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    • monika hardy monika hardy transcript: 1. perhaps i know who you really are. 2. perhaps we are alike. 3. if i listen with my heart. if i look in your eyes. i see you. i see us. 4. perhaps at the end of the day we are much the same. people who want to live a better/good life. 5. perhaps if i was you (in sum total) i would be doing the same thing you are. 6. love. state of non-judgment. we are much more effective when we are non-judgmental because then we are standing in reality. this is the power we need to access, if we are going to change the planet. - Charles Eisenstein 7. the thing about trust/love is that at its essence is this unconditional ness. ie: it’s not about trusting your action because of your credential/able trustworthiness. it’s about trusting your heart because your nationality is: human. 8. love is the movement. 9. perhaps what’s keeping us from betterness, from us: the danger of a single story. because a single story confines/binds us. 10. and perhaps none of us are free if one of us is changed. none of us are free. - Solomon Burke 11. perhaps i know who you really are. be you.  1 week ago
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