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Backapp® slideshow

  1. 1. Back App®To strengthen your back, Just take a seat!
  2. 2. We sit on average 13,7 hours a day* During this time your back muscles receive no exercise what so ever. Health care therapists are unanimous on one crucial point… We sit and relax too much!*Katzmarzyk 2009 - 05 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
  3. 3. Consider an average work day……  Sitting at breakfast  Sitting travelling to work  Sitting at your work desk  Sitting at lunch and break time  Sitting travelling back home  Sitting for evening meal  Sitting in front of the TV or computer
  4. 4. We are not made for this Latest studies show that time spent sitting at work is directly linked to : • Increased prevalence of mortality due to CVD (cardio vascular disease) by up to 54%* • Increased prevalence of prostate cancer ** • Increased formation of deep vein thrombosis*** •Increased BMI, blood fat and sugar levels and even larger waists.**** *Katzmarzyk 2009 - 05 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise ** Orsini N. 2009 – 10 British journal of cancer *** Goldhaber 2009 – 05 Harvard business Review **** Healy 2009-06 international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity.
  5. 5. Ergonomics update Traditional office work station ergonomics has concentrated on eliminating discomfort from sitting with an emphasis on providing back support. While retaining lumbar curvature is to be encouraged, adjustable office chairs of today achieve this by external pressure on the lower spine while the back muscles are relaxed.By adjusting your office chair to find a comfortable position you will most probably increase your time seated.
  6. 6. Back App®changes all this
  7. 7. Back App ® is a training apparatus. The longer you sit, the more training your back gets. Imagine a balance board That you can sit on! That is Back App®And much, much more …..
  8. 8. How did it start?After several back operations forherniated disc, Norwegian scientistFreddy Johnsen had a revelation.He devised a way to strengthen his back byapplying the excellent training attributesof a balance board to an office chair.His idea was to design a chair which allowsthe spine to retain its natural curvature whilstreceiving safe and continuous training. Strengthening your back Simply by sitting!
  9. 9. So how does it Back App ® work?Exercise your back muscles whileretaining your back´s natural curvature. The saddle formed seat, together with a high “semi-sitting posture maintains the backs natural lumbar curve.By placing both feet on the foot ringyour body will be balancing free in alldirections on the adjustable red balanceball.The padded foot plate acts as a stabilizer.
  10. 10. Which muscles does Back App ® activate?stimulating your balanceSitting in this position you will be continuallysystem and training not only the global stabilizing muscles of the Torso, but also the local stabilizing muscles Mm Rotatores Mm Interspinalis Mm Intertransversari M Erector spinae M. Transversus abdominis M quadratus lumborum M Rectus abdominis Mm Multifidus M obliques ext. and int.
  11. 11. Back App® is a training apparatus in many ways.Whilst sitting on Back App® you not only train and strengthen your“core” torso muscles and as a result increase circulation in these areas….You also train your balance system.The continuous stimulation yourbalance system receives keeps yousharp and alert. You will not fall asleep on a Back App®
  12. 12. So how does it work?With the adjustable balance ballyou can easily change the levelof training your muscles receivewith just a twist.The colour indicator on theCentre pole makes it easy to findyour optimal training level.Green for normal sitting situationsRed for hard training (short periods)We recommend the green zone formost sitting situations.Even while sitting quite still onthe Back App® chair you aregiving your Back muscles a realwork out.
  13. 13. What do the experts say?364 Professional therapists have documented their opinion regarding Back App® An amazing 95,6% of the Chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors who anonymously conveyed there comments said they will recommend Back App® to their patients. These patients will have problems in either their lower back, neck, hip and/or pelvis regions.
  14. 14. Start your training session First, check you are in the green zone!Then, take a seat.Sit quite far back on Now adjust the height ofthe chair so you can the chair with the leaverfeel the rear support rim on the you sit. This will placeyour centre of gravityprecisely over the red balance ball. If it´s too low your thigh will leave the support of the seat If the chair is too high you will and your lumbar curve will tend to lean forward and rest lessen. your weight on the front of the foot ring.
  15. 15. Take it easy at first!Just as you shouldn´t work out at the gymfor eight hours continuously, With the balance ball in the green zone, the movement of the chair is quite subtle but your core muscles will receive considerable training. After sitting for up to an hour, try standing for a while before sitting for your next training session. Sitting high on your Back App® facilitates the transition fromneither should you sit training your back sitting to standing andmuscles on Back App® in the same way. vice versa.
  16. 16. Back App® is the only chair you need!Back App® is the perfect chair touse in combination with a heightadjustable table or with a high workstation.By training on Back App® for a whileand then taking a break by standing,you will create a healthy workingroutine and really strengthen yourback. A stronger back by sitting and still time over for your coffee break!
  17. 17. Thank you for listening!For more information please take a look at our website....