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  • sharing and exchange � facilitating knowledge exchange through our networksResearch and advocacy � collaborating in research and providing a repository of informationPolicy knowledge � around areas with global implications: age discrimination, engaging seniors, financial protection, and age-friendly communitiesThe IFA takes a lead to inform, educate and promote policies and practice to improve the quality of life of older persons around the world. Other responsibilities include:Building, facilitating and strengthening bridges between government, non- government and the corporate sectors concerned with ageing issuesStrengthening non-government organizations through collaboration toward a common goalImproving the understanding of ageing polices and practice and their impact on the lives of older peopleThrough its work, the IFA works to influence and promote positive change.35 years in existence -
  • Liz mestheneos

    1. 1. AgendaHUMAN RIGHTS - EQUALOPPORTUNITIES AND AGEINGDr. E. Mestheneos,Regional Vice President, EuropeInternational Federation on Ageing
    2. 2. WHO IS THE IFAo An international non-governmental organization -- established in 1973o Membership: NGOs, the corporate sector, academia, government, and individuals --internationalo Concerned with generating positive change for older people worldwide by : stimulating, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on rights, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life of people as they age. for older people globally.
    3. 3. ISSUES FOR OLDER PEOPLE • Opportunities for employment• Age Discrimination • Adequate incomes - (Help age• Poverty International - 4/5 older people in the world still have no• Care needs pensions - but check poverty -• Social exclusion rates- Millenium Development Goals• Access to goods and • Decent long term care services • Opportunities for education and• Ageism life long learning • Social inclusion - age friendly communities, media, intergenerational programmes.
    4. 4. INTERNATIONAL ACTIONo Since 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights - for everyone- but realization that the Declaration inadequate and ineffective for certain groups.o UN Principles for older people 1991 - Rights of older people for Independence Participation Care Self fulfillment Dignityo IFA Secretariat 1990 produced a Declaration as one of the bases for the UN documentso Development of other Conventions e.g. to cover women and disabled- CEDAW, disabled, children.
    5. 5. Actionso Development of discussions and “soft” law – Vienna (1982), UN Year (1990); Madrid International Plan of Ageing (2002) where national governments agreed to monitoring and protecting the rights of older people.o 2010 Creation of the UN Open-Ended Working Group on the Rights of Older people - includes representatives of UN Member States and NGOs.o Open-ended Working Group on Ageing - NGO delegation formed an alliance “The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People” - AARP, Global Action on Ageing. HelpAge International, International Association of Gerontology, IFA, Int. Network prevention of Elder Abuse, (INPEA), AGE UK, IAHASA, ILC Global Alliance - and in the most recent meeting they were joined by AGE Platform Europe. (August 2012). They have a clear statement supporting a new Convention.o
    6. 6. Secretariat- International Federation on Ageing351 Christie Street, 1st Floor. Toronto, ON M6G 3C3