E2601 wheelchair cushion wheelchairSEET by SEETtek, E2601 ergoSEET by SEETtek HWV Testing Conducted by Allen Siekman Consulting July, 2012 5 Cushion Brand 3.25 Hour Relative Humidity Jay Basic 30.48% ROHO Mosaic 71.52% wheelchairSEET 3.10% ergoSEET 4.42%
    • The ergoSEET uses “dynamic contouring” using shorter pillars in key areas that allows the pelvis to immerse into the seat, reducing peak pressures by 71%. Pressure Distribution 6
    • Pressure Mapping Test Results Folding Chair – Unpadded Seat (Testing data provided by Central Coast Testing Ben Lomond, CA. FSA Pressure mapping system) • 71% decrease in peak pressure – Maximum peak pressure 187 mmHg – ergoSEET Max peak pressure 53 mmHg (Tested at 69˚ F) Folding chair with ergoSEETFolding chair without ergoSEET 7
    • In the normal seated position, the pelvis is unsupported and will rotate to the rear creating a slouching posture. Then the normal backbone (lumbar) curve decreases causing pain and discomfort. The ergoSEET uses dynamic contouring to cradle the pelvis not allowing it to roll to the back thus maintaining the proper lumbar curvature. Improved Posture 8
    • Improved Posture 9
    • The ergoSEET is made of a unique closed cell EVA that is waterproof and dishwasher safe. How many other seat cushions can you use in the bath tub? Waterproof 10
    • Waterproof Dishwasher Safe 11
    • ICA Endorsement 12
    • Q & A Q: How can the ergoSEET help me? A: The ergoSEET’s Patented design offers 4 key features that increase seating comfort. • Airflow – Ports & Pillars allow for movement of air to help keep you cool. The holes in the ergoSEET allows heat to dissipate from your body; the pillars don’t collapse allowing the air to move between you and the seating surface. • Weight Distribution – Pillars work to distribute weight. The Pillars on the bottom are shorter in specific areas to allow for the immersion of your pelvic structure mainly your Ischial Tuberosities, most people may not know the name, but these are the two sharp bones that hurt when you sit too long on the bleacher seats. As an example, a 200-pound person sitting on an office chair will have 130 pounds of weight distributed on the buttocks and posterior thigh where those two peak pressure areas are centered on the Ischial tuberosities. Independent testing shows a decrease in peak pressures as high as 71% using the ergoSEET. • Posture – Varying Pillar heights allows the pelvic structure to immerse and tilt forward putting the spine in proper alignment. By putting yourself in the proper seated position you sit more relaxed and reduce stress on your lower back. The ergoSEET also uses shorter Pillars in the back center of the cushion for the immersion of the coccyx more commonly known as the tailbone. This is another sharp bony prominence that is not ideally suited for significant weight bearing and is also a area of increased risk if the person is in a “slouched” posture. • Waterproof – The unique closed cell EVA used to make the ergoSEET is very different from your standard seat cushions, these are primarily made of either an open cell structure which absorbs moisture and generates heat or gel which will not breath and also dishwasher safe. Confidential and proprietary information of SEETtek LLC. All rights reserved. 13
    • Confidential and proprietary information of SEETtek LLC. All rights reserved. 14 Q: Does it take time to get used to sitting on the ergoSEET? A: For most people no, they feel the pelvic pressure relieve and the feeling of sitting up straighter instantly, for others the fact that the ergoSEET is not soft and “squishy” it may take a day or so. For those people, please give it a week, you’ll be a believer. Medically, we know sitting on a soft surface that you sink into is the worst thing for the posture and lower back but we’ve been programmed as a society that soft is comfortable, the softer the better. The ergoSEET is between 8 and 10 on the “Shore A” durometer which allows for superior comfort while being firm enough to engage your core to help keep you in alignment and reduce lower back pain. Q: What type of person can benefit from the ergoSEET? A: Almost anyone, the ergoSEET was co-designed and engineered by Allen Siekman one of the leaders in medical and wheelchair seating in the country, so it’s really overdesigned for a general seat cushion but with its simple design, affordable price and the fact that it weighs less than one pound it can be taken anywhere and be used by anyone who desires a more comfortable way to sit. The range of people using the ergoSEET is fascinating, form the elderly lady who could take a bath for the first time in two years to people who sit in their office chairs, drive in their cars or trucks to the parents watching their kids at the little league game, and everyone in between.
    • Q: Will the ergoSEET work on my Sofa or living room chair? A: Yes, the most important aspect of sitting comfortably is keeping your spine in proper alignment as well as the proper curvature of the spine. Medically we know sitting on a soft surface is bad for your back, similar to sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft which lacks structure. When sitting on the ergoSEET you will lose some of the air flow characteristics, but most importantly you will have structure when you sit down. Q: Does the ergoSEET come in different sizes? A: Yes, the original ergoSEET is 15” X 15” X 1.5”. We also offer the ergoSEETPlus which is 18” X 16” X 1.5” and the wheelchairSEET, 18” X 16” X 3.5”. It’s important to remember that one of the key features of the ergoSEET is providing pressure relief for your pelvic structure, and whether you’re male or female, one hundred pounds or three hundred and fifty pounds your pelvic structure is within an inch of your neighbors. The ergoSEET is designed to handle up to four hundred pounds. Q: Why does it come with a cover? A: The cover is made of a microfiber that breaths, and because the fabric is so sheer it allows you to move easily across the ergoSEET when turning side to side or getting in and out of the car. The microfiber cover is also machine washable. 15
    • New Medical Solutions 760.415.0840 www.newmedisolutions.com Sales Information 16