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To be or have got


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To be or have got

  1. 1. Complete with the verb to have gotComplete with the verb to be: 1. Our teacher________ a black bag. 1. Where____ you from? 2. Ben and Mandy_________a dog. 2. Your friend _____clever. 3. I____________a blue bike. 3. John and his friend____tall. 4. My grandma and grandpa______a cat. 4. I_____ strong. 5. My brother__________ brown eyes. 5. We_____ good students. 6._____your mum ____long hair ? 6. ___your dad tall? No, he _____ . 7. No, she__________ . ____your friends nice? Yes, they____. 7. ______you ____ a computer? 8. _____ Birdman strong? Yes, he___. Yes, I _______. 9. ____you twelve? No, I _______ . 8. _____ it_____ a long tail? Yes, it___. 10. ____ I right? Yes, you_______ . 9. What______I _____ in my bag? Complete with the verb to be or to have got: This____ my friend. He_____ten. He_____tall and thin. He_______black hair and brown eyes. He ____ clever. He_______a lot of books. I_________ many books, but I ________a lot of comics. My favourite comic ____about Birdman. It____ very good. Birdman____strong and brave. _______you______ a favourite comic too ? What ____ it about?