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Tom's TEFL: Who Am I? Worksheet
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Tom's TEFL: Who Am I? Worksheet


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See my TEFL webpage at …

See my TEFL webpage at

Download to enjoy the full audio/animation.

This selection of my favourite English lesson resources is adapted specifically for other Hong Kong primary children. All have an informal, fun-based approach and are original designs courtesy of yours truly.

Some Powerpoints cover several lessons and include accompanying printable worksheets and games - most can be adapted for older or younger pupils.

Please contact regarding any errors or copyright claims.

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  • 1. Name: ______________________ Class: P__ (___) Date: _______________________ The day today is:_______________ 1. Finish the ‘Who Am I?’ riddles… Who am I? Who am I? 1. I am very cold. 1. I am yellow and small. 2. I have a carrot for a nose. 2. I am a bird but cannot fly. 3. I am made from snow. 3. I lay eggs and you can eat me. 4. I am white. 4. I say ‘cocka-doodle-dooo!!’ Who am I? Who am I? 1. I have eight __________ 1. I have _______ legs… 2. I am ____________ 2. …But I cannot walk. 3. _________________ 3. You can ______ on me. _________________ 4. You use me every day. _________________ 2. Write your own ‘Who Am I?’ riddle and draw a picture… Who am I? 4.______________ _____________ 5.______________ _____________ 6.______________ _____________ 7.______________ _____________ 3. Go back and check your spelling! 
  • 2. 4. Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? I fly in the sky. I am pink. I am not an animal. You can eat me. I am usually white. I am very dirty. Many people can ride in me. I like to play in mud. I am very big and noisy. I say ‘oink oink oink!’ I am a________ I am _________ Who am I? Who am I? I live in Africa You have twenty of me. I am yellow and brown. I am small and pink. I am a big animal. I am on the ends of your hands and I eat leaves at the top of the tree. feet. I have a very, very long neck. You can cut me. ________________ ________________ 5. Who am I? Finish the dot-to-dot (1-50 and A-P). I am a __________