Brief View of the Mobile Ecosystem - The Good, the bad, the Ugly

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Torgeir Waterhouse - Projectmanager, ICT Norway …

Torgeir Waterhouse - Projectmanager, ICT Norway

Mobile devices are increasingly being used as both primary & secondary devices to access the Internet. This is not only an exciting and important development, it also exposes the mobile ecosystem to some of the important challenges the Internet is facing from both Governments and special interest groups

Mr. Waterhouse is head of Internet and community stuff at ICT Norway! He has previously worked as Sr. advisor at the Norwegian Consumer Council where is was responsible for ICT and Media… Overall a great guy!

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  • 1. Brief view of “the mobile ecosystem” The Good, the Bad and the Ugly... 1
  • 2. idea: as the mobile device becomes an increasingly important internet device we also face some of the challenges the internet is facing... The Good, the Bad and the Ugly... 2
  • 3. The Good 3
  • 4. The Good, From Internet device for early adopters to mass market device... 4
  • 5. The Good, Within weeks after Trådløse Trondheim (“almost” city wide wifi) launched in September 2006, iPhone users made 30% of the connections to the wifi network. 5
  • 6. The Good, By the end of Q1 2009 there’s more than 300.000 mobile broadband subscribers in Norway (6 out of 10 are non-business) 6
  • 7. The Good, 7
  • 8. The Good, blogging 8
  • 9. The Good, Facebook 9
  • 10. The Good, Twitter 10
  • 11. The Good, Evernote 11
  • 12. The Good, the mobile device the = bringing the cloud to mass market? 12
  • 13. the Bad 13
  • 14. the Bad The Digital Dividend, it might actually be wasted on (HD)TV! (The Digital Dividend is a necessity for nationwide high speed mobile broadband) 14
  • 15. the Bad Special interest groups pointing at operators and solution providers as responsible for users potential misuse. 15
  • 16. the Bad “Spinning Jenny” & “The Red Flag Act” (all over again...? the fear is of new technology is still alive & kicking...) 16
  • 17. and the Ugly 17
  • 18. and the Ugly The Internet under attack = the mobile ecosystem is under attack 18
  • 19. and the Ugly France: HADOPI & LOPPSI2 19
  • 20. and the Ugly FRA-Lagen, Sweden is dipping in to all cross border traffic 20
  • 21. and the Ugly Data Retention Directive 21
  • 22. and the Ugly there’s hope, ugly can be cured... 22
  • 23. and the Ugly Norwegian judge says live reporting tools to efficient to be used from the court room... 23
  • 24. and the Ugly today: the ruling is over ruled 24
  • 25. and the Ugly A Norwegian law firm has a permit to do private surveillance online. 25
  • 26. and the Ugly today: the permit is not renewed 26
  • 27. Be aware of “the Bad” and “the Ugly” while focusing on “the Good” 27
  • 28. We’re working on curing “the Bad” and “the Ugly” so you can focus on creating “the Good”! / 28