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Helky Koskela.Active participation in nursing homes: Is it possible?


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Helky Koskela.Active participation in nursing homes: Is it possible?

  1. 1. Active participation in a Nursing Home – How ? Активное участие в доме престарелых - как?Helky Koskela, Licentiate of Social Sciences, University ofJyväskylä/ Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Finland. ХелкЮ Коскела ,лиценциат в области социальной работы ,Университет Ювяскюля, Коккола университета консорциума,Финляндия.
  2. 2. My competence to this Issue: моя компетенция этой теме:• 14,5 years work in Elderly • Photo: Antero Huhtala, Finland • Фото: Антеро Хухтала, Финляндия care; Nursing Home, Home Service, Support for informal care and in a project.• I´m also researching Institutional care.• I ´m 50++ myself.• My parents have been suffering dementia.• 14,5 лет в уход за престарелыми Я делаю исследование в домах престарелых
  3. 3. Some bad News from Finland? Плохие новости из Финляндии?• Rather wealthy country, • Our Society is admiring but we are struggling youth and the with many social effectiveness… problems:• Unemployment, • See YouTube:Grandma Alcohol, sexual Abuse, vs Mercedes Marginalization of • Смотреть на YouTube youth, Shut downs in :Бабушка и Мерседес Social Services…
  4. 4. Good care still exists Хороший уход все же есть.• Residential care for the elderly has been reduced but Home services have not been replaced. Some have left “abandoned” home or in an institution.• However, I am now telling about the good care. It still exists in many Nursing Homes.
  5. 5. Old people are a huge resource, not a burden Esko 79 years old, his Summer Job…
  6. 6. Senior are helping younger in manyways…Старшие во многом помогаютмладшим…Photo: Helky Koskela Фото: Хелкю Коскела
  7. 7. Frail Elderly - how participating to research ? Старик в плохом состоянии здоровья – как проводить исследования ?• They often have difficulties to talk, hear, see or remember.• They can have pains and the situation can vary a lot even during one meeting.• Many of them are not used to say their Opinions.• So, they must be studied in new ways; e.g. Board games, Photo elicitation, Observation.• У многих есть проблемы со слухом, зрением, некоторые не могут разговаривать, у них плохая память• Способы : Игры, фото, Photo: Aaro Koskela, Finland наблюдения Фото: Ааро Коскела, Финляндия
  8. 8. Elderly can participate in Nursing Home, if:Oни могут участвовать, если: • Visitors can come and go, such as in the home. • There is chance to be outside and in the city • They have enough helping Hands. • Their wishes and needs are taken seriously. • The Atmosphere is free. Photo: Aaro Koskela, Finland Фото: Ааро Коскела, Финляндия • Хорошая атмосфера
  9. 9. Dementic people participating• Viewing and Tracking: sitting and watching Body language and participation: the clap and stomp excited Speech and Sound: speaking to nurse and other The expression of emotions: laughing heartily, look at each other and clap Unresponsive / passivity: sitting straight-faced, looking around Active withdrawal: moving the wheelchair away. (Vuorinen 2012, Masters thesis work)
  10. 10. Participating – Key to Well being• “A long and healthy life and well-being is linked to social life. Minimal interaction is more harmful than smoking and obesity.”• ”Долгая и здоровая жизнь связана с жизнью в обществе. Недостаток взаимодействия с другими является более вредным, чем курение и ожирение” (Markku T. Hyyppä)
  11. 11. • “If I know all knowledge and mysteries, but do not have love, I am nothing.”• ”Если я владею всем знанием и тайнами, но не знаю любви, то я ничто.” • Photo: Antero Huhtala, Finland Фото: Антеро Хухтала, Финлянд