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  • Not to be confused with the California Small Business Association. ;)One man was in Allentown, PA while the other was in Virginia. I will now define some terms that are known to those that ride motorcycles but may be foreign to those that do not.
  • A sport bike is a motorcycle designed to look just like the motorcycles that are raced on a road course race track by professional racers. According to Wikipedia, “this motorcycle is designed to corner well on paved surfaces, have strong braking, accelerate quickly, and go fast while sacrificing fuel economy and comfort compared to other motorcycles.” Just like a racing motorcycle this bike has fairing that covers the engine with a windshield. It also has handlebars that are bolted to the top of the forks. This causes the rider to sit slanted forward as this picture shows.
  • As you can see from the above picture this motorcycle, a sport bike, is designed with high foot pegs. This allows the rider to lean the bike over very far to make sharp turns or take a turn faster than a traditional motorcycle. The engine is typically a high performance engine and the weight has been reduced to make the bike as light as possible. It also can have decals or logos on it to make it look like a racing motorcycle.
  • As you can see, this type of motorcycle is called a cruiser, and it’s designed to ride smoothly and take it easy. Comfort and riding in style is the purpose of this motorcycle. This kind of motorcycle is the opposite of what a sport bike is, it is heavier and slower with upright handle bars and no fairing or windshield.
  • The CMA and the Motorcyclists for Jesus both reached out to those who rode cruiser motorcyclists. These riders call themselves “bikers”. Since there was no sport bike ministry, the CSBA was started.
  • This will be my last slide about this, I wanted to introduce these terms so you could understand motorcycle culture a little better. These characteristics about these riders are generalities, most riders fit into one of these categories. However, riding a motorcycle can be a very independent thing and new customs and terms are defined each year. You could have a cruiser rider that is younger than average or a sport bike rider that joins a club, but the above terms give some insight into the majority.
  • A chapter is a local group of motorcyclists that commit to join together as a ministry to sport bike riders in their area. Typically a chapter needs to have at least 5 committed motorcyclists and a chapter leader. The initial website which was only a message board, received an upgrade that included events, announcements, newsletters, and a members area that had a forum.
  • The CSBA grew from 100 members in 2001 to now over 1600 members. What was once just an “east coast, US thing” is now international. We have members in North America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. What was a group of motorcyclists is now organized into chapters in the U.S. and Australia. The website was updated once more to add a history section, a picture posting area, a rider education link, and a section for receiving instruction from some pastors that are affiliated with the CSBA. The CSBA not only sponsors a sport bike racing team to reach out to racers with the love of God, they also sponsor an orphanage in Africa.
  • Through its forum and messaging the CSBA provides a place for like minded motorcyclists to share pictures, ride reports, requests for prayer, and good news. The CSBA through its web presence and the chapters reaches out to those who don’t know God so they can discover a relationship with Him. The CSBA also supports its local chapters through the website, through oversight and accountability, and through visits to chapters from the leadership of this ministry. Safe riding workshops, suspension adjustment instruction, and “knee down” clinics are also are what the CSBA provides to members. Finally, a weekly Bible study that comes through Calvary Chapel in Columbus, Ohio is also available.
  • This ministry is an off shoot of the CSBA. They minister to those who compete at the race track, those that ride on the track for non race practice (this is called a track day), and to their families and friends. They currently race in the Eastern and Midwestern region of the Championship Cup Series. There are 8 racers involved with this ministry currently with their crew members and families assisting.
  • We currently have 7 active chapters in the United States, with 2 in North Carolina. We also have a chapter in Australia. These are places where a group of CSBA members come together as a group and commit to reach out to the motorcyclists in their area. There are other CSBA members in the U.S. and Canada, but don’t have a chapter due to lack of leadership or sufficient numbers of members to form a chapter. These members are encouraged to stay active on the CSBA forum and in their local church and community.
  • Although this isn’t a large chapter, they make up for it by being active. They do ride over a large area and have over 16 events a year. These events are often attended by non members outnumbering members 2 to 1. There is a chapter leader, a web master, and a recon coordinator on its leadership team. They look to expand this team in the near future. Speaking of the future, by 1/1/2012 they hope to launch their chapter website,
  • Read this!
  • The Bible is the unerring word of God and the sole source of their truth. They believe in virgin birth of Jesus. They believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. They believe that Jesus lived a sinless life here on Earth. Jesus’ death on the cross was for the sins of the world. Jesus arose on the third day and sits next to God the Father making intercession for those who believe. Jesus will return to Earth again for His church. Jesus is the only name under Heaven by which we must be saved.
  • Although there are members as old as in their 70’s, most of our men are under 50, with the target market being even younger still. We do have women as members and they are not excluded. If they join they will be treated just like one of the guys. Some women like that and stay, others don’t and go. This association seeks out the adrenaline junkies who have the “need for speed”. They are non conformists who seek to find their own band of brothers where they can belong. This association seeks for those who search for that group and/or God plus they also seek and attract those who wish to serve these younger people.
  • The CSBA looks highly to the concept of the big brother who looks out for you, takes you under his wing, and helps you out. As members of this group they seek to do that for others and sometimes for each other. To attain leadership in this group, you need to be committed to the group and be the kind of person who gets things done. They don’t believe in sending leaders “down” from the board or anywhere else to lead a chapter, maybe to help or mentor though. This association believes strongly in promoting from the ground up, by either discovering or growing leaders from their ranks. This is a very flat organization, from the newest member to the President, there are only three levels, counting both of them and usually a chapter leader or board member in between. Being accessible is something a leader must be in this association. Board Members are considered the sergeants of the organization, ones that can be counted on to lead and have done so in the past.
  • One must first be a good rider to lead a motorcycle group. They must be comfortable speaking before groups of people. This is how the Word of God is shared at CSBA rides is through a short reading and teaching of Scripture, under 7 minutes in length. A leader is called to love as God loves us and be there for his group. This involves not only knowing your group’s dynamic but also those that live and ride outside of your group. A leader must also be willing to help those outside of the group.
  • The President of the CSBA Bob Brown is a man who knows the mission of this group and knows how to achieve it. He loves God and his fellow man. How much this is translated to the board is unknown. In addition, despite their titles, such as “treasurer” it is unknown what each board member does for this ministry. The forum, which is the online component of this internet based ministry has low usage both by members and by leadership. The majority of this association is not involved, they are afflicted with the 80-20 principle. 80% of the work is done by 20% of the members. It seems most members are inactive due to life circumstances or “the lurker syndrome”. That syndrome is when someone comes to the site, joins, posts up in the forum, discovers no one there lives near him, then leaves never to return.
  • Although the President knows what this group needs, it should probably be written down somewhere. It should also be communicated to the Board and to the members. In addition, the roles of the Board members should be listed on the site, so a member could approach a Board member if they have a specific problem or issue that the Board member could address. In viewing the membership rolls, it seems there are a lot of Virginia and Maryland members, even some on the Board, but there is no chapter. That seemed like a need waiting to be filled. Finally, I recommended that the association advertised in print and online media for a month or two. This might bring in membership and awareness to an unreached market. If no response is noted, the advertising can easily be discontinued.
  • My non profit project

    1. 1. My Non-Profit Project Mgmt. 321 Mark Hamm 22 October 2011
    2. 2. My Non-Profit• The Christian Sport Bike Association• A.K.A. the CSBA• Founded in October 1999• Started by two men in different states• Initially started out with 11 members• Membership went up to 50 members within one year
    3. 3. What is a sport bike?
    4. 4. Design features of a sport bike
    5. 5. A cruiser motorcycle
    6. 6. Ministry to Motorcyclists• Prior to October 1999, two of the main groups that were doing motorcycle ministry were:• The Christian Motorcycle Association (The CMA)• The Motorcyclists for Jesus• Cruiser ministry• Reached out to bikers
    7. 7. Biker vs. Motorcyclist• A biker:1. Rides a cruiser motorcycle2. Usually belongs to a motorcycle club3. typically an older rider than a sport bike rider• A motorcyclist:1. Rides a sport bike2. Rides alone or in small groups3. Typically younger than a cruiser rider
    8. 8. The CSBA early years• The first rally was held at Deal’s Gap, NC• It was held in May 2001• 43 members attended• Chapters were started• Membership grew• The website was updated with a forum
    9. 9. The Last 10 years• Membership growth• International expansion• Chapter growth• Another website update• Partners in other ministries
    10. 10. What they do• So what does the CSBA do?• Provides an online community• Reaches out to those who don’t know God• Supports local chapters• Provides rider instruction• Weekly online Bible messages
    11. 11. The CSBA Racing Team• Out reach to racers, track day riders, and their families• Currently racing in the Eastern U.S. and the Midwest• Racing in the Championship Cup Series (CCS)• 8 racers are now involved with crew
    12. 12. The local chapters• Pennsylvania• North Carolina• Ohio• Missouri• Colorado• Arizona• Sydney, Australia
    13. 13. The Pennsylvania chapter• 16 members, 8 active• Rides in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey• Has 16 events per year• Led by a 3 member leadership team• Hopes to launch its own website 1/1/2012
    14. 14. CSBA Mission Statement• The Christian Sport Bike Association is an outreach ministry and service organization committed to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe our purpose as a fellowship of Christians is to comply with the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18. To fulfill our Lord’s teachings, the CSBA will tend to the spiritual needs of motorcyclists, provides support for any member in need, and commit to spreading the Word of God throughout the world by any means at our disposal.
    15. 15. What the CSBA believes• The Bible• The Virgin Birth• Jesus is the Son of God• Jesus lived a perfect life• Jesus died for the sins of the world• Jesus arose from the dead• Jesus will come again• We can only be saved through Jesus
    16. 16. Its target market• Usually men ages 18-35• Adrenalin junkies• Non-conformist• They are joining a band of brothers• For someone who searches• For someone who wishes to serve
    17. 17. Leadership Strategy• They seek for those who lead• Those who commit and get things done are rewarded• They promote from the ground level• This is a very flat organization• Board Members are Sergeants
    18. 18. What a leader must do• In the CSBA a leader is expected to:1. Be a good motorcycle rider2. Speak in front of a group of people3. Give love when it is needed4. Know the dynamics of your group5. Be there for your members and those in need
    19. 19. My findings• The President gets it• Unknown the roles of all the Board members• Low forum use• Low member involvement• The revolving door• The Lurker syndrome
    20. 20. My recommendations• A written mission strategy• Communicated to the board and to the members• Listing the roles of the Board members• The missing Maryland/Virginia chapter• More advertising on a trial basis
    21. 21. References••• orcycle%29• This is just for fun, a CSBA ride video with music taken back in 2010, enjoy. Click on the link below then click play•