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Grammar nouns plural and possessive


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Grammar nouns plural and possessive

  1. 1. EXTRA PRACTICE: This exercise is not mandatory.It is just an extra practice for your test. IRREGULAR PLURAL NOUNS• Read each sentence. Figure out the plural of the word inparenthesis and write it on the line. If you need help, lookthe word up in the dictionary.1. Mrs. Jones has two ________________________. (child)2. A flock of ________________________ just flew overhead.(goose)3. Three ________________________ scurried through thekitchen. (mouse)4. Mother cut the sandwich into two________________________. (half)5. The dental hygienist cleaned my________________________. (tooth)6. The ________________________ at the bus stop hadumbrellas. (woman)7. Grandpa sharpened the ________________________ inthe kitchen. (knife)8. Those ________________________ were making a lot ofnoise. (person)9. Mama bought two ________________________ of bread.(loaf)10. The ________________________ were fixing the hole inthe street. (man)11. I heard a pack of ________________________ in theforest. (wolf)12. The farmer had a dozen ________________________.(sheep)
  2. 2. EXTRA PRACTICE: This exercise is not mandatory.It is just an extra practice for your test. SINGULAR AND PLURAL POSSESSIVE NOUNSFill in the two blank lines with the correct possessive nounand a common noun.examples: There is one tiger. Its body has stripes.The tigers body has stripes.There are two woodchucks. Their teeth are long.The wookchucks teeth are long.1. There is one shark. Its teeth are sharp.The _____________ _____________ are sharp.2. There are two spiders. Their webs catch insects.The _____________ _____________ catch insects.3. There are six lizards. Their tails have stripes.The _____________ _____________ have stripes.4. There is one pig. Its tail is curly.The _____________ _____________ is curly.5. There are two bears. Their fur keeps them warm.The _____________ _____________ keeps them warm.6. There is one giraffe. Its baby is called a calf.The _____________ _____________ is called a calf.
  3. 3. EXTRA PRACTICE: This exercise is not mandatory. It is just an extra practice for your test. Using CommasWrite each sentence, adding commas where they are needed.1. Alison could you give my mother and me a tour of the classrooms?___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________2. The teacher assistants and nurse seemed kind andknowledgeable.___________________________________________________________________________________________________3. The school in Sudbury Maine offers academic and vocationaltraining to students.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Can I study chemistry Mrs. Paulson?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. I enjoy the shady grounds admire the climbing roses and visitthe playground in the back of the building.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. Thank you Greta for explaining the school’s rules to us.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________