Voice Sms Corp 2010


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VoiceSMS is a new messaging platform allowing corporate to send SMS in voice form as a phone call to mobile devices as well as land line phones.

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Voice Sms Corp 2010

  1. 1. Next Generation Messaging Technology<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Messaging Technologies , Now and Beyond<br />Challenges and Needs<br />VoiceSMS Features<br />VoiceSMS extended features<br />Competitive Advantages<br />ROI formula<br />VoiceSMS system structure<br />
  3. 3. People using two main messaging tools, Text as writing and Voice as speaking.<br />Most of the information today are stored in text format using dynamic database systems<br />Voice is the most simple and efficient communication tool, while Text is more informative and rich contents and meaning<br />Converting Text into Voice brings the power of the two human communication tools and make life more easy and increasing people productivities.<br />Messaging Technologies,Now and Beyond<br />
  4. 4. Challengesand Needs<br />Needs<br />Challenges<br /><ul><li> connecting the system to all customer database systems and departments
  5. 5. Sending reminders and alerts to public and employee, and enable recepient to confirm or cancle the requested info
  6. 6. Unlimited number of characters for the single message
  7. 7. Unlimited number of messages to send per day
  8. 8. Support Arabic and English languages and mixed in the same message
  9. 9. Stable and reliable system and available 24X7
  10. 10. Sending to phone, mobile, fax and email
  11. 11. Enable public to inquire information automatecally
  12. 12. Messaging tool to serve all customer departements
  13. 13. Two ways transactions and auto database updating
  14. 14. Message content size
  15. 15. Messaging system size utilization limitation
  16. 16. Languages support and combination
  17. 17. System stability, reliability and availability
  18. 18. Ability to send to other messaging media</li></li></ul><li>VoiceSMS Features<br />Bilingual and mixed languages in the same message<br />Male and Female voice option<br />Stand alone and Networking models<br />Web access interface<br />Connect to corporate Intranet<br />Connect to corporate database servers to automatically sent initiated voice messages to corresponded recipients<br />Full application management<br />Full messages history and reports<br />Ability to assigning deferent phone lines to deferent business departments or sections<br />Supporting both Analog and Digital phone lines<br />Administrator and sub Administrators management system<br />Manual and Automatic Text input<br />Built in general and personal address books<br />Schedule messages sending option<br />Built in a special dictionary for pronouncing a specific words<br />Messages queuing system <br />
  19. 19. Message recipient can confirm or cancel appointment or meeting during the call<br />Callers to send inquiries and receiving answers<br />The system to send a periodic messages to deferent groups including info of interest such as pediatric patients as a healthcare service<br />Sending and forwarding messages to Mobile, land line Phone, Fax and email accounts<br />Connecting the system to customer email server to allow checking emails through phone on move<br />Connecting the system to customer Intranet system to allow employee able to access info through phone on move<br />Applying Automatic Speech Recognition ASR to access all services by voice instead of push button (DTMF) system<br />Enable VIP employee to access critical information by phone using voice print technique<br />Sending prerecorded voice messages<br />Connecting to machines alert systems to send machine failure alerts to corresponding people<br />VoiceSMS Extended Features<br />
  20. 20. Competitive Advantage>>Technology<br />Open system technology can be integrated with any operating systems and any database systems using developed API and SDK<br />Scalable and modular system structure<br />Easy to implement with current customer infrastructure<br />Friendly user and administrator interface<br />Natural human Text To Speech TTS engine<br />Sensitive Speech recognition engine supporting all Arabic accents and dialects. <br />
  21. 21. Easy to use<br />Recipient phone-type independent<br />Unlimited number of characters per message<br />Arabic/English and mixed language support<br />Send to mobile and land line phone<br />Repeat and forward message option<br />Forward to fax and email accounts<br />Natural understanding TTS<br />Accessing corporate Intranet without PC and Internet, just by a phone or mobile call<br />Retrieve Information to fax and email accounts through a phone or mobile call<br />Full secure communication tool<br />Competitive Advantages>>Performance<br />
  22. 22. ROI formula<br />VoiceSMS Return On Investment is based on reducing of operation costs and saving of per message cost<br />One minute VSMS including 700 Arabic characters, full descriptive words and sentences, or 900 English characters, or 800 Mixed Arabic/English text message.<br />One minute phone to phone call costs 5.0 Hallalh, and Phone to Mobile costs 40.0 Hallalh<br />700 characters = 10 Traditional SMS = 250 Hallalh<br />Result: Using VoiceSMS reducing per message cost to 1/50 for phones and 1/6 for Mobile<br />
  23. 23. System component<br />VoiceSMS Application server<br />Text-To-Speech TTS server<br />Database server<br />Telephony server<br />Prerequisites components<br />LAN connection<br />High speed Internet connection, in case of access the service from outside the customer LAN<br />Analog or Digital telephone lines<br />VoiceSMS system structure<br />
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Contacts<br />SpeechWorkers Technologies S.A.E<br />Saudi Arabia and GCC office <br />PO BOX 63430, Riyadh 11516 Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTel. : +966 (1) 219 8861Fax.: +966 (1) 219 8865Mob: +966 (50) 8244401<br />Egypt Headquarter Office <br />3B, Mohandeseen Towers Nile Cornish, Maadi, Cairo<br />Tel. :  +2 (02) 25276154 Fax.:  +2 (02) 25276153 Mob:  +2 (016) 5516872 <br />
  26. 26. THANKS<br />