Be the Change - Problems as Catalysts


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You have the power to add 12 more work years in your life. Let me show you how.

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Be the Change - Problems as Catalysts

  1. 1. BE THE CHANGE Problems as Catalysts
  2. 2. 12 Years 65 days per year 10 hours per week
  3. 3. Who is stealing these 12 years from you?
  4. 4. Problem
  5. 5. Just like water flows through the creek stones A cyclists in Dhaka flows through the gaps of this traffic mess
  6. 6. This is My Story • Distance from my home to office is 7.5km • By Car 1.5hr + 1.5hr = 3hrs of commute • By Motor Bike 50mins + 50mins = 1hr 40mins of commute By a BICYCLE 25mins + 25mins = 50mins of commute I save 2+ hours each day by commuting with my bicycle to my work • Saving 2 hours daily • 10 hours in a week • 65 work days in a year • 12 work years in your life time
  7. 7. Average speed of a car in Dhaka >7kmph Average speed of a cycle in Dhaka 14kmph
  8. 8. Bike Culture Started to Spread – Bike Friday
  9. 9. Started Long Distance Endurance Rides to Test Our Limits
  10. 10. People Started To Have Fun As We Grew Bigger
  11. 11. … and Bigger
  12. 12. … and Bigger
  13. 13. Bicycle Culture is Growing
  14. 14. Few more real life stories Meet Anisul Haque • Lecturer (EWU) • Bicycles to his work • Races with cyclists half his age and beats them regularly
  15. 15. Meet Istiaque Mahmud • Father of two, a loving husband and branch manager of Brac Bank • Installed shower facility in his bank’s branch so that he can commute to his work, take a shower and start work with a fresh mind.
  16. 16. Meet HaseenaJahanMili • Head of Service Delivery, City Bank Ltd • When ever she finds time, she is out with her bicycle along with her lady rider buddies.
  17. 17. Just like many of you I also hate exercising
  18. 18. Way out from Sedentary Lifestyle • Think about only two generations earlier • Very active, physically • We are designed to use our body for our daily commutes • Cycling helps us to put the balance back into equilibrium
  19. 19. Let’s look at some benefits • helps reduce back pain • reduces waistline • builds muscles and heals joints • great cardiovascular exercise
  20. 20. Average person looses 13 lbs in first year of riding to work
  21. 21. Cycling as an outdoor fun activity for the people of Dhaka • Break the home-restaurant-home culture • Bridges the social divide • Promotes social trust and bonding Give me CYCLE SPACE, and I’ll give you a happy, healthy, and fit nation.
  22. 22. Promotes healthy lifestyle
  23. 23. Did you know? Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden are the world's happiest countries, according to the survey of 156 countries ALL ARE VERY WELL KNOWN AS CYCLING NATIONS You can't bicycle with a grumpy face, cycling always puts a smile on you
  24. 24. Differences it makes as you commute using your bicycle • No honking and pushing/bashing each other • Cyclists is happily on his way with a joyful mind • Collective stress for the car owners which I think penetrates in other aspects of life too • Being a cyclist you are almost always in time
  25. 25. Would YOU like to take up cycling?
  26. 26. Here is what I’ve learned and want to share who wants to start cycling • Cycles available in market nowadays are very good, unlike few years back • Buy a good bicycle – your life will depend on it • Learn how to fix your flats – that’s equivalent to going to gas refueling stations for cars • Join community rides • Just go out and have fun
  27. 27. Beginners’ Lesson Bike Friday Josshila Saturday Critical Mass 64 Good Acts Community Races Emergency Response Team Team BDC Some Community Activity You Can Join
  28. 28. What if I have questions about which bike to buy, where to repair it, how to go on rides and millions and millions of questions
  29. 29. BDCyclists website and facebook group come into the picture here QA – Classifieds – Mind Maps – Events – News – Races
  30. 30. Come, Let’s Ride